Monday, March 31, 2008

Bundle of goodness

So lately I've had such a great/productive time in the studio. But how could you tell? Especially since I wasn't sharing. So sorry. Some of the LO's were bugging me. I put them up so I can feel them ya know? No? Seriously? Oh... never mind. Me either *blush*. Okay- so 2 of the LO's were bugging me. Like not finished bugging. Meaning I needed to change SOMETHING. Except the silly thing is, it doesn't come to me right away. Yeah, I'm crazy. I know that and now you do to :)

So I changed a couple of things. Added-unglued-cut and pasted stuff around and I likey now. Except I got lazy and didn't take pics of them. What is with that? I guess because I have it right in front of me and I'm enjoying it, I just forget to share.
Bad bad debee. All full size images can be seen here.

I stiched and then stitched some more, played with hole punches and dangit-tried not to UHU and sew myself onto my LO's in the process. It's CRAZY- then the last thing I WANTED to do was to take a good picture of it. PLUS, I work late at night cuz I love upsetting people around me when they sleep :) No. JK. I just work better that way- the latter really just happens and I choose not to care about it. Tough people. I've got PROJECTS TO FINISH OKAY?!?!


Lisa kicked my sorry rear into action in her last comment here about putting her mini challenge last on my To-Do list. She said I should scrap Mr. Handsome. Well my sweet Lisa, I sent a letter to Mr. Handsome advising him of this situation and here it is:

Mr. Handsome
Please STOP smiling like Chandler in Friends ALL THE TIME! The 4 GB memory card can hold up to 1,000 LARGE images of your beautiful non-Chandler smiles. BUT I REFUSE TO TAKE ANY OF YOUR CHEESY SMILES AND SCRAP THEM!!! This is really expensive paper ya with me? I don't wanna have to waste any of it on cheesyness. AND Mona Lisa (the camera) is really hurt both on a personal and creative level when you smile beautifully only when she isn't looking. She's not asking you to Vogue for pete's sakes! Oh. Juan. (nevermind)
We look forward to seeing you in the future,
AKA- the love of your life and future personal scrapbooker paparazzi wife/queen and cash guzzler.


I have yet to receive any official response from Mr.Handsome...I'll keep ya up to date.

So I DID do Lisa's challenge. Oh YES! And I love it. OKAY- I did not use pictures of Mr. Handsome (please refer to above paragraph) but I did scrap the next best thing, being together with him. (the crowd awww's) Yes. It's true, I love spending time with him so I took pics of his toes (he's got the best looking toes EVER) I hate them cuz they make mine look like wrinkly cheetos :( But anyway, so I scrapped our new fav place in Coronado.

I do not pretend to know how to SEW. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SEW!!!!! AMEN.
So with that being said, I take full responsibility for lack of perfection and I'm okay with that. You just try concentrating on the pretty pictures pretty please? :)

Aww rats- now I have nothing to blog about for the next month LOL :)

Oh yeah, I still need to do Sarah's happy canvas challenge!

Alright, enough sharing!
Have an awesome and happy day/week!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm a lazy bum

Finished 3 projects
Starting a 4th
Have no energy and time to take pictures of said projects
Yet I've had the last 2 days off of work, and what looks like blogging to :)
No worries. I think I'll get to it sometime this week. I just need to charge the camera battery. darn. (off to find the charger)

On another slightly less lazy bummish note:
I've been enjoying the past couple of days playing with the new stuff I just purchased. I tried doing Wilna's 6 things Challenge and my project turned out to be USE-EVERYTHING-YA-GOT-GIRL!!! load em up :) So I did. I wonder if that still counts? LOL

-So I still need to tackle Wilna's 6 things Challenge
-Had me a hole punching party this morning so I'll get to Sarah Bowen's Canvas Happy project later (except with a twist)
-And Lisa's Mini challenge is last for some reason. I don't think I have enough pics or a genre since I have no kids. Hence no motive to finish this project. double darn. Hmmm... I'll think of someone to adopt LOL!

