Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A good thing

You ever wonder why stuff happens? I started off this year wondering just that. Through a series of experiences I was left wondering - WHY? It's so frustrating trying to figure it out. But sometimes the answer doesn't come right away.

Which leads me to NOW. The my answer came today.

First though, I had to go through being frustrated and unsure of myself. Here's the thing- I heard of a scrapbook online store opening up spots on their DT. I was up for it. After months of not being on a DT I was ready for the challenge again. I had gained back confidence and was ready to try again. (okay, the free scrap stuff was a biggie too :) Anyway, I contacted the owner and sent my portfolio etc. and she contacted me back saying she was interested. COOL, I thought. So she said to get on the forums and try out. Well, she announced the team and I never made it. Simple as that. I was left with a heartbreak since my "art"/scrapping is so personal to me. I was bummed. Really bummed. I didn't understand why others were chosen. Was my style offensive? Too artsy? Not considered scrapbooking? They just said "No".

So I made a point to move on. Only after I decided I was happy with my art. It's me. It's not me trying to be somebody else. It's just ME. I had signed up at SISTV months earlier and thought I was finally ready to upload layouts and share and make friends in the scrap community. They were SO supportive. Man I love them so much. I checked up on them EVERYDAY. I loved it. I loved leaving comments, encouraging my SISters :) I truly felt accepted and that was perfect for me.

Then this fashionista search started and I was like....hmmm...maybe....maybe not. Eh. What the heck. I'll try- I felt that comfortable again and confident that if I didn't make it, I'd STILL be happy. Because I was happy hanging with my SISters.

JJ over at Scrap in style TV announced the 16 new Fashionistas and I"M ONE OF THEM!!!!! It was soooooooo tough! I've never stretched myself so much! I can truly say I gave my all. ME 100%. So JJ gave me a chance. Me along with 15 of my newest friends. I still can't believe it! ME!? I cried like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality :) I fell apart like mush. (Thank you Mr. Handsome for the sweet serenade of las mananitas- that only made me cry harder) Totally excited. I'm ready.

I wouldn't have been able to be a FASHIONISTA if I had gotten accepted for this "other" DT. See? This happened for a good reason. Yeah it hurt at first. But man I LOVE how God works. I LOVE it. I get it now. I am so happy I DIDN"T make the other team. Because THIS sure beats the other one!!!! LOL. And now I know why I got rejected. I'm okay with it. Something better and more fulfilling came along. I'm just thankful I see that. I hope that for the rest of the girls who didn't make it this round do not loose hope in making it the next. Because you never know when your time will come to shine :) So don't stop trying! Keep going, keep creating and ALWAYS keep scrapping for YOU.

Much love and hope

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Smells funny

But I love it. Spray can smells remind me of my art classes. Being in the art studio and smelling spray paint mixed with turpentine and gosh knows what else. So funny how certain smells just take you back. Smells can evoke so much nostalgia. Close your eyes and your back there again. Sometimes I wish I could go back to enjoy it more. Heck, just live it and appreciate being a student again. Why rush to work 40+ hours every week for the rest of your life? I want my 3 month summer vacation back! And I really want to draw all day. How stinkin' merry I was and I didn't even know it.

So now that I am a life artist with a certain passion for creating "scrap" (hehee, almost forgot the "s") I'm writing this as a gentle reminder to myself ENJOY IT!!!! And never ever ever ever lose it. PLAY MORE!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Got me some goodies

And don't they look delicious!? I am so thankful for super fly Michelle. (You so rock!) Remember I mentioned winning the stamps from her a while back? Yeah, well I so happened to mention how much I love a vintage package she has in her etsy shop and BAM! Right in my little hands! I still have to play with the stamps she sent and send her some happy mail in return -it's only fair :)

So yesterday I received the package, and I had an hour to kill and ta-dah! Here's the result. A bit embellishment heavy but I like it. And yay for scrapping in an hour!!! I NEVER do that. EVER. So I must've been happy huh? This page is just a reminder to stay positive and humble. It's the best thing to be everyday. And most importantly, just be yourself.

