Monday, May 28, 2007

I am so PROUD!!!!

You are so deserving of this award Norma!!!!
So young and so very talented, you ROCK! It was so awesome to be there as your peers were applauding you and honoring you with the excellence in Teaching award. I'm very proud of you!

My Mama

I can't believe my Mom was so young! Cindy looks a lot like her. I mean a lot. My mom looks so pretty with her beautiful flowers. You can see her smile and she's full of love and happiness. Good times. Love you Mom :)

i know you Lord will carry me through

how great
how high
how deep
how wide
is your love
i know you are big enough to hold me,
i know you will carry me through to soothe my soul. thanks waterdeep
when silence comes, this is what i think about...i'm listening and this is what I hear. I need more of this.
change is not sudden. tomorrow seems like a long ways away. but he will come. maybe I got lost somewhere.
How else will i know God's comfort?
in my darkest times
you are with me.

Missing Mrs.Jan

I've been missing Mrs.Jan lately. I'm not much of a card maker, but I wanted to make something for her out of some really cool Amy Butler scraps that I had left over. I, being a very savvy scrapper and hoarder of scraps,made this delicious card out of them. I'm very pleased since I think Jan will like it tremendously. She loved sparrows, not sure if this one counts as one, but it's a cute birdie and it was begging to be put on the card. It's a friendly bird :) I love Mrs. Jan's friendship. I miss her. I miss her prayerful encouragement. Such a very wise friend. So this cute birdie will soon be making it's way to her with a friendly message. Love her :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

* All About YOU *

Me? Seriously? hehee... has anyone asked you to describe yourself? Likes, dislikes, etc.? I love this weeks class because it is all about you! For most life artists, we never appear in any layout we create. Never. Behind the camera, crazy OZ people behind the curtain kind of stuff. SO, in order to celebrate YOU, we'll be doing a little cute booklet about YOU.

You will definitely love it! Be thinking about and journaling:
What makes you smile
Sisters(can be friends :), really they can)
People, things etc. you LOVE
Things you plan on doing: When you Grow Up (hehee silly I know, but think big!)
Friends (I mean friends through the hard times, who love you even on your bad crazy hair days, make you laugh till you pee.)
The sweet things in life (Starbucks!!!!)
Who/What is Fabulous (Interesting word huh...use it more than once today!)
Spring (Favorite Season?)
Your Dreams (Dream BIG)
Happiness IS.....
Beautiful (YOU)
Wonderful (Still YOU)
What to Bring to Class: Well.... any pictures,tags,paper,momentos,etc.(basically. anything that makes you smile, your heart flutter etc. Be creative!) from each of the above topics. Load up on this stuff. Photo's should be no larger than a wallet size, or cropped down to that size.
Enjoy the rest of your week. You are Fabulous! I'll see you all Saturday!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Scrappin' Happy

mmm... it's so nice to Scrapbook. You know, nothing store bought.... just a gift from your heart with your sweat and tears into it :) Okay, a slight exaggeration. But it's fun. Yep fun. I just turned in my layouts for the PTS Design Team. 2 of my layouts are supposed to be "gifts" but that'll have to wait for 6 months since they'll be showcasing at the store. (Picture This Scrapbook in Eastlake) Sniff Sniff... goodbye little layouts... sorry Kiara. You'll have to wait for your pages. But won't you look so cute at the store.

Oh Yeah. Something for some unknown reason was bugging me about the layouts. Nothing bad mind you. Just something. Kind of like a push... So I went online at and submitted my layouts to see if they'd accept them. And YIKES. They DID! So now Kiara is everywhere. Cute as a button kiddo.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I want to thank my Mom for the amazing woman that she is. She is someone so special to me. Thanks for being there for me and helping me become who I am now. I give you all the credit. And thanks for making the most delicious Mexican rice ever! Mmmm... yummy. Here's a little something I want to show you. Just a cute little Scrapbook gift I made for my Mom. I used the My Mind's Eye Tres Jolie line for the large 12x12 page. And I made the little Mama booklet using the Cosmo Cricket paper line. So Cute! Thanks to all you ladies who have been such a great support! Love you!