Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Succulents over Mr.Darcy any day. Hands Down :)

I don't know if you know this but I really like succulents. it's no secret if you follow along my #succulentsunday adventures on instagram(@inspirelovely). I sometimes think it's becoming a succulent photo account as I post more succulent pics than i do my family + and shop news lol!
Each Sunday I share a picture from my garden or a photo of a succulent arrangement that inspires me.

 I figured I should start sharing my succulent adventures here also. It's part of my home + crafty hobby update. Yay! i know,  i'm excited too :)

SO rewind to black friday 2014... i got an newsletter email from West Elm about a sale online and i just gleaned over it a bit. then i noticed it. the most awesome faceted terrarium!

I looked it over and it had a percentage discount + free shipping and to me thats a magic combination :) ( i'm such an enabler! lol!)

It took a bit longer to convince Mr.Handsome of this lol!
It was backordered and was estimated to ship mid January 2015. I was like "hey you wanna buy me this pretty planter for Valentine's day Mister?! Say yes!"  :)

I have no problem helping him buy me gifts. I'm more like leading him in the right direction hehee.
Of course a succulent planter for valentine's day was perfect ( he also surprised me with the "I LOVE MR.DARCY"tote pictured above + a dvd of 4 of my favorite Jane Austin movies!). So it finally came late January and there it sat in all its prettiness. I used it as a candle holder for a while. Little r filled it with his toys behind my back lol! We both enjoyed it as is for a bit. Then yesterday i decided it was enough time waiting... and I played in the garden a bit XO

I love the middle burgundy tipped succulent! I tried handling the cactus gently but as we speak I have a few needles in my hands that are really starting to annoy me lol! I used a pair of long dull scissors to move & place the succulents + a paint brush to wipe the dirt that fell on top of the succulents. I didn't need to use any extra soil, just what came with each succulent, in face I had plenty left over. So here is my little beauty. She's sitting on our coffee table with a picture of me & the Mr smooching. I've always liked hanging around the coffee table but now I cant help but smile every time i glance over at this pretty.

its the little things XO
bringing in a bit of nature into your home is such a game changer am i right?
So happy to think of the mister when I see this little gem and little r loved it too :)
Double win.

Hope your crafty hobbies are getting done, happy week lovelies!

Friday, February 20, 2015

That was fun :)

Thank you lovelies for all the paper kit love both here & instagram!

I announced the winner on Monday but I wanted to give a few little surprise goodies to a few blog readers too :) I love unexpected happy surprises.  So thank you so much Kat & Christina for your entries! 

Kat said...
beautiful family photos...and thanks for the chance to win the gorgeous handmade kit!
February 15, 2015 at 6:27 AM
Anonymous Christina O. said...
My first Valentine's Day with a sweetheart in a long time, and he took me back to the site of our first date 8 months ago.

Thanks for the chance to win:)

If you would like your free goodie bag please email me ( your post address and I will send you your parcel. 

Happy Friday!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love this

That bright fuchsia bougainvillea + the sun setting + our monthly family photo shoot with our trusty old camera self timer XO. Good times. 

I hope you had a lovely Valentine's day. I know some people cringe at the very thought of this holiday but even before I was married or had a boyfriend I celebrated Valentine's day. It was more like Galentine's day. My sisters and I would either go out to eat at a nice restaurant together or I would stop by a drive thru and splurge on a combo meal ;) then buy a few sweets + flowers and go home to enjoy my feast. With our without a Valentine, I was happy being me. I was always happy for everyone who had someone special, because I never felt I had to be with someone. I knew I was loved and that was pretty darn good enough for me. I've always liked holidays that remind you to love & that you are loved. It's such a good reminder :)

I was catching up on some Parks & Rec on Hulu the other day and they had a very funny episode all about "Treat Yo Self" and I LOVED it. Super Silly but it got me thinking about the good old days as a feisty single lady ;) lol!  Ah... those were the days. 

Anyway, happy "you are loved" day lovelies. Now go out and treat yo self! XO

I wanted to also share a few family photos. This is the Inspire Lovely family :)
Mr. Handsome, Little R & the Queen bee: Me. Just kidding, I'm more like the side kick to these two. We voted this one our best photo. Thank God for self timers... and running back and forth to press the button then look composed... sure does keep me on my toes lol!

This one is our most giggly one. ( it's SO hard to take photos of a 3 year old now a days we tickle him to make him smile lol!

And this is us being normal. We can't always be so stinking proper. Rafael will ask us to "Eat him" and we do. We eat yummy little kids for dinner and I really do bite him. heh, just kidding.  about one of those things.  ;) Living life. Documenting. Creating. That's what I've been up to. 

I can't wait to scrapbook these photos especially with this new paper kit I designed and is now in the shop

Exclusive paper designs + handmade details + sewn vellum confetti & sequin pocket + hand lettered art cards + gold foil details XOXO 

Plus these exclusive one of a kind handmade ( by me :) embellishments. Sequins + sewn details + gold foil XO + Cute Prize Ribbon style embellishments XOXO You'll love it! 

I only made 10 kits making this kit very exclusive & unique. I love making the kits knowing that only a few people have the same exact items as I do. I think it's pretty special. :)

I'm giving away this pretty set of exclusive handmade embellishments and will be collectively compiling the entries here on the blog + instagram and pick a lucky winner on Monday. 

If you would like to enter to win: 
Leave a comment below telling me how you celebrate 
( or don't celebrate - that's cool  too :) Valentine's Day.

Good luck!

Friday, February 6, 2015

January recap

I'll have you know I made a few goals for myself this year and one of them was to blog more consistently... and then you know... i got sidetracked. lol! At least its on my list... ;) SO yeah, working on resolution #1... but I'm doing well on resolution #2!

Never fear, pretty pictures of new products are here! That's resolution #2: work on new product. This is exciting !

Die cut prints are designed to be customized to your liking. Simply add your color paper choice behind the die cut & frame :)

 The words are all cut out from the thick white cover stock paper so you can see through the words in the paper. 

When else can you customize art other than changing the frame?

Loving this one for our studio!

XO - For your favorite person - XO

And because sometimes time goes by too quickly, this one is going up in my little guys room. I can't even call it a nursery anymore he's so big. So yay! working on decorating his room now so watch out for a room tour soon :)

look at him! ( hi everyone! :) Resolution #3: more pics of me & my little guy. Why is it that we don't get in the picture?! I have a ton of photos of him by himself & with daddy but hardly any of just us. So as ridiculous as it may seem carrying this big boy I'm going to lol! he's over half my size and he's only 3 ... and weighs over 40 pounds and man does it hurt my back to carry him but you know what? I'm going to hold him for as long as he lets me. Or as long as I can wrangle him up hahaa!  

resolution #4 HANG MORE ART! I'm notorious for buying a million frames and not hanging a single thing. I'm so indecisive & don't like committing to a hole in the wall but no more! I framed my favorite lyrics ( Ed Sheeran's song, "Thinking Out Loud") I hand lettered. 

This hand lettering thing has been so awesome. I've never had really pretty hand writing. My family & friends have a hard time reading my handwriting on cards I give them. I have been told its really bad but hand lettering has been a form of art therapy :) I've learned to embrace my writing! 

I've recently added a few prints to the shop
Perfect for gift giving & decorating :)

So for this week until Valentine's Day, we will be having a Print SALE in the shop: 
Buy 3 get 1 free. (Up to $10 in savings) * No code required. 
Feel free to mix & match the die cuts (8x10 for $10 each) and prints (4x6 for $5 each) 
Just leave your free print choice in the "Note To Seller" box and your order ships NEXT day. 

I've added a couple of lovely Valentine's day products to the shop that I think you'll love

Plus, if you spend over $35 (before shipping)
you will receive free shipping in the USA. I hope you guys like the new items :)

I just shipped out our very first wholesale order, another resolution for this year. We did it! Finishing up the catalog for the shop now but finally happy to be able to spread our wings a bit and see where this adventure takes us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support! Its hard to just write it out here and not actually be able to say it to our amazing customers face to face because I really just want to hug you! But I do want to show I appreciate each and every bit of shop love. Thank you for letting me share a few of my dreams & helping me make them come true :)

Happy hearts,