Journaling reads:
Remember you are no Diva
No Elizabeth Taylor either
You make a good you
You love
You care
You say thank you
& look at people and smile :)
Everyday is a good day to be yourself.


Lately, I've just been thinking about my creative process- especially with this last Fashionista wanna be challenge- it really has challenged me to be me. No one else. So much stuff goes into YOU. I wanna be the best me. I am greatly inspired by lots of people and things they create. But in the end... it's not about "copying" someone else.

Some people say that there is nothing new under the sun. Well, I don't really want to believe that. I think that's just a lame excuse for not challenging yourself to be and think creatively. So be yourself. Create something new under your sun for a change. Find YOU. You'll be a lot happier :)

(Just pondering like Winnie the Pooh. Thanks for noticing me)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Learn Something New...

Everyday. At least that's what they say. But I feel like it's taking me a lot longer to learn >) Hahaa- okay. It's only been a month since I started sewing. But seriously! It feels like ALOT longer since I'm just reading the dang manual over and over and over again. I keep thinking it's got to get better! RIGHT? So every day is a new day to learn something new. And all I keep learning is that I have no patience!!! I think that's in the manual too...WARNING: Do not operate this machine without PATIENCE!!! AH-HA! Missed that the first time. Well, I'm just going to keep trying. No machine will get the best of me! hehee.

This layout was created without any adhesives. Yeah. No biggie I guess. But still, I always use a TON of adhesive- so this is a cheaper route ;) More $$$ for Starbucks!!! Woot! What is big is that this was my submission for the 2nd round for SISTV call for Fashionista's DT. Oh. My. Goodness. No joke. I made it through to the NEXT ROUND!!!! WHat???? Yeah- I'm in shock too. Go figure. Lately, more than anything, I've just needed to scrap. I hadn't scrapped since Jan! Well, if you count Sarah's Class then maybe. I can't explain my "style". Except that I'm addicted to learning to sew and well, it's so nice to play again. Yes Mr. Mojo. I like you. Come back to play soon k? -muah!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Let's { see }

Today I won some cool stamps from the sweetest Fashionista Michelle.
Man that was cool. TOTALLY unexpected. my little tags won! Hooray! I really like getting some *happy* mail.

The above tag is one I just pitter pattered with yesterday. (you can find it here) An old magazine, lots of pink thread and some time=mojo. Thanks MR.Mojo. Ya rocked.

And while I was rockin' around my studio, I made this little lovely. A special Manly V-Day card for my Mr.Handsome. (You know who you are ;)
Note to self: FINISH SOMETHING on your TO-DO list :)

I might be old fashioned

but I LOVE this. sigh... I just love the look of vintage damask wallpaper. I found this at Target and had to have it. It's light, it's pretty to look at and I'll wear it forever. xoxo


Just recently finished taking a class with SIS Fashionista, Sarah Bowen called "Alterations". I am a changed woman. Seriously.
I hadn't broken out my watercolors since college. And that was to far back to count. Well, not really-still. It's been a while.
And you know, I'm so glad I took this class. Sara is amazing. She's super creative. Totally inspired me on so many levels. So this is my favorite of them all. Only four- totally make it sound like it's been months or something. But still, in just 4 lessons, I feel a surge of creativity! And dang, that feels so nice. What ALSO feels nice is not having to do any of this for a grade. SCORE! But I give myself a nice pat on the back and maybe a high 5 via a tall cinnamon dulce frap.from Starbucks tomorrow. WOOT!
ps:Never going to play Unwritten ever again. Played the song WAAAAAAY too much while creating the collage. And both my iPOD and I refuse to play it again. No joke. ;) and a huge TO-DO: CREATE SOMETHING & HAVE FUN.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Welcome February

The month of yummy chocolates...sweet handwritten notes from my Handsome Valentine and well... chocolate.