Friday, January 27, 2012

missing christmas

merry lovely christmas
just a little. maybe because our last christmas was a blur. we had a new 2 week old little r ( he's almost 2 months now! yikes). i had just gotten a head cold and dealing with lack of sleep + new mommyhood. good times. and yet somehow i knew this would happen. so i celebrated early :)

festive toppings

early december i new i had just days to celebrate before christmas ