Monday, June 30, 2008

My Walk

it started with the lovely Kara and the art is found girls (LOVE the team she has! So beautiful and insanely talented) and it ended here.
please check it out :)

This is one of the most exciting journal's I've done. I can't stop taking it everywhere with me. I write in it. I look at it. I add to it :) It reminds me so much of art school. Sigh. I miss art school. Well, not the traffic part or the paying part. Just the creating and artistic expression free flowing everywhere. I want to go back sometimes. And in a way I did with this journal.

Another thing I'm EXCITED about is embroidery. I picked up some thread at Michael's this weekend and stayed off the computer just to embroider. Or. Well. TRY to embroider :) Danish and French AND Colonial! Watch out baby! Woot! Okay. I'm a nerd. I KNOW. Everyone in my house is pretty much like...oh.okay. sheesh. You sew like our grandma, and now this?! LOL.'s because I'm a middle child. Dare to be different! (any other weird middle childers out there?!)

So anyway. I'll explain the process for this book and bore you with the details with a post tomorrow :)
I also wanted to thank you girls for stopping by and saying Hi! WOW. I'm thankful because if you hadn't left a comment i would've never known some of you are drummers too! AND amazing crafters plus fab photogs. I'm having a really great time checking your blogs out. Please keep posting your blogs and sites that inspire you. LOVE learning more about you girls. I have somewhat of an idea on how I want to display my blog line links to cool sites.It just takes time. So thank you! I kept telling Mr. Handsome all about you girls. Hehee. Awesome. That's what you are.

Be back tomorrow with more info on "Moving Forward".
I find myself insanely boring and never know what to blog about. Any ideas? Or I'll just keep up my lame embroidery rant :)
Leave me some questions.

Friday, June 27, 2008

be vewy vewy quiet

it's just so funny
i am seeing more people coming to this little blog
and you can see me
but i can't see you
and so i think it's time for me to say hi
I Love fridays
I love being at home
I've been day dreaming about my bed all day
and now am ready to get home

no creating
no preparing
just resting

how about you?
you care to join me in my rest?
or are you getting up to get me a tall cinnamon dulce frapp with extra whip on top?

(hey, a girl can dream)

come and say hi
i'm working on my bloglines right now to add to my blog
i'd love to add you
the happiest of fridays to you lovelies


Thursday, June 26, 2008

beach bum

I've had this SIS collection for a couple of weeks now. I kept trying to think up of a way to creatively use 100% of the collection. I usually add stuff from my stash. Take the banner I did for example. It really is mostly my stash and 2 pieces from the collection. SO onto the next 2 projects. I made a mini and a little wonky pouch LO.

The mini is very clean and simple. (8 more pictures here) I know this really isn't quite like me. No spray paint :) But I love it just the same. Trying to simplify the work and the idea. LOVE that it really only had my journaling and a couple of photos. (I sometimes can't stand my handwriting. I think about it too much and just ruin whatever I write. Or forget a word HA!) Anyway, that journaling is from a past post in May. Just something about turning a bad day into a good ending. It worked. I love that this reminds me of that.

And the wonky LO pouch thingy. Honestly, this looked SO much better in my head! HAHAA! But hey, it's there. Hope yours turns out better :)

Onto some more creating. Later today I will finish up a project I am guest designing for. *smiles* I LOVE this guesting gig. It really creatively challenges me to search inside and find me. You ever get a chance to guest DO IT! You will not regret it. yes, there is pressure. But hey, it'll make you stronger. And you'll have something AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL and YOU to show for it.

happiness and joy to you

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's ATC time again

Well surprise surprise
I am getting back into making ATC's. See, I didn't forget :) Remember my post about making all kinds of stuff and not having pictures of them? Okay. This is the only proof I have that I actually made an ATC. AND it was MY FIRST ONE! It was for SIS anniversary. I made 5. And I signed them and everything. They got put in bags. Yet I forgot to take pics of them. Except this one. Hey, 1 outta 5 is pretty good.

