Monday, April 29, 2013

la dee da

always playing catch up. thinking about a cinnamon dulce frapp right about now. and making more stuff for the upcoming QBM while the kiddo naps :)

my oh my what a whirl wind this month has been for us. it's all in a good way. very blessed and happy. this month the mister and i celebrated 4 years of marriage. I'm all like i need banana cream pie + flowers + a chick flick + dinner and we did all that. it was fun. even better we went on a trip to utah! and oh my word. 20+ hours in a car with a little babe of 16 months and you want to die. but the never ending breaks were good for all of us and we made it safely back :) Vacation is not the same my dear friends. not after you have a kid. It's like a far distant dream. sleeping in. eating a romantic dinner together. holding hands. lol! oh but this is only a little part of our life, and we know it's not gonna last forever. well at least that's what they say ;P

so guess who i met at SNAP in Utah?!

I had a scrapbook hollywood moment.  i was in a daze. i think i shrieked like a little teenage girl. Meet my real life scrapbooking hall of fame friend Margie.  i LOVE her style, her creative heart and have been a huge fan since i started scrapbooking! why am i yelling?! i'm still so excited!!! heheee :)  oh my goodness the mister was SOOOOOO jealous, i think i pushed him off to the side just to talk with her. i can't remember ;P

but i do remember i once won a jar full of bubble gum she gave away on her making memories blog. umm...i don't think i shared. good times.  anyway, i also met my sweet friend Jamie but i don't have a picture with her :( She is a sweet soul just like i thought she would be. I love that. when people are as authentic in real life as they are in their blog persona. Both lovelies were so encouraging and i'm so grateful to have met them. It's pretty sweet. xoxo

so this is what spring looks like in our home. i bought a bag of pom poms at the dollar tree and used a needle to thread through and make a garland :) i can't tell you how many times little r asks to be carried just so he can play with the pom poms ;) he can even say pom pom in the sweetest voice. xoxo 

and the only way i can take a photo of him still. hahahaa! he was napping so i grabbed his awesome shoes and snapped this photo. he's always on the go. always moving, falling, pulling himself up and over things. he basically gives me a heart attack about 100 times a day ;(  i remember when i was pregnant and we saw these on sale at target, totally had to buy them and now he fits into them! mister showed me a pic of the first time he put them on him while i was having sister time at starbucks and i started crying in public. i never cry. not for sappy movies. not for anything the mister says i'm heartless ;) but i cried and i had to take a photo of these little baby shoes that i'm pretty sure won't fit him come next month. crazy how time flies and how fast he grows and learns cool stuff :) xoxoxo

look at that hotness. he's stopping traffic ladies! hahahaa! he loves showing off his belly button. *rolling eyes* he'll walk by the mirror, back up and pull up his shirt and show off his belly button and laugh hysterically. xoxo i die xoxo

back at the zoo and the photo booth is always a must. i love his little hands holding our photo strip. xo

he loves roaring at the giraffes. they don't really make a noise so he likes to make them seem tougher than they look. :) he roars and they look at him and are like "what the?" hahaa 

our family portrait. bwahahaa! (just kidding mister ;P)  even if he's not looking at the camera, my heart just bursts into a million pieces when i see his smile. thankful for a happy baby. (although he's not like this all the time, hehee, just being real here :) he has now entered the "NO" stage. and i'm like SI! hahaa! oh dear. : /  

And you know i'm documenting those "precious" moments with my little guy with these cool stamps i designed  ;)   i think my little guy is getting to be so funny and crazy and doing something all the time that it seems i'm always trying to remember every bit of it.  oh my word, can you image if our mom's had instagram and facebook back in the day?! girl i'd be in all kinds of trouble ! lol! 

& this one is another favorite. i'm always asking mr.handsome what his favorite things are about little r. it's funny how different his interaction with him is than mine. I try to write everything down and put it in my project life page ;) still behind but progress is happening!  i try to forget about how far along i need to catch up because anytime i get anything crafty done i'm happy and that's enough for me ;)

And guess what? Not only am i getting my crafty on but i'm also taking this class by my sweet friend Jen over at Studio Calico, they were sweet and asked me to be a teeny tiny part of it :) i know, you're like WHAT? she still scrapbooks?! hehee ;) Starting off May with a little awesome!  Very happy to contribute and I'm most certain there is going to be a ton of inspiration from Jen & all the lovelies that contributed to the class xoxo.  

so to end this all off, i'm going to be a big ol nerd and ask you if you have something to ask me. although i'm not sure who still reads this sporadic blog hehee. I've had a few questions regarding the furniture in the studio + a CTS update + my camera specs etc so i wonder if there is anything else please email or leave a comment as anonymous if you'd like. I have a post half ready to go for each subject and i'd just like to get everything in rather than have to do another post :) it's been a while since i've posted about the above subjects so this will be good and i can't wait to share!

Alrighty my sweet friend, time to head out and get to living. May you have lots to be happy & thankful for, until next time xoxo