Monday, July 28, 2008

happy monday

oh goodness
i hope you had a great weekend. I seem to be wishing for another day off. But I always do every Monday. So here we are and I have a couple of things to share...

First up: hello *ME

I made this layout on my vacation thinking it would be cool to transcend the idea of spray paint into water colours. So i did. It was awesome! LOVE playing with water and paint. I used a bit of glimmer mist but that really doesn't show up well in the photo. I got crazy with the dimension, covered some tim holtz grunge board and covered it with pattern paper. Then I covered that with some AC chipboard circles. I love the play on dimension and texture. I also sewed the left side of the picture down, then tucked the right side of the picture under the circle scallop. I have journaling behind the picture :) Can't share everything, it's just a silly me thing. But here it is...crazy sewing, water colour lovin' and playful dimension= happy *me.
The journaling reads: why is it so challenging to be me? is it because i lack the ability to be real? to delight in who i am? make myself better? smarter or funnier for myself or for other people? i shy away from speaking even on paper. i cover myself away and
It's kind of weird sitting down and typing the first thing that comes to mind. definitely need more of that. Even if it doesn't make much sense :) For me it's just about being myself. not afraid of being copied or stylized. not allowing other people to influence me. my art. my passion. Definitely not in a negative way. But only take the positive. I think this piece was inspired by my love and admiration for Georgia O'Keeffe. Her work is on display at my local museum but i went on a monday and they aren't open on mondays :( sigh...anyway. i could never replicate her work. why would i? she is amazing. but i allow her beauty to inspire and ignite my love for colors. so thank you georgia. you rock my little world. amen.

The word is out here: this makes me happy PS: I LOVE CER! sheesh she is AMAZING! AND being on the team makes me ridiculously happy. Sa-WEET!
::My take on the Prompt::
This means a lot more now than ever. You ever feel like you need to change. You sense it in you, your work, your passion and life? That's me right now. I feel like this is exactly what I need to START doing. STOP wishing and dreaming. START doing and believing. Oh yes. this is my mantra. repeat.

AND treats:::
mimiey said...
hi debee.... i've awarded u as one of our kreativ do check out our blog for the kreativ blogger logo and u can award any other 6 bloggers of ur choice.... spread the news....hugz..we love ur creations...TFS!

kristina k awarded me and a few other girls with the Brillante Weblog. Thank you Kristina!
My awards go to super creative and scrappy lovin' peeps: 1* KL 2* Vee 3* Lou 4* Dani 5* Rhi 6* Stacey 7* Stephanie
i picked seven :) i like to break the rules a little HA! These girls truly inspire me and encourage me almost daily here on my blog. I love them for that and much more. So thank you.

now onto our fab monday shall we? hip hip hooray!
off to create more stuff to share soon

Friday, July 25, 2008


and looking to see if you are still here...

hello lovely friends :)


I am back after my week of:
getting up at whatever time ;) ha-love love staying in bed
you get the idea.... i feel sooooooo good. I highly recommend a week of all of the above. On my time off I got a chance to make stuff using the SIS Classic collection. The above layout is pretty much my favorite of them. Why? Well, because it's a special prayer I love. Comes from the song by Hillsong: "Came To The Rescue". It evokes so much emotion, belief,faith inside of me that I just want to be lifted. I forget about my pressures. My thoughts. My life issues. They seem to disappear when I hear/sing these words. My life is a life of worship. Humble. Secured by faith, hope and love. I believe that power and feel strengthened every time. This is my emergency prayer. When there is nothing. nothing to say. to feel. nowhere to hide. no focus. when i feel blurry and heavy and consumed. I ask for fire. a flame. a burning passion.back into my life, the art, the talent, the body, the mind, the heart. I want to be consumed by Him. I want people to know i believe and live for more than myself. more than just for making stuff. more than just showing up for a 9-5. And before this restful week I felt

i call... you answer...and you came to my rescue and i wanna be where you are.
consume me from the inside out...
i cannot ask that enough. what would the world be like if we all burned with a passion? that would be a sight.