Kelly I got yours in the mail just the other day! Oh man, LOVE the glimmer mist you used. I keep playing with the card to see the shimmer. (I will post pictures of all the ATC's I get soon)

So off to work on some ATC lovin'
If you are one of my ATC girls, hello :)
I'm making something special for you
And I have a question:
Do you use the 7 Gypsies index ATC cards with the slits on the side? That's pretty much what I have. I'm not liking the slits though. Design wise they really are distracting. Either way. We will ROCK them. You bet we will. Love you girls for participating!
I will be sending out an email to remind you ;)

And PS: Thanks girls for your advice on getting married. Love your ideas. Keep 'em coming.

full of peace and lub

Monday, June 23, 2008

my thanks

you are genuine
and true
and ever so sweet
thank you

and who said I was getting married?!
not yet sweets
not yet
hold your horses!
This girl is just getting into planning
{ <3 }

but not this year. I am pondering a sketch book of some kind. A planner/idea book of sorts. It's just that I've never really dreamed of my wedding. I know! But hey, I am thankful that at least these past couple of years I've been able to attend a few. And as I get to thinking about mine, I've come up with things I like/love/will do/will not do etc. And I'm also relying a lot on Mr. Handsome's opinion :0)

But no hurry. I will wait. I will create something that will help me in my journey to make a quaint little wedding someday. You beautiful ladies have any ideas? What do you wish you could go back and change? Undo? Redo? Food you had/photogs you liked/anything really. Fill me in. It'll all end up in my sketch book.

Your wisdom is precious.

for now, i just dream.
and wait
and know

Sunday, June 22, 2008

drum roll please


A HUGE first for me.
(Thank you Anna over at Pencil Lines!)
The drum LO
The guest design
The sketch

holy moly roly poly

I'm excited.

It felt so good to finally create something that I have SO much LOVE for. I've been drumming since I was 17. Right after I graduated from high school, I then became a student of drumming all summer long (and perfector of NOISE!? bwahahaa!) Such a crazy story. But long story short. I never wanted to play. Never dreamed I would BE behind a drum set. I'd always go to concerts and think-HECK yeah! The drummer rocks!

I guess you could say it was meant to be.

And my super cheesy instructional video was the BEST. I never learned anything from it other than Elvis singing pretty woman.
Hey, it came free with the set. And I turned that song into a punk song. Well, every song for that matter. I had a hard time keeping the beat :)

So here it is! YAY! I used Kl's papers for this and got all crazy artistic on it. (she inspires me to no end) I literally just let go all over this thing!
-glimmer mist
-spray paint
-rub ons
-water colors

This is the hardest secret I had to keep. And one of the hardest pages I've made. I felt like since it was the first it had to rock. It had to say everything I had felt about it the last 11 years and then some. Crazy. But it's here now. And I'm thankful. It's a piece I've been waiting this long to make and it's here. And it was worth it.

play on
play up
and play LOUD

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back with ya!

( Photo Credit: Stacey Fike)

I have come back from my trip so over stimulated. Kind of reminds me of the way I felt during my first week in my uni art studio classes. The studio was full of graffiti artists, oil painters, collage artists, charcoal artists, watercolor etc. etc. My mind kept spinning from all the creativity! That's pretty much how I can best describe my time in TN at SISaversary. WOW. In a good way. I was SO very happy to meet Sisters whom I had already previously connected with. I even gave a few hugs! (pat myself on the back) I know. I have a heart I just have hug issues for some reason. I was going to blog the names of the SISters I met but realized I didn't want to hurt anyone if I somehow left a name out. So I will just wave hello to you *****waving!***** And I really hope to see you again next year :)

It was a super creative weekend yet I really have nothing to show for it. I did make a sign "Prima Table 3" but gave it away and never took a picture of it. This was one of the hardest layouts I've ever done. Why? Well I arrived at JJ's house to find the fashionistas creating away. It was such a buzz of excitement. I was placed with the responsibility of making my table sign and I felt this creative block! I wandered throughout the house looking for items to create said sign and ended up just hovering over the fashionistas. AMAZING! I quickly found table space on JJ's table along with Jo-Anne. I watched Jo-anne and she just bursts with creativity. Such a beautifully talented friend. Which made me wonder what the heck I was doing there. In JJ's house. Along with the rest of the fashionistas. Creating stuff?! I almost ran away :)

