Friday, December 20, 2013

Inspired by Christmas ...

Hi lovely,
I'm in a pink whirlwind as of late. I am loving pink against all things black & white. We recently started craft time at home with little r and bought him his first set of markers. I simply laid down a huge paper pad before him and this is what he came up with. Now, he's no Picasso but as an art loving mama, I mean the kid has potential in the modern abstract movement ;)  I of course kept the sheet of paper and had yet to decide on where to display or store it. My dear friend Jamie on Instagram asked to see my favorite pink. Well this is it! I added a few Christmas touches and viola, the only thing decorated for the season in our home. Not to "Christmasy" but i'm loving it.  :)  

The only thing Christmas like that I have been doing is sending out Christmas cheer by way of these pretty little tags (also hot pink , my fav ;) to a few new Paper loving friends. Sending parcels not "work"related is a big thing for me. I definitely want to work on that in the new year. Send "just because!" packages to my loved ones throughout the year. How fun is that right?! Gotta do it. and I did for this year :)

And speaking of work, here's a custom order package I dolled up. I kind of get a little carried away in respect to "too much" but just thinking about someone receiving this from the shop and adding a personal touch I think means a whole lot :) ( Things I used from the Shop: Doilies + Gold silver foil Stickers + Gold shimmer twine )

Next up, a new style of packaging: stamped Kraft bags. I'm really loving the creative freedom with these. I simply stamped the images almost in a polka dot pattern. And look at that little cutie & his antlers. XO. I have no idea why I'm loving those but obviously thats a theme here huh? lol!  ( Things I used from the Shop: Kraft paper bags + Merry Merry Stamp set + Manila tags )

Another theme I noticed is black + gold + white & a pop of color. I mean I did buy a few things that were red to decorate with earlier in the season but i have yet to use them. I am currently loving this combo. Simple. Not to seasonal. easy :) I love easy. especially when time is of the essence and you literally don't have enough time to get everything done. I get stressed when i have a ton of stuff to do but i never want to half heartedly do anything. I know I won't be happy. So i take my time and simplify. even if it takes me a little bit longer :) This took less than 5 min to gather & package. bingo. now time to wrap more presents !I stamped on the cloth bags for my custom "wrapping"and really love it. I can't stop stamping everything in sight now lol! (Things I used from the Shop: Merry Merry Stamp set, Gold sequins, Manila Tags, Glassine envelope, Cloth bag ) 

And last but not least ...
Stocking stuffer sale*
Stuff your stockings for less :)

*All orders ship next day. Sale ends Sunday at midnight*

So there ya go. Christmas inspiration & cheer in small little packages + a fun sale.  

Now I'm off to buy a few things for a few of my "hard to buy" loves on my list. I see lumps of coal in the future ;) hahaaa!

jk mom & dad.
just kidding

Happy December lovely

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Merry Merry

Happy December Lovelies! We're kicking off December with our exclusive holiday items!
The photo above is of our new exclusive Christmas journaling project cards available for quick download in the shop.

Our new clear stamp sheets are also available for purchase and make a great resource to create festive packaging & documenting for the holidays :)

And last but not least, our new Project Paper kit, "Merry Merry" is now available with both the 12 printed project journaling tags & an exclusive set of clear Christmas stamps. (Stamp sheet is a bit different than the above version) + has one of a kind silver & gold embellishments. Perfect for daily documenting of your december festivities. :)

I love these stamps so much! I love having everything ready in a kit so I don't have to go crazy trying to find different items that go together. The Silver & Gold tones go perfectly with the festive season. I can't wait to share the cards I put together & packaging I am creating using both the kit & the stamps. I am ready for december :) And as a happy beginning to a very fun month we are celebrating CYBER MONDAY sales with all of the above items on sale & free shipping, (domestic only :). 

Happy new month to you love! Make this the best month yet!


Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Small Business Saturday!

Hello Lovelies! What a wonderful week it has been. We had plenty of family time & enjoyed an abundance of delicious treats. I am so very thankful for the time to stop and share a favorite meal with loved ones. And now back to the grind right?

 Life goes on and with an extra bit of cheer :) This weekend we are celebrating Small Business Saturday. We are so thankful for your support we have discounted all 30 die cut prints to 30% off. No coupon code required. 