close your eyes and just listen. I love playing this song. LOVE it. except when i play the drums i can't lift my hands. but it's still amazing.

i wanna burn baby :) passionate about life, love and my faith.
and thank you for leaving some beautiful messages while I was away. Man, I really really am blessed by you ladies. I missed you. like a lot. :) I've got lots to share with you so I'll be back!

loved and blessed,

Thursday, July 17, 2008

the lights go out...

 driving to escape

hello friends
I am thankful for your comments
your push and encouragement
I am now headed into vacation mode. I'm a little sad that my plans on seeing my very dear best friend in Chicago AND attending CHA are no more. I've decided to rest at home for vacation. And right now, I'm just dealing with that. I so wished I lived closer to my best friend. I want to call her and pick her up and in 15 minutes be kickin' back at Starbucks. (Our fav. place to girl talk) I miss her. And right now, I really need her.

So it's time to rest. Reflect.
I will create to my hearts content with no peek a boo hole to overshadow my thoughts. my wishes. my dreams. this is my time to refresh. This means no computer & no blogging.

I just want...
- to hear the hum of the sewing machine
- to rest my body
- to feel the warmth of the sunshine as it passes through my studio skylight
- to chase Lucky around as a form of exercise
- to enjoy creating in my little corner of the world
- to drink too many 25% cherry 50% coke 25% cherry slurpees (YES there is a formula :)
- to embroider like there's no tomorrow
- to nest
- faithfully pray
- to create with the spirit of giving whole heartedly
- to document what I am thankful for
- to remember why I do this and unload it onto paper
- to be inspired daily
- to be simple and me

Books have been ordered: Fabric has been purchased: The camera has full battery: Doctor's appointments have been made: New music has been purchased. I am ready.

If I owe you an ATC. I will be sending those out. Keka I owe you a LO and I will be creating something beautiful for you (so sorry for the wait).

i will emerge
but for now
i rest and quite my soul
and let Him surround me
purposed and delighted,


Monday, July 14, 2008

The Weekend blur

these past couple of days have been crazy. Creatively crazy. Mind you that is a good thing. :)
:::::::::::::::::::And now, cue the slideshow:::::::::::::::::::

Some singing in the car + photo shoot
singing in the car
Admit it. YOU do that to :) And if you don't, ya need to start. Side note: I used to practice drumming during traffic up until I hit the horn and my drumstick smacked me on my lip. :( I bled all the way home. Good times though.

Some pondering and reflecting: high school related for this little ditty
debee.find your voice

happy (Sneak)

Good grief did I have a lot to say! Only after I actually let go (thanks Sasha!) and let myself JUST TYPE. No thinking. Just typing. Speaking of which. I got a typewriter! WOOT WOOT! So at work, I KNOW that nobody uses them. AND I knew where one was at. Well, I just happened to ask a couple of co-workers about it and they gave it to me. And she's a huge mother. Seriously. Like half my table size mother. I love her though. :) More typing soon!
PS: I'm very glad high school is over. It wasn't so bad, just that I'm glad I'm here. And I'm not looking back! (I didn't even go to my reunion HA!)

Some art supply shopping in Little Italy (piece of heaven)
parking art
Um. What do I have to say about this other than I LOVE it. I'd park here everyday if I could. This is in the back lot parking wall of the art store I love. heck yes to Italy.

flickr happiness. I did it. I signed up for a pro account after much thought and help from Mr. Handsome (he's such an enabler)
Chair art
More Artsy pics for all of us. And I'm happy because this will only help next time I go to make something. I've got pictures! SA-weet!

I make him kiss me every time I see a reflection. It's not weird. It's photo art. Right?
cafe italia

MMMM...yummy Italian food. Lasagna with Spaghetti and meatball with LOTS of meat sauce please.
italian love

Okay. There ya go. My weekend. How was yours? Go anywhere? Make anything?

PS: A huge thank you to you ladies who commented on the video. Um. Still embarrassed about it but hey, Brooke was worth it. And what a relief you don't think I'm related to Minnie Mouse. Woot!

