Friday, January 29, 2010

San francisco i love you

my sf loves

we left sd for sf. when we left sd it was beautiful and sunny, we got to sf and it was gloomy and rainy... but we were loving it. we had so much fun!

1. we picked up our rental only to be upgraded to a camero for free. we were rollin' in style!
(but mr.handsome being SO tall barely fit and every time we hit a bump his head hit the ceiling of the car. awww... kiss kiss handsome gifted me a beautiful butterfly garland from Paper Source

3. and this cute craft letter r

4. and this pretty shirt from anthro i wore to cha the next day. ( gotta look good for my girls KL, dina and heather - sessy lol! )

timeless treasures

Then we went to timeless treasures and we browsed. and i wanted everything. but just spent our life savings so i only looked. and craved. and wished it could all be mine.mine,mine. and to our surprise, we got a little gift just for coming in. The sweet owner let handsome and i pick little metal hearts and we left with them in our pockets. swoon! Completely unexpected. i love that. (nikki i was so sad i didn't get to see you! i will be back though :)

vintage hearts

and my favorite part... eating and spending time with the mister. we LOVE arizmendi pizza!!! we hit this place up first thing off the plane. We ordered a half pizza to go. had a slice or two in the car. and we shared a blueberry pear scone. i'm really CRAVING IT!!! it was SO soft and delicious yumm. then later we were stuck in a bit of traffic and we ate cold slices... still SO good. i've never been so happy in traffic before lol! And last but not least, we brought home 2 banana cream pies and 1 chocolate cream pie from our favorite pie burger joint... Nations. srs crush. You should've seen how happy the people screening us in the airport got when they saw our pies. ha. aww... we didn't share. :)

pizza art

so that's a wrap. go to sf for some fun. take something warm to wear, a camera, a bunch of change in your pocket for parking AND splurge a little with some good food. i'm so glad we did.

now lets see how we'll pay the mortgage this month?


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

... yawn


hello loves.

* was a little hard waking up. the blankets kept throwing themselves back on me... i happily obliged.
* had lunch with my mami and papa. i heart them :) xoxo*
* was gifted a bag of 4 enormous oranges... and they are so sweet! i love when fruit is sweet. that's the way it should be. i think i'd eat more fruits if they were sweeter. yes i would.
* panicked! i thought i had an appointment today that's actually tomorrow (whew!) to design save the dates but with my throbbing headache... no way. so glad it's tomorrow! why do i do this to myself?!
* had a headache that made my right eyebrow throb... maybe thinking too much isn't so good. ha!
* called my little sis in never never land ( arizona ) and she made me laugh. ( i miss her badly )
* and played with these gifties from my etsy shop

mailing love + 1

mailing love + 2

mailing love + 3

which is a productive step into a cleaner more efficient studio space. see, my studio is under construction. which makes me both very happy (that it will sooner than later look beautiful) and then very frustrated. because like today, i had to find my sewing machine from under piles of plastic cover and sew standing up ( there's just too much junk to move everything around to make room for a chair to sit on. sigh* so it is what it is.

this weekend i:
* painted my studio space ( i actually means mr. handsome.)
* cleaned all my huge condo windows both inside and out ( 7x2=14 . I should be buff by now after that workout. not sure why my arms still look stringy.)
* went to ikea to buy new flooring ( white laminate flooring ) that i will gladly let mr.handsome install. I will watch and bring him refreshments. :)
* washed a butt load of laundry. ( 5 loads. hello. we're only 2 people!)
* cleaned my ribbon drawer. i have 9 shopping bags full of ribbon. somebody. please tell me why. because i have no idea why. i keep saying im not a hoarder. srsly. i'm not. but . ... ... .... i guess i am. (ack!) so i went through it alllllllllllllllll and it took me forevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveer and i kept some and am giving some away. I am using it to decorate my pretty etsy bags for my orders. i think that's perfect. i certainly don't need them all. and i'm not a hoarder. (mr.handsome if you are out there.... i hope you read this.)

even though this weekend we moved most of the stuff in my studio out into the living room. and now my studio exploded into the kitchen. and the laundry area. and well... thank you mister handsome for not secretly throwing all my junk away.
oh dear.

so back to cleaning and wishing and dreaming for me.
( i'm ready for a nap )

what are you up to?

(tomorrow some cha love)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


dress love

Heading off to CHA! Woot woot! I cannot wait to see my friends from the Kenner Road design team ( thank you KL!). I'm really happy I also get to see Heather (metrochic) she rocks :) I will be back with some SF pictures and hopefully some snapshots of CHA. Please send me some prayers for a safe trip xoxo. I always am nervous driving in rain AND cali drivers lol!

before i leave i have another resolution: wear more pretty dresses. I bought this cute dress from Anthro. This also deserves a picture of proof. This is a snapshot of what I wore for my little sisters wedding. I felt really happy in a dress. not bad. :)

So yeah...xoxo i think this will happen more.

hope you take a pic of your dress love too! I'd love to see !


Monday, January 25, 2010

Stretch your wings

Today handsome and I are enjoying our favorite Christmas gift: a fun day trip up to San francisco :) we are so excited! Such a sweet and unexpected gift from my lovely mother in law. Xoxo

We've never traveled by plane together in the almost 5 years together so this is a happy day. This year I want to travel more. I've always loved traveling. Not so much the plane flying part but it gets me to magical places so I will endure. I think this is the year i'm brave enough to travel on impulse. I've always wished I could be the type of person who just wakes up in the morning and says today I'm going to ________ and makes it happen. That would be a great day. Live a little. Sigh* hold me to it. Any suggestions ? Favorite places you've been ? I'm thinking this can totally happen sometime this year. It'll be a surprise ;)

So off to SF! Yay!

Handsome lived in berkeley for a bit and has so many good memories that I'm excited to make my own today. I really want to make a quick trip to sf anthro, make a small purchase at timeless treasures and take some fun photos. Today is a really good day to stretch your wings!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

go out and play

daydreaming again

today it's some more carnation eye candy. I am not a huge fan of them but this little one came in my bouquet. And i kinda like it :) Just a note that I think you all rock. I think you are great and wonderful. And I wish you a happy Sunday! Today enjoy your life. Pretend you are in a fun movie, put some favorite songs on blast and rock out. You deserve it. Enjoy and I will see you all tomorrow. Today, live your dream.


~ Thank you to everyone who purchased a pretty paper kit! I just put 1 more in the shop! ( with 4 small changes to the kit )
Thank you for your support and encouragement. I love that you love playing with paper as much as i do.
sweet ~

Saturday, January 23, 2010


you make me happy

this year i commit to celebrating more.

both everything and nothing at all.

i celebrate fridays with starbucks. :) ( a very deadly treat that kills our budget lol )

i celebrate fridays because it was the day of the week handsome and i got married.

we celebrate us.

we celebrate together.

i ramble while we watch tv together. i just say what i'm thinking. and when i'm quiet he knows something crazy will come out of my mouth. one such time i said... I want to celebrate seasons. not just summer, fall, winter, spring or holidays but our seasons. Our everyday. our life. i don't want to miss out celebrating. it's not just an excuse to not remember special days. ( i'm terrible at remembering every special anniversary in our relationship. ) I just think everyday can be a time to celebrate. break out the cupcakes, the pretty linens and plates... send someone something special. My last post somewhat explains my somber year last year and a need to change. This is a new year. This year i will sprinkle it with bits of celebrating.

To start off I made some shadow box art ( shadow box from IKEA ) using a new Pretty Paper Kit now in my ETSY shop
(The kits are very limited. Only 2 available)
Pretty Paper Kit and it includes everything you see pictured here:

Pretty Paper

and for some eye candy pleasure i made the following pages only using what's in the kit:

picture this

it's love

wedding love

I always forget to take pictures of the packages i send out from my ETSY shop. this little package is on it's way to a new home... off to the post, and grocery shopping... and celebrating today painting my little studio and such.