One project I did finish was Sassy Sasha's Wacky Wednesday challenge.
I did this one twice! Just because I didn't follow the rules the first time and so I had to do another. And yet I love them both.
Ah, rules are meant to be broken right? At least that's what they taught in art school. Love that.

And today, enjoyed some quiet time with Mr. Handsome around Coronado. Yummy Greek fetta pizza, gyro and Starbucks. Man, I'm just so so happy it's Saturday. We need more Saturdays yes?

Happy Day my friends!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


days go by super fast
and sometimes they take f o r e v e r
Why is that?

Or maybe it's because when I'm at work I'm thinking about creating in my scrap room? ;) Ah yes, thats why! LOL!
I totally enjoyed today anyway. I'm not complaining.

Things I want to create:

This WACKY Challenge

*Mini* Mini Albums by Lisa Garay

Getting Creative With The Hole Punch by Sarah Bowen

The 6 things Challenge by Wilna Furstenberg

Bottom three can be found here

Care to join me?
Create something today!!! YAY!!!! :)

(I'll be back to post my progress tomorrow)

Monday, March 24, 2008

A lovely day.

I love this pic- again, not perfect but really vintage looking and my goodness love the flower (magnolia?) eh- still pretty. :)

I had the day off today and spent it, well, cleaning :)
The smell of my fresh clean sheets is amazing. Yes, I have OCD. But it's very temperamental-or maybe just mental?
LOL. I slept in until 9AM then did 5 loads of laundry ( it's crazy trying to cram in time to wash when you have 5 other people taking up the machine-grrr :) No worries though, I just bought more clothes LOL!!! SAweeeet!

So aside from going crazy cleaning, I met up with Mr. Handsome for an Italian dinner date at one of my fav Italian restaurants "Volare". But said place is NEVER open! Seriously, we've made plans for months to return and we get there only to be greeted by: CLOSED. How lame?!

There are worse things in life I guess. The Lord must've sensed my despair in my tummy grumbling because it was open. And delicious. M-M-Ggggooooood. Molto Bene!

I had a really good day cleaning- felt good just knowing a squeaky clean, super fresh smelling room awaited be so I treated myself to some Target lovin'. Oh yes. Amen to that! Love the Making Memories stuff/KI/punches etc. WOW. Good stuff- I'm sure you'll be seeing some of this stuff soon in my LO's. What's your fav scrap item you're loving right now?

Recent LO inspired by the Wacky Wednesday challenge:

Love having an "assignment". I think I work better that way. If not, then I just don't have the right motivation to scrap or anything. It's weird, but thankfully, the challenges really help the mojo go :)

A lovely day to you my sweet friends!

cheerio! :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A New Day

Remembering my Easter Blessings

Thankful for the blessings
For the Joy
Living for more than myself
holding on to hope
knowing there is something more
Enjoying and sharing
with my eyes set
on all of the above
I'm thankful

A wonderful and fully blessed Easter to you and yours

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Change will do you good

Time for a change.
heck yes :)
No more pony tail holder thingies
No more waiting forever for my hair to dry
No more highlights
AND no more funky hair weeks/months/year for me LOL

-From this-

-To this-

Woke up this morning and I about screamed- I just thought..oh yeah, I got my hair cut :)

To my Sara boo: Thank you for the haircut! You so rock my world. Luv u!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I've got a new do :)

And I LOVE it! YAY for haircuts!!!
I seriously almost cried when my dear friend Sara asked me to feel the back of my hair.
I freaked. I panicked and almost cried.
I'm so lame- I KNOW I love it. It's just change is strange.
Like not needing to carry a pony tail holder in my pocket anymore...and guess what?
I kinda like it that way.

I'm a tease- but only because there was hardly any light to get a decent picture.