Hehee. And now, onto a happy Monday for everyone!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Luvs Banner - Video Response

hello world.
Ask and yee shall receive: Brooke is AKA kilismom on SIStv. She rocks. She asked. Therefore she made me do it. LOL! I've got to get out more, but I figured that since I'm appearing in video soon anyway...why not try it out now!? Sorry this is so long. This is my first attempt. I hope this helps you Brooke! (And anyone else who is interested in making the banner) Enjoy!

PS: I really don't think I sound like Minnie Mouse IRL! I'm seriously embarrassed.

AND Stacey and Bekka Congrats!!!! You both guessed the top right one correct!!! I will be sending you an ATC. If you want me to make one just like one you see below please let me know. If not, I'll make a new one just for you.

it's all goooooood

First off, a big thank you to you for sending some "focus" vibes/mojo.
Oh I got 1 page (both front and back) squared away and honestly...I really am happy with what I've got so far. I just hope I don't scare people off with the whole spray paint/computer/embroidery stuff. But that's it! I want you to try something new. No. You don't have to sign up and pledge to become the best graffiti/embroidery/computer artist. I mean you can if you want. But really, what I'll be sharing with you is pretty much easy peasy man. And you can have fun watching me make up stuff I don't know :)


Okay. So one page down. A couple more to go. I feel very confident that will come. I'm just having a hard time figuring out if I can teach this in 3 days OR do I need 5? Hmmm.. 5 is my lucky number...toss up. Oh well. Onto some sharing shall we?

This will make my ATC girls very happy: 8 ATC cards I've made for you. I have 7 that I owe 3 girls. The rest...where are your ATC's? LOL. So these can be right side up or upside down...I shot one upside down but hey, you cant' tell...or can you? ha!
I'll give you an ATC if you can figure out which one is shot upside down. I know. I need to stop teasing.

ATC for you *

ATC for you **

ATC for you ***

ATC for you ****

Know what I've resolved to do? Is make better use of my camera(mona). I've been wanting to get a wide angle lens for her but can't really justify buying one since I hardly ever use her. I take my camera EVERYWHERE. And yet she stays in the car. I'm bad. That is really sad. I remember being in love with the whole manual shooting etc. I still shoot manually now but it proves to be time consuming when before it was second nature. All that to say, I have uploaded tons of random pictures to my flickr account. And if you have a camera, you should think of getting an account too. It's good. You will enjoy it. I promise :)

my reflection stopped and smiled

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So easily distracted

i got distracted

I Swear I tried really hard not to get side tracked. Not to focus my attention on anything else. No making stuff. Just really organizing my thoughts & writing out the process for the class I will be teaching ::Move Forward::

I sit.
I write a couple of pages
and then I start to think... hmmmm maybe I should just make another book to replicate and jot down my actions as I create it.
YEAH! That's a great idea!

I'm still on step one :)
I haven't even described the process to creating inside pages LOL!

I NEED to stop itching to MAKE stuff and START writing. It's just not the same thing. I love you girls. Please hold out hope for me. But seriously now... who can resist watercolors, fabric, spray paint and a sewing machine?!

Tonight I will try again and this time at Starbucks over a strawberry lemonade frap
oh yeah babe

please send any and all focus energies my way.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

color me happy

color me happy

I pulled up a chair for you :)
Do you remember these? Man, I can't remember where I was or how old but I SO loved these little chairs. Even now. They are vibrant and colorful. Altogether too inviting. Such a tease.
It takes 2 to hold me up. (not that I would know :)
But I want to remind you how lovely these are.
Just because. Just for fun. I guess it's because it brought back so many memories. I had T-shirts with those bunnies on them.
I liked just sitting and eating my watermelon. No worries to worry about. Just being a kid.
now I want to watch Hook.
You wanna come over?
I got your chair ready :)


