Thursday, September 20, 2012

the backwards birthday

Oh birthdays, i heart you. Am i the only one? I feel as though the more birthdays one has its become less appealing to "celebrate". I don't dread turning another year "older". I still say i'm 25. hahaa. okay that's pushing it, maybe 30? hehee. Just don't ask me because i do forget that i'm 33. Nevertheless, birthdays are fun! ( and so are my bangs! i got bangs and a trim for my birthday, woot woot) We should all celebrate another awesome year, the WHOLE year :)

And so i did. a bit backwards if you will. 
- you see, i turned 33 on the 15th of this month. had a nice lunch with my family at cheesecake factory ( a huge fav of mine :)
- mr.handsome shot my birthday photo (1st photo above) on the 16th (little r was napping in the stroller next to me -off camera- so he missed this shot :(
- made my birthday cake on the 17th
- decorated said cake and shared slices of it by delivering it to family just like the cake fairy would do all on the 18th.

whew! now that's stretching a birthday celebration a bit ha!

well i wasn't going to let my birthday month go by without a cake and pretty pictures. it's such a therapy for me. i don't really know why because it does seem stressful baking a huge cake ( never done that before, i'm more of a cupcake connoisseur :) and in true ombre style. And then on top of that play with the cake and style it but i was giddy as a school girl meeting justin bieber ;P

i found this vintage napkin while thrifting on my "birthday thrifting adventure". i love making excuses to celebrate. birthday thrifting, birthday starbucks, birthday dinner etc. :) once a year ain't too bad.

oh pretty layers. extra tasty when they are in pink colors.

i triple heart those wooden buttons, satin spools of ribbon and the doily the cake pedestal is on. also a birthday thrift find. digging around pays off :)

oh my. 

everything i love in a cake. moist vanilla cake + layers of vanilla custard filling + whipped cream frosting ( even better tasting than cool whip) although thinking back now it could've used like 2 extra inches of that stuff, oh we don't count calories on a birthday week! hehee.

and my birthday flowers... awwww. he gets me. 

and little r still napping. it's what he does best :)

my first birthday as a mama. what a good year. this little guy is growing up too fast. 9 months and our lives are so blessed with him in it. the happiest baby ever. makes my heart so happy getting to know him better each day. he's pretty awesome. :)

here's to more birthdays. more love. more flowers. more pretty pictures. more blessings. more happy memories. and maybe even more naps ;)

happy unbirthday to you lovely,
(oh, we have extra cake left over for you ;)
- mama d

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

remembering xo

New York 911 Memorial, September 2011 Photo by debee ruiz  
and always praying for peace xoxo

Sunday, September 9, 2012

oh my

oh geez, for the past couple of weeks I had been worrying about little r not wanting to crawl, sit up or pull himself up. And wouldn't ya know it, he did it ALL in one day... and hasn't stopped since.  Sure thanks little r for picking a great week to be AMAZING, i had to take a break from updating the shop to give him standing ovations and happy kisses.  I mean look at that face?! This is him about ready to pull up on me so he can stand. 

and this is his celebration "happy me" face. ( a bit blurry from trying to hold him steady and the camera :) umm... excuse the crazy messy hair. he puts his head down on my tummy while trying to balance and get his feet underneath him. (he might be ready for his third haircut!) Adorable. ugh. there i go again. but look at that face. okay. i gotta stop :p Sometimes i feel like i'm raising a class clown hahaa! i love it.

So little r is mobile and now I'm wondering why he can't just stay put ha! 

So here we are, late as ever but with a few shiny new glorious items to fill the shop.  

I love all these pretty things in the shop now. Funny how most of the items are a pale blue, so refreshing and tranquil. Sigh.  I hope you took some time to relax this weekend.  It's been wonderful to do a bit of updating in the shop and now I'm a wee bit tired :)

nap time? 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

sweet september

hello lovelies xoxo  :)

oh, i love september!!! i had to wake up this little corner of the world and say helllllllllloooooo! September is the best month, it's my birthday month (happy birthday month september lovelies) And i like to celebrate aaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllll month :)

this will be my first birthday as a mama... and boy has it been a memorable year so far.
it's been all kinds of crazy behind the scenes and i must say all you pretty mama's, you have my upmost respect and love. I have been working on my mama skillz (said in my best napolian dynamite voice) and thankfully little r approves :) i'm all the mama he's got hahaa 

Anyhoo, i've been making little r's baby food and my is it yummy. We bought this book and I'm a huge fan. and i might just be going crazy but i LOVE making his food :) 

he's been rolling around the studio and he's almost ready to walk! yikes :)  i think pretty soon he'll be ready to start being my packaging buddy hahaa!  My he's busy busy indeed. I can't believe he's almost 9 months! one last one. i promise. ( well, for today :)
but i mean check out this adorable heart throb ! 
i die.

okay, onto some more happy news...

i got a bit crafty and it makes me super happy to say that new items will be up in the shop  this friday! woo hooo! 

fun times. it's always fun stocking up the shop shelves with pretty little things. it's birthday season for us coming up. So we will also be having a stocking up sale coming soon ;)

So what have you been up to?

We're surviving this heat wave...and i keep saying i'm going to chop my hair off....and now i'm scaredy pants :(

i am getting my hair cut FINALLY tomorrow and i'm nervous! I haven't had a hair cut since last november :( i've gotta tame the mane. my baby only knows me with my crazy hair. i wonder if he will like it?  chop? or not to chop? we will see...

i'm having fun celebrating everyday of this month ( even in the very smallest of ways) ... and tomorrow i can't wait to see what surprises await. i hope you enjoy everyday, even if it's not your birthday month. happy unbirthday month to you :) everyday is worth celebrating woo hoo ! xo

have a beautiful week! it was so nice catching up with you !