It was very awkward creating in someone else's space. Pulling stuff from boxes, jars, shelves. All the while people coming in and out freely wandering and looking. Sigh. Under pressure. I started humming the Song by Queen and David Bowie. Heck yes. I did. And then told myself, "Myself. GET IT TOGETHER. Just finish the sign like you were asked. It doesn't matter if it isn't perfect. Just finish the thing for pete's sake." And so I did. (And now it will be forever illusive for lack of photography. Oh bother)

I also made 5 ATC's and never took pictures of those. Sorry. But if by chance you did receive an ATC I made for SIS then can you please email a pic? (I'm hopeless I tell you. Why did I even bother blogging?!LOL!)

I took a couple of classes and LOVED them. But I have nothing to show (can you see a trend?! LOL) just yet as I traveled very light and without supplies. I did manage to distract as many people around me though -hehee.

I don't really regret not taking mona or any scrap supplies. I was forever worrying about overpacking and my CTS. This was the first time I traveled having CTS in both my arms. So I axed the scraps and camera and successfully flew to TN with only 1 carry on item :) Hooray for me. AND it was even light enough for me to lift it over my head into the overhead compartments. YES! (Takes a bow) It's seriously the little things that make me happy. (You don't fly to 10 different countries with 40+ hours of traveling abroad without perfecting "packing light". It's not a theory. It works!)

I will share with you 2 sneaks of upcoming Guest Design spots.

These are for 2 different places. I made both LO's a while back and can honestly say I'm still excited about both of them and can't wait to show you.

But alas, a sneak and a pretty peek is all I can do. I know. The s.u.s.p.e.n.s.e. HA!

And the much anticipated hair do pic. Oh yes, I love having short hair. Especially right now with the heat wave! Whew!

~ { MY Favs } ~

Favorite flower (Peonies)

Favorite textile dress (ala PacSun)

Favorite Store: IKEA (studio Furniture)

I decided that I will walk down the isle in Vegas with these...

***happy ending***


Monday, June 16, 2008

unpack and unwind

it's a process
i left my room all tore up
the studio is half done
my bedroom is messy
and i came home and i just wanted to wave a magic wand and fix everything
or wiggle my nose
i enjoyed my time at SIS headquarters
met some wonderful people
(i will blog about all the lovelies i met ;) soon. not today)
and i missed the mr.handsome man
dang him
went to watch all the movies i wanted to watch while i was away
but of course, without me
he picked me up from the airport and geez louise
he's a stud
*fanning myself*
nuff said
back to reality
dang it,
anyone seen my wand?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I can fly!

at the airport.
remember to endlessly hug and kiss family
and mr handome (for getting up at the butt crack if dawn to get me to the airport)
and so very thankful for purchasing jag -itouch
man apple rocks my socks!

Boarding in 10 minutes!
sprinkle me with flying fairy dust tinker bell!
I'm on my way to Nashville!
see ya bloggity

And ps: please send some prayers
I dread flying. But it's too late for that now

-super debee

Monday, June 9, 2008

the cut

goes down tonight
new bangs
new do
new highlights
dang baby
i'm SO ready

A sweet Sneak:

thanks to my ATC girls for inspiring and participating again. I will now close the requests as I think I got everyone interested in already. AND you know what? I LOVE your comments. THANKS!!!! Glad you liked both banners. Glad you like my little place. Plus when you leave a comment I love having a way to check out your little corner in the world. So don't forget to say HI! :)

and now,
i sympathize dearly with those of you on the move

:: MOVE IT::

I moved.
I am in transition. I have been in my little studio for over 6 years. I LOVE it. I had it made to my little specifications and it's gorgeous. Pretty Sky Window in my ceiling, hardwood floors and yummy sistine chapel blue -sigh-) But it's small. SO small. I have everything I own there. Yes I sleep there. Yes i have a day bed. And yes I scrap in my little studio. But having CTS has changed how I do things. I usually scrap on the ground. Jump over all the paper etc. But no more. I have seen the light. I am now moving all my scrap stuff into a new studio. Just for creating. I'm leaving my sewing machine with me. It's just to hard to part with since we love each other. LOL.jk. I just don't have as much fabric & sewing notions YET ;0) so it doesn't take up too much space. But the move. Oh geez. I hope I get everything done before SIS Anniversary. Any one else excited?! I so need some time off work I can't wait!