Seriously, I'll be back with my cute do to show you.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Everyone's Beautiful

So true. How and why I forget that sometimes, I wonder? I've got a super cool reminder now :)

I love these self journal pages sometimes. I know I get tired of journaling about me. I'm to shy to write what I feel sometimes. I am to self conscious to take pictures of myself. And on most days, I really don't like journaling. But I love the wacky Wednesday Challenges Sasha brings. She's amazing, as I've said before :) So this weeks emotion/feeling: Beauty. I see it everywhere around me. And that definitely is something worth journaling :)

A girl is a girl is a girl
She is beautiful
Everyone's beautiful
I smeared the picture of her and then I walked away
Everyone's beautiful
All of us crawling on hands and knees in need of you
A prayer is a prayer is a prayer
Everyone's beautiful
All of beautiful
let them all find their redemption
down deep in your eyes
Everyone's Beautiful
(Lyrics adapted from Waterdeep "Everyone's Beautiful")

I'm not completely happy with the LO but certainly happy to have finished it. I used hambly for the very first time- FUN! I have so much of it and it's just nice to finally use it. Scrap hoarding is ridiculous! LOL

Alright- Let's go and play with some Hambly!!!
::: 86 ::: Pages to go

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Can't sleep

This always happens when I nap before I sleep. Sigh. I came home from work super tired and with a headache. Thought it'd be a great idea to sleep it off. My nap turned into a 2 1/2 hour "nap". Way to go me :) So in an effort to fall asleep I started doing my taxes- yeah, they're that boring LOL! Being self employed is ridiculous. I have so many receipts to go through its out of control. I've not been looking forward to this time of the year. And now looking at what I spend on Starbucks YIKES! I usually pay for other friends so i don't mind it at all. (Everyone needs a lil Starbucks lovin' right ;)

So back again to my taxes, I hope for a nice tax refund. I totally had the money all spent in my mind. Earlier today I talked to Mr. Handsome about how much I NEED the iPhone. Or maybe just settle for the new iTouch. Yeah. I'm itching to get my hands on either one because somehow I've convinced myself I NEED it. It's life sustaining. My love for music runs that deep. I have a VERY OLD iPod, hmmm maybe 3rd generation- yeah, no color screen, click wheel, super bulky. Every now and then I have to wack it on the ground to get it going. Serious. The trick is all in the wrist.

So I turn my iPod on (after of course reviving it for the 2,000th time) - Chris Tomlin was my first choice. Then I hear "Let Your Mercy Reign". Oh man. The flood gates opened up. I flash back to my mission trips to Cambodia. Their life struggles I witnessed first hand. The people I met in Cambodia don't have to worry about taxes. But they do worry about daily provisions. Things I have. (A house, fresh water, clothing, medicine, etc.) I think of my little sponsored friend Mario in Bolivia. His picture he recently sent shows him and his little hands, clothes all dirty. I am convicted in every sense. Why is it that I so easily lose focus? When everything I have is not mine? I'm far from focused. So thank God I have taxes to do. Bills to pay. Money to send to my dear friend Mario and his family. This has completely changed my perspective on doing my taxes.

Now I'm not saying I'd never upgrade my iPod. I've waited 3 years with this model (I don't know anyone who's had theirs that long). I bought him just before my 20 hour flight to Cambodia (each way) to keep me from concentrating on my fear of flying. I've never regretted investing over $300 for my iPod. And since then, over 15 stamps in my passport later, I've never flown without him. Yes, I'm fully aware iPods come with color screens and can do tons of cool stuff (Nino, don't make fun on my clunky iPod! :)) Truth is. It's NOT a NEED. I certainly don't want to aimlessly spend my money and that's why I'm still waiting longer to upgrade. I sometimes threaten my iPod that I'll replace him and he magically comes alive again. Silly dude. It's okay to revive my iPOD :) I've got it down. It's okay to not have the latest and greatest.

My Plan: Start saving and pay cash for an affordable iPod (because lets face it, it is an investment and I love that listening to music on my iPod refreshed my perspective. I'm a firm believer in "Good things come to those who wait". Lesson to apply- spend less, save more, and stay out of debt always remembering that God provides. And I'm so thankful I have a little friend Mario that I can help be a blessing to with the little I do have. Off to finish my taxes... I hope yours are just as enlightening :)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hello Yellow

Mr. Handsome thought up that catchy title. Genius. That's why I keep him around ;) So thanks for standing my crush on my sewing machine. So weird to say that-I mean type it. Whatever. It's just weird. I know. But guess what? I finished another layout which means this brings me to a total of 87 pages to go! Woot! Okay- this blog will eventually be a little more exciting, but for now, bear with me :) I might just do a give away with all this excitement inside of me. That's if there is any interest out there for some free stuff ;) Sometimes I'm not sure who really is out there? But for those of you who stop to say "Hi" I'm waving back attcha! Seriously cool.

