Tuesday, September 15, 2009

goodbye 29

hello 30 :)
Seems like this birthday crept up on me. I still feel 25. I don't think of myself as "older". I hope maybe a little "wiser". But definitely happier. 29 you've been a pleasure. I'm sad to close this chapter (marriage, love, Mr. Handsome) but I'm ready to go onto the next. I anticipate many more happy memorable moments. He's the best pre-birthday party date ever.

Pre-birthday celebrations started with this little guy:
birthday present 09

I haven't shot film with one of these since college! Yikes. I got nervous all over again :) I LOVE this camera. I can't wait to share new prints from this little guy. I had once mentioned to Mr. Handsome (at Urban Outfitters) how cute and cool these cameras were. How we'd never be able to afford one. How it's expensive. How they take the coolest pictures. How much fun i had shooting with one of these back in the day. I put the camera back and that was the end of that. Mr. Handsome loves to surprise. :) He got me good.

Next: He took me to see my FAVORITE of all time group The Gipsy Kings. Hayayaay! I am not much of a dancer but my heart could not stop dancing and I could not stop smiling all night :) Wow! Even still. WOW.

And just yesterday we both took the day off and we headed up to MOZZA (go figure lol) next a shopping trip to Anthropologie and last to potterybarn ( all things I really wanted to do to celebrate my birthday). 5 hours plus 300 miles later, we were home. Tired. But very happy after a day well lived and full of happy moments. And i hadn't taken ONE single picture! I asked Mr. Handsome for a pic and he was wonderful enough to pose for some sweet shots xoxo.

debee & mr. handsome

debee pre-birthday

Silly us. I am totally head over heels for him. He puts up with my crazy. ALL.THE.TIME. LOL!
(pray for him)

To top it all off, i had the chance to make some art pages with KR's September kit. <3
Inspired by matisyahu's "for you" lyrics. Totally making me happy :)


And a page dedicated to Mr.Handsome and I staging our engagement for his mom's camera. I'm glad we did. I think this beginning part is just as important as every part of our relationship. I totally wish i had a picture of my parents during their engagement time.


Totally missing playing the drums. But Just another page with feelings and love for the drums. (head over to your local music store and hit some for me!)

Remember the crazy times you had when picking your hair style for your wedding? This is a page for mine. I had so much fun buying stuff on etsy and planning the hair style I felt best made my special day perfect. I LOVE my sweet sister in law Sara. She just worked her magic and voila! I think she's amazing xo. She made me feel pretty and happy.

And lastly, this page completely inspired by the amazing Sabrina W. Harrison.

Today, go treat yourself to something. Celebrate life. Move yourself to do something that makes you feel happy. I hope and pray you have an amazing week. Sing at the top of your lungs while driving in traffic. Get down and bust a move in your copy room. Or even treat yourself to some Starbucks love for me. :) Today . We celebrate!
with love and blessings,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

[:: unplugged]

{ life }
it's been passing by way to fast.
it's really important for rest.
a break.
time out.

i need to get myself up and on task.
In the mean time, know i luvs u and send you super art powers.
i will be coming back... and let you into a new site, a few previews... and some giveaways.
The countdown to my birthday is coming up fast on the 15th this month.
the big 30.
I'm ready.
I think that's what's causing the break.
in a good way. :)
just changing things up.

I'm currently listening to MATISYAHU (For You)
(LOVE these lyrics!)

When you dance in the drizzle fizzle out
Fist out, blissed out, shout it loud
Through the clouds, oh and rock out
I can't stop now coz I move like the breeze
With ease and grace we stay laced
As we move through the space dancing on a blade
Of grass at twilight a firefly fly free through the night
I shine bright from the ground to the sky

<3 very much

back to my corner of the world to dance and rock out and shine out loud