I did buy the pillow seat thingy (thank you anthro) and tried it out last week while making the banner.

No go. My CTS is not liking scrapping on the ground anymore-BUMMER-

Off to IKEA with the handsome dude. He loves me. If you ever want to check and test someone's undying love for you. Just take them shopping in a 2 story place with MASS loads of people. Walking at a stead fast snails pace. AND have them haul your SUPER heavy boxes around and carry them, lift them AND assemble them for you. WOW. I mean I almost took him straight to Vegas baby. But he's mine. And he's a keeper. I just don't want to be the one to propose ;P (I will post a pic of my new scrap studio space when I'm done moving)

weekend recap via { Mona }

this is how we roll in my hood
The candy man is our best friend (sorry Lucky)

My two favs, the handsome and the candy man (loaded with lots of mexican candy goodness)

Rocked the drums at church on Sunday!

WOOT WOOT *my fav part of the week*
I'm just so glad my CTS had not really gotten in the way of drumming. I WOULD JUST DIE! Ugh. But go figure, drum for God and he's got your back :)

New Bedding via IKEA

I love stripes. YUM
and yellow. It's the new me

Friday, June 6, 2008

hum diggity

I'm in a mood
a good mood that is :)
a mood to share a little:

** I AM SO EXCITED about you girls! My ATC's are coming right along. AND I am very impressed with the response to do an ATC swap. Especially since most have never done one too! LOL! We're in this together girls! :) Thank you thank you for being so thoughtful and sending some of your beautiful art my way. My spinner thingy is gonna be might happy real soon.

Wanna play? Here's the info:
First off, I am SUPER excited about the ATC swap with you ;) *so excited*
Okay, since I've never made an ATC I just figured i would approach it kind of like the art cards I've made. I hope that's okay. Very broad but very unrestricted ;) Lately I've been thinking about Peace. So maybe that's the word I'll use to inspire me.

I will make 1 ATC card for you (unless of course you send me more, LOL) Pretty please sign the card with your lovely name and email address so I can thank you. I should be finished in less than 2 weeks ( no pressure!). E-mail me your address and let me know you wanna swap so I can put you on my list to make at: (and I'll send you my address)

PS: I made 4 already and i LOVED it! WOW you run outta room so fast LOL! So refreshing to change things up a bit.
Just go with the flow

kinda like these girls:
check out candimandi LOVE her ATC's!!!! Thanks girl!
check her outshe's got some spray painting skillz-watch out! :P Anyone else spray paint on their LO? You have to try it!
LOVE this place very much reminded to enjoy Art in everything & everyday.

Okay dokey
I've been real quiet lately. Just making stuff. Playing in my little studio and being thankful for the beauty in the creative process. I just got the Beach bum kit from SIS and fell in love with the orange felt in the kit. PRETTY! ah. There was this long blue chord felt in the kit as well, and you know what that means...BANNER! AHHHH! heck yes. My Purlsoho order came in and after doing the *happy joy* dance I pretty much put the two together to make this:

Seriously in love with felt now. The sewing was so therapeutic for my hands. I also used the iCON Style Phyle from last months kit. Genius tags. Pretty felt buttons. SO easy to play and just keep adding stuff. The problem is knowing when to stop LOL!

There are about 14 images over here I hope this helps a little inspo come along your way. Certainly enjoyed making this little banner, I think I'll make another :) (if anyone has any questions on the banner, let me know k?)

changing things up...
I made a new blog banner. I had this saved on my computer for some time. And yesterday I just felt like it was time to let it be happy here. I love it. I have a thing for birds. And damask. I'm a sucker I tell ya. So sad. ha!

Things to do before SIS:
- Hair appointment on Monday (yes, monday will be fabulous) cut, color and bangs *WA-POW!*
- Shopping for some clothes lovin Anthro (perfect: inspo mixed with shopping. amen)

Are you coming to SIS? Let me know :) I'd love to see ya.