Monday, July 7, 2008

All i wanna do is have some fun

And I did. Me and the Handsome took off to Huntington Beach to enjoy some much needed friend/family time. Meet my new friend. IRL. (I can FINALLY say that!) :) Her name is Heather. And I absolutely love her as much as I thought I would. No. Wait. I love her MORE. Even with hugs LOL. Isn't she beautiful?! Handsome and I enjoyed a wonderful lazy Saturday with her and her super cool family:
- I met a future ROCKSTAR ;)
- Kick butt girl Pirate
- Spring Training baseballzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... oh sorry, I'm awake...buddies
- Teaching Spanish for beginners (como se dice...ha!) jk
- Starbucks Strawberry Lemonade friendship initiation ceremony (cheers!)
- Talked to the Fab Angie and came to the conclusion we will learn Heather some messican :) we can do it! haha

We planned:
- Spring Training (baseball) ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sheesh it happens all the time :) '09 in Arizona road trip
- Angie + Heather + Dina (Yes. I am making a future friend.) + any other SIStv Arizona Girls trip
- Must call the best docent in Arizona AKA Dina for a little museum mojo lookieloo (i heart museums and docent tours!)
- Starbucks get togethers with my new friends
- creating stuff and not telling Mr. Handsome how much I spent when I finally shop for scrap stuff in MESA. (it's like the superbowl)
- and some more Wii just for the heck of it. (Currently trying to figure out the drums on the rockband and applying for heathers band :)
- to keep in touch. Afterall, we're only a state away.

DCbloglines is still in progress.
The site it still under construction :) bare with me. Don't worry. You WILL be added. Just remind me. I'm going through past comments and checking blogs but some don't have any. So I assume you don't have one? If you do...hook a girl up.

today is a good day to make a friend
hello friend :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

hi & bye


hello :)

The class, "::Move Forward::" will be moving forward :) Thank you for your interest my sweet friends. It's enough of a kick in my rear to share more with you all (even if being on camera makes me SQUEAMISH!?! lol). I will be sending this class proposal to SIS and look forward to making this the best funk graffiti butt kickin' class ever (but only if you will be there-k? don't leave me hangin'! LOL)

i mean it. I will come after you >)

on that happy note...

I'm off to see the fabulous Heather/AKA metrochic this weekend.

Playing some of the Wii madness (Mario Kart/ Dance Dance Revolution/ Wii Sports) with my sisters. Yes I have 3 cool sisters. Although they might kill me after they see their picture posted. If they do, it was nice knowing you all :)

Happy July 4th
Hope you all have a very happy and blessed weekend!



Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm all in a knot

and i like it

i have been teaching myself how to embroider. No. I'll be honest. I've been TRYING to learn to embroider via this website(Rhi this is for you sweetness) and i have successfully become addicted to it.

The flowers came from this Anthro apron (it was on SALE!). Surely you are allowed to cut up Anthro aprons if they are on sale?! Right? :) I have an idea of what I want to do with these beauties but the mind is still brewing. Ideas ideas ideas. Anyone?

So Handsome and I applied for our library card (i am a moocher so i made him apply for one-ha!) And we came out with How-To-Embroider books. Pretty spiffy except I'm not a reader. I learn from watching. Especially technical stuff like embroidery. So check out the above site. I've spent lots of hours on there with my laptop open and just chillin' on my bed. Good times.

My main inspiration to want to learn how to embroider came from this beautiful purse I purchased in Cambodia. I LOVED the markets there. Very visually stimulating with bright colors and textures. Well, it was love at first sight. I knew this baby was coming home with me. :)

Alrighty...the business Move FORWARD book techniques
Not sure really how to approach this. Still trying to figure out how to put it down on paper so that it makes sense. Know what i mean? I keep starting and just going off on tangents. I feel like this needs to be a video tutorial. And from what I have now I feel like I'm teaching a class. LOTS of info and step by step techniques. Sigh. So I'll take time to think about this further. I AM working to edit it down so that it makes sense (my editor: Lil' Sis & producer: Lil' Brother & camera man: Mr.Hot Handsome). There are so many techniques in this book especially since half is digi and half is paper art. I will un-complicate this. I will show you. It just might have to be a class. So shoot me an email if you are interested. If there is enough interest. I will let JJ know and teach it along with SIStv.

I'm out.