and a special thanks to those lovelies who left a comment on my previous post... thank you for leaving beautiful and encouraging notes. I really needed that. I'm touched from your heartfelt response. xoxo

sending love,

Friday, January 22, 2010

cloudy days

cloudy days

get me thinking.
this past year I've missed so much of myself.
I'm not sure why I've believed into a lie. and let it rule me. take away my joy. my passion. my heart.
a year is a lot to loose.

one little lie. an untruth founded on jealousy. ego. hurt.
I'm not sure why i came upon it's ugly path. that's altogether another story.

this year i resolve to take back truth. myself. my love. my passion. my confidence. my joy.
I will not give into fear. not coward again. and again and again.
I'm gonna fight.
gonna win this one for myself.
i'm worth that.
even if i end up loosing again.
and again
and again.

I believe if i stand for truth then i am on the winning side.
no matter what it looks like to anyone else.
no matter what i end up losing i've already lost it all before.

the lie hits SO close to my heart.
it tells me i'm not good enough.
not creative enough.
not unique enough.
just not enough,
yet it takes and takes and takes my love for creating, photography, design.
i feel hurt. mad. outraged.
but being scared is killing me. my passion and my heart.
so i refuse to let the lie become my truth.

this year, i'm living... creating, designing and loving every little bit of it for me.
because i can.
not matter what someone says.
i am good enough.

every single day I'm getting up and believing and praying this for myself.
do not. do NOT let what one person says, diminish what EVERYONE who really truly loves every little bit of you says.
Because they believe in you.
so now it's time to believe in you too.

Mr. handsome is always there to listen to me and believe in me. Reminding me to let go. Let the lie die. And he always finds a way to cheer me up with a little joke. So here is yesterdays: What do you call a bear with no teeth?



a gummi bear.
(kick* snare* crash*)



Thursday, January 21, 2010

i have resolved


to take more pretty pictures this year.
This little beauty is from my sister's wedding ( jan 9) can you believe it? It's still pretty and happy. I don't know the name of this flower but i love it. I love that in some way it reminds me of a peony. sigh* fav. def. fav.

The textile pictured under the flower is actually a pillow case mr. handsome so lovingly bought me at little italy's farmers market. Made in India. Perfect. xoxo. I really really want to go there. India i mean. or peru. Or istanbul. I'm just dreaming out loud. :)

I'm definitely going back to the farmer's market for more pillow cases. I'm obsessed with the pretty bright colors. Swoon!

another stormy rainy day. i don't mind it though. It's peaceful.
I hope you have a chance to escape into a pretty dreamy place today.

you take care loves,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

for you

for you

roaming around little italy's farmer's market this past weekend and we came upon so many flower vendors. I thought of you. Hope this cheers you up today :)

and in case you haven't already guessed, one of my new resolutions this year is to blog more.
i hope you like that.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Pretty Paper

makes me really really happy.

it's raining. it's pouring.
I'm happy and cozy with all my little bits of pink and red.
hope this brightens a little part of your world today :)

i love paper


Monday, January 18, 2010


we said our good-byes to my little sis and our new cool brother in law. They came back from their cruise and stopped off for one last visit. sob*ugh*tear jerker. Thank you for sending some good thoughts my way. I really needed them. I think I'm ready to go visit her :) jk. Heather!!!!! We're def. coming to visit love! Definitely. And I will also see you in CHA. Although I'm only driving up for a day ( tuesdayish?) Anyone else wanna meet the fabulous Heather and I at CHA? COme on, get away from your snowy weather and come visit cali for a day :) you'll like it.

So today I was running a little behind trying to take photo's and update my lil' etsy shop for your little hearts pleasure xoxo.
I LOVE having all this pink and red and white around. I hope you find each package special. I really had a good time playing around and just making stuff. xoxo

and now for a little sweet shop update:

Love letters:
sweet notes- red

Valentine's Tags:
valentines tags

itty bitty candy goodness:
just like candy

sweet tags (adorable!)
( i love this little cutie. It's made to be 2 pieces. You can pull the heart off the tag ( it's adhered to the tag with temporary glue dot) and use the heart as an embellishment on your scrapbook pages or gifts. And the tag can be used to give to your sweet valentine. cute huh?