 My goal since starting Inspire Lovely has always been to shop small businesses for gift giving.

 I can now fully appreciate the hard work and effort it takes to keep a business going and love to shop for family & friends both online & around town. 

I am inviting you to do the same. ;)

Wherever you are, take a look around your area or let you fingers do the shopping by buying online like ETSY

Celebrate small business :) 


These prints would make a great hostess gift, for you, your home or for a dear friend.

Add a little extra cheer in your corner of the world :)

And thank you! I don't say that nearly enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving these little prints a lovely home to go to :) Sale ends Monday!  


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The great Stamp Sale :)

Our STAMP SALE is going on right now in our shop!
We are making room for new stamps and discontinuing a few of our older designs. The sale is up to 50% off select stamps. No coupon code needed :) Once they are gone, they are gone.


Pretty New Stamps have made their way into the shop!

Please welcome our correspondence stamps:

Stamps would make a great stocking stuffer for a cool crafty friend. Or, a perfect gift for just you :)

So happy to finally get these done & use them to stamp all the packages I send out and gift giving. We're still in party mode around our home and recently celebrated Mister Handsome's birthday :)  He's so low key. He doesn't want a big hoop la and I do lol! And you know how I am about birthday's right? Celebrate ALL month long I say! hahaa! You are gonna have a birthday so you might as well look forward to it. So I planned a surprise birthday for us & family. It was sweet! Can you guess the theme? ;)

No it wasn't a 2 year old's birthday party lol! It's a Mister Roger's Birthday party. Yep. It's no secret the mister loves good ol Mister Rogers. Plus he's a bit partial to the bay area ( hence trolley's) since he went to Cal for a while (smarty pants ;). I have to admit. I didn't grow up watching Mister Roger's. I kind of slept through that show lol! He could put me to sleep like nobody's business hahaaa! I bought him a Mister Roger's shirt since I know he'll wear it proudly. :) I don't think he'll ever grow up and kinda love that part of him. xo

Speaking of love...

Guess who's rockin out ?! The BEST gift ever!!! I love our friends. I know that i sound seriously crazy when i say i'm super excited that our little guy was gifted this awesome drum kit. But i am. I don't mind the noise. I kind of see it as payback for all the havoc i caused back in the day when i first started rockin out ;)  Oh how I wish & hope with all my heart I can teach him to play as he grows up. This. This is such a good first step in that direction. Look at that silly smile! I think he likes it lol! 

And I leave you with a pretty sneak peek at a new christmas journaling kit I'm putting together.

Pretty Sequins everywhere! LOVE!xoxo

AND this kit will include this new set of clear stamps! I'm so happy to finally be able to share! I've been working on these designs for a bit and I hope you enjoy!  I'm not sure if I will be offering the stamps separate from the kit yet but if you are interested please let me know. That would help me decide :) The kit will go on sale this weekend. 

Also I shared these sneaks on my instagram account. I will be doing a giveaway for you & a friend this week so don't miss out!  I will be sharing more ideas using these stamps to package & create pretty gifts. 

Lots going on. So much to be thankful for. And even though it's a bit of a hustle. So thankful for every bit of it. Especially naps :)  

Happy days lovely,

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Inspired by

Blogger Karen said...
Hi Debbie, I love looking at blogs for inspiration. I enjoy reading your blog. Your little guy is getting so big! You will have such an amazing Christmas this year. Thanks for the fun drawing.
Karen, thank you so much for your kind words in regards to my wee blog. I think it's extra motivating to keep sharing & updating this little corner every now and again :) And yes indeed our little r is getting to be such a big guy. He's running around now when at the beginning of the year he was still trying to find his balance. There's no stopping him now. and we're all terrified lol!!! Happy almost Christmas lovely, it will be a great one I hope :) 

Blogger Bonita Rose said...
My creative inspiration more often than not is just my imagination, and other books and mags I hv laying around my home. Inspiration is everywhere... you just let go and create! You are awesome and thks for the chance to win! xo
Bonita, thank you so much for sharing I completely agree with you that inspiration is everywhere, i think it's all in being aware & patient in seeing it. Sometimes its so simple as a breath of fresh air. I love it when things come together and you feel so refreshed. I hope you have so much fun creating from your heart xoxo 

Lovely Giveaway winners: Karen & Bonita please e-mail me your post address at Congrats ladies!