There I go getting all excited again. Focus. Whew. Okay, so my SIS Sasha thought up a very cool challenge to scrap about your week, about you, about your week...but with a twist.
You are to use:
- sticker letters
- has to be monochromatic (color of your choice)
- (use something) scallopy edge on your page
- add some BLING.

So I added another challenge for myself-I used yellow, a color I find rather difficult to scrap. AND I tried a different paper size. Just cuz I need the added pressure LOL! jk. So if you're feeling up to the challenge GO FOR IT! I loved it and am looking to doing another one soon. ( if you do choose to scrap the challenge- link back and let me know, I love oooohing and ahhhing at your work :) I get happy. I can't help it.

I was inspired by Switchfoot's song "More Than Fine". (Seems like I only scrap lyrics. But I rarely have time to be creative in my journaling- for some reason I feel the need to be poetic- I don't understand me either ;) This is really a song that makes me feel better- changes my attitude about my day. I CHOOSE to be more than just fine. Yes, sometimes I feel down, but really, never want to take for granted a new day. Only I can live it, appreciate it for me. No second chances to live TODAY over again TOMORROW. It's not just another ordinary bleh day :)

When I wake in the morning,
I want to blow into pieces
I want more than just okay, okay. okay.
I want more than just blue skies, I'm not givin' up not givin' up
Not backing down. No I'm more than just okay more than fine More than bent on getting by
More than fine More than just okay.
Okay? - OKAY-

What colors do you find difficult to scrap? Do you like taking scrap challenges? I wanna know. I don't know why. But I do.
PS: Have an AMAZING day today!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

100 till I drop

I'm pretty much in love with my sewing machine. (Well, I love it, it doesn't exactly love me back.) Can you tell? No? huh. I'm sure some people might call my love an obsession. But hey, I'm getting my moneys worth out of this sucker, ya know? Actually, my sewing machine was a christmas gift from my parents. "Debee tell me what you'd like for Christmas..." me, "A SEWING MACHINE!"
My parents I'm sure were like, "yep yet another crazy idea from our middle child" What were you expecting? :) LOL. I have the best ideas- just not everyone thinks so. But anyway, so the machine was a gift. THE BEST GIFT. I'm happy, excited about scrapping and creating with it. So far, I've made 12 items with it. NONE you can wear- but whatever. I'm happy. So yes, that there scap page above is a testament to just how much I love my sewing machine. ALMOST as much as I love Mr. Handsome. JK!!!! ;) I sat and sewed that baby what seemed like forever but dang it was awesome. The result is not exactly what I envisioned- ( more like my dream quilt ) so look for more sewing on pages.Ahhh the suspense.

Oh yeah, I easily get sidetracked LOL, you might ask what my title "100" means? Yes. (just nod) Okay, I'll tell you anyway since you asked to nicely :) It's the number of pieces I want to create with my sewing machine- regardless of it's real purpose which is to sew clothing. So there ya go. When I invest in something like say, shoes, I spend anything over $50 (I live in a real world although I'd sure like to move to Anthropologie land) I HAVE to wear the pair of shoes at the very least 50 times. Just to make me feel better- AND because I have the slightest case of OCD. So I've created 12 pieces so far and am fashionably pleased and happy and feeling creative still. 88 to go-and then I'll give it a break. So you'll probably get sick of seeing so much sewing. But just know that it makes me ever so happy and tingly inside and don't ya just know that's all that matters? Really. Sew a little. (Or in my case- just pretend you know how and don't worry about what other people think) I don't care as long as were both happy :) Okay? Okay- off to sew something :)