I miss valentines day. remember back in elementary school? All the candy and cute cards in your backpack. mmm... red hot cinnamon hearts! yum! and the cute candy wrapped in pink foil? too pretty to eat :) or not. i ate all mine. xoxo ha!

... get valentines back into your life.
the world needs sweeter people.
and candy


Friday, January 15, 2010


maybe it's just today...but i feel a little antsy. Just a little. Like I need to get something done. something very important but not on my to- do list. hmm.. I can't quite put my finger on it. Anyway... so 2010 really came in like a blur for me. I designed, printed, cut, decorated and baked TONS of wedding stuff for my cute little sister's wedding. She got married the 9th of January. And I guess I was so consumed with that I still feel hyper and ready to do more for it. ha! Let me tell you... I LOVE her. and I proved it. I will say it almost killed me. Almost :P

The day before her wedding she had me baking 400 Mexican wedding cookies. I never want to see them. Eat them. Or hear of anyone EVER speak of such things ever again! ahhhhh! I just about disowned the little sis. but alas, I'm full of drama. ha! :)

here she is in all her cuteness. sigh*


I miss her SO much! She's the first one to move away. Far away. In never land. like Arizona. lol. (sorry heather) dang. No more cheesy movie watching buddy. No more starbucks drinking dates. No more jumping on her bed and annoying her. :( I cried. I cried when I was chopping the walnuts for the cookie's. The room suddenly got blurry. I held back. I'm too macho for crying. But the day of her wedding i cried myself awake. I woke up to the clock marking the 9th and I felt doomed. I had to let go. She's my only little sis. She's the only one I could act dumb with. And i didn't mind her laughing at me. She's got a happy laugh. I think of that often. sigh*

I made this page to mark an exciting new chapter in her life. Marriage is the best thing I've ever committed to. I hope the same for her. She married a great guy. They have a HUGE puppy great dane. So I'm an auntie now too :) sweet!

Here's me and my very patient man.

Lift me up

We were at the wedding just waiting around. So a little impromptu photo shoot ensued. I have to remind him he loves getting his picture taken. always. ha~


Here we are again. Mr. Handsome has long arms. Thank God. He's able to carry Mona in one hand and take the picture. my man has skillz. woot woot.

and my fav:

XO baby you're mine

Usually he's kissing me. But i wanted to do some smooching too. lol. except I felt terribly uncomfortable kissing mr. handsome in front of my dad . ewwww gross! Dad left though. he's not much for smooching :)

all layouts were created using Kenner Road January kits xoxo. On another creative note: I've got a cute shop update this Monday! I've been playing around in my studio and making super cute Valentine's day tags, embellishments etc. I cannot wait! Please check back for a live link this MOnday. I will try and post a few sneaks this weekend. But Monday for sure!

So happy January everyone! This month is going by like a blur. I have to remind myself to make time for me. And you need to remind yourself to make time for you :) On my end, my new blog is getting some finishing touches and so is my art studio. I hope on your end you are enjoying now. Today. even if it goes by like a blur.


Monday, January 4, 2010

a new year and a new tutorial

Happy New Year my dear friends!

Envelope Liner Tutorial

I am digging myself out from underneath my comfy bed to share a envelope liner tutorial & mailing labels I just posted over at Kenner Road. (completely inspired by Martha Stewart Weddings).

Handsome and I have been sick with a cold a flu since New Year's Eve. He was sick before me and three days later... it finally hit me. Sniffles. Aches. Migraine. Cough. Oh dear.

Label Gifts

I have a couple of resolutions I want to keep this year and I will come back and share them with you when my stuffy head clears up. But for now, I'm sharing one resolution: to send more snail mail to lovely friends and family. I designed a quick mailing label pdf free for you to download! Wow, lookie there, she IS a graphic designer! lol! Okay, my little brain can't handle any more blogging. cough cough hack cough. I will be back after some major rest, strawberry halls poppin' and dayquil drinkin' (yuck) days are over.

sending my happiest healthiest thoughts & blessings to you