Thank you so much everyone for sharing what inspires you. I especially loved the thrift store shopping & new fabrics :) I can pop a few tags at the thrift store like nobody's business & i love a pile of fresh fabric. even if my sewing skills aren't as good as Martha Stewart. Its still so very inspiring.  I think as of right now even a new song on my iphone every week has been a thrill. I love walking a few miles with little r in the jogging stroller. i love listening to a new fun song. It's a bit of me time ;) and great exercise motivator.

I also wanted to thank both Stampington magazine & for their generosity and awesome donations. THANK YOU! xoxo

As i walked around the neighborhood i kept thinking about a few ideas for a fall project life paper kit. My first project life kit. I'm still a bit new to the project life club. I think i have more ideas on keeping up with it for 2014 :) But as of now it's by month and not by week. I'm taking it a bit easy lol. So the kit above is what i came up with. it's a bit of gold & shimmer love with edgy dark & light feathers.  There are still a few kits left here 

Another source of inspiration lately is the change in seasons. I know. it's san diego. there pretty much is only summer and wimpy winter. but every now and again a beautiful fall leaf is spotted and the pine cones fall from trees & pretty soon you're wearing your favorite sweater and scarf :) I was inspired and made this paper garland to celebrate fall. Maybe even welcome it in our home. If you'd like one I've added a few to the shop to decorate your home too.

And last but not least, i'm inspired by movies. "A thousand times yes." Name that movie! 

 umm... can i get any pride and prejudice lovers ?! I love the movie. it is SO lovely. grrrrrrrl. if a guy came up to me and told me he loved me like that i would totally melt. hahaaa! i think i hear Mr.Handsome laughing at me  >)  He ruins these "chick flicks" for me. Ruined alllll the twilight series for me. he over acts the movie lines and he has this non sexy smolder thing. ew. he does it on purpose to make fun but i'm a sucker for love. I'm team darcy all the way! and i will watch pride & prejudice 100 more times i'm sure. lol! 

Die cut prints are now in the shop ready to ship & decorate your gorgeous space. A swoon fest will ensue ;) Perfect gift for any Pride & Prejudice lover. xoxo

So there you have it. Giving. Paper. Music. Movies. It's what makes my little heart burst and my creative spirit happy.

happy heart

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reading & Creative Inspiration

Hello lovelies :) As the days pass by quickly i try and get chances to stop & get a wee break in from the hustle every now and again. One of my favorite ways to get creative me time is catching up on some light reading. More like flipping through beautiful spaces & creative photography is what i love. :) One of my favorite magazines is anything by Somerset magazine. I've been featured in this magazine before and simply love looking through the creative features & articles. I love easy "how-to" DIY projects and get a thrill from all the amazing artists they feature. It really is such a beautiful magazine.

In this issue i love the visual storytelling. I love love love the photography. I keep every issue i have and flip through them whenever i get in a bit of a creative rut. Or simply need a little creative pick me up :)  Its so fun to have a magazine that is packed with paper, photography & creative inspiration at hand. I think you would fall in love with it too :) 

Another thing i love is getting creative. A new to me scrapbooking product are flair badges. So so awesome! What's even better is that i had the opportunity to design a few Inspire Lovely edition badges for you through Scrapbook and More

My very favorite is "YOU MADE MY DAY" shown above. I LOVE these little bits of goodness.
You can purchase these badge buttons and more via Scrapbook and More. They have such an amazing exclusive collection with other awesome artists I know you will love them too :)

I am so excited to share both my reading & creative scrapbooking love with you that Somerset Magazine has offered you a chance at a free copy and I would love to offer another winner a chance to win a set of Inspire Lovely flair  :) All you have to do is leave a comment below answering a simple question: " What is your creative inspiration?"

I will pick 2 winners on Saturday, November 16th( 1 winner will win a copy of Stampington magazine and 1 winner will win a set of Scrapbook and More Inspire Lovely flair ). 

So happy winning lovelies!
fingers crossed for you
xo -d