Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Update: Hello from Colorado :)

Good morning to you. I'm sorry for not updating yesterday, here's the scoop:(with very cool pictures)
Day 2 (Tuesday) in our trip to Colorado was very exciting. I went to 2 sessions- 1: Just for Women and 2:Spiritual Leadership. Man, I can truly say my eyes are wide open to the reality of stress, and pressure that comes with being a leader. Both speakers (a lady and a guy) talked about the ups and the downs of this position. They were so encouraging to those in the very low parts of their ministry. It was refreshing to hear that there is hope, always hope in Christ. No other. I definitely pray with more sincerity for Pastors like my Dad, etc. whom I see on a daily basis give and give and give of themselves to God's people. Praise God for them. I love you Dad!

We went to lunch afterwards-love the fellowship :)
We didn't eat here, somehow, the cheese curd didn't sound at all appetizing. But check out this very cool sign I spotted:
AMEN to that!!! Very cool.

This picture settles my love for powerlines running across a big beautiful sky. I don't know why...I did this all the time in my photography classes in college. So weird I know. Well, looked up while hiking and this is what I saw. So pretty.

Then I stopped by and dipped my feet in this little creek:

I wore my rocket dogs and man, that hurt. But anyway, very much worth the beauty all around. See:

I even had some time to hug a tree. My favorite Colorado tree: the Quivering Aspen. These little leaves on this cute tree are so energetic. AKA: little clapper trees (just something I named them :) hehee. Alright. I'm crazy. For God's beauty that is.
Mentally, who knows ;)

Ended the day with some more fellowship with Midway family watching Sense and Sensibility. Left talking like a very poetic Ms. was funny at least. And that there was my Tuesday. I hold on to God's promise that his hand is over me and he is true to his word. I have alot to be thankful for...Rejoice!
This is the day that the Lord has made!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Colorado: Amazingly Beautiful

And I feel completely inspired. This place looks so much like a movie set. You don't know for sure if it's real- but it definitely is! Praise God!

So surprising. Don't know for sure why? I know God is amazing. I believe it. I hear it. Well, it's easier to SEE it in Colorado. I'm here for a staff conference and I am so grateful to have this opportunity to come & visit. Talk about a change! Those who know me, know why :) hehee. Well, your prayers worked. I stayed in to have some R&R with my Creator. And can I tell you, he was speaking so loudly! First off look at my little "study" area:
WOW! Can you believe it!
Alright, so while I was doing the study for this week, I was inspired also by Chris Tomlin's new CD "See the Morning" And this song:So these lyrics: "Let Your Mercy Rain"
God, You have done great things
You give grace to the weak
And bless the broken hearted
With a song of praise to sing

You reached down and lifted us up
You came running, looking for us
And now there's nothing
And no one beyond Your love, Your love

You're the overflow
You're the fountain of my heart
So let Your mercy rain, let Your mercy rain on us

You're the faithful One
When the world's falling apart
So let Your mercy rain, let Your mercy rain on us


There are these trees, I like to call them clappers because they sound just like they are applauding the Lords greatness. That's all you hear as the wind passes through them. So beautiful, kind of like a roaring stadium. I don't miss the palm trees. I do miss and love my family, but I grow stronger through their prayers and love. I know I needed this break to refocus. It reminds me so much of my time at Big Bear. (Norma, you know :) I'm just taking time to listen, learn scripture, and live it. Slowly but day at a time. Not wanting to come back down the mountain the same. Thankful, so very thankful for this moment of peace.

Friday, July 6, 2007

It's been a while...

and I don't know where to start...other than with some scraps from my journal. I've finally finished an entire scrapbook journal! So excited about that. Definitely a creative boost. My goal recently had been to be more prolific. And so far, so good :)

Hmmm...I'll start with one that's up in the Basic Grey Gallery:

I so love Hillsong United *Kiss Kiss* This page was inspired by them: "My Future Decided". I rock to that pretty much every morning. So I thought I'd share it here and on Basic Grey. Yeah for sharing creatively!
I love checking out online galleries and it's especially fun to see something you've inspired along with everyone else's.

This is inspired scrapping also from Hillsong United: "From the Inside Out"
One of my all time favorite songs. Listen to it in Spanish-ooohh so much Passion!

I've totally been having a fun time with my PI Kit. A very wise investment :) hehee.

Some fun faith scrapping: I LOVE my Small Group. Love it. I jotted down some favorite verses these past few weeks and I thought I'd make a page about God's true promises to us. I took a very wise quote from our Women of Faith study and decided to use it as journaling:

I'd been going crazy with sticking everything on each layout. I calmed it down for these:

Okay, so this is Gabby. AKA, little miss karaoke. She can just sing to herself and be perfectly happy. She doesn't even need an iPOD :) She's talented for sure.

then there's Norma's layout:

I'm so glad she let me take a picture of her. I'm tired of scrapping myself!!! It's such a nice change to scrap people you love.
Speaking of which, check him out:

Yeah that's right. Foochie Woochie :) With love of course. My baby brother.
I managed to scrap all three layouts in one day! Whoo hoo! And best of all....none of the layouts had me in it!!! YEAH!!!

I did this one last night:
I'm missing Cindy. Sorry Cindy. Hugo, Norma, Gabby and I decided to hang out for a day and that was a perfect time to get some much needed shots of family. Good times guys-LOVE YA! So now I'm all caught up via my little blog journal. ta da. to sleep now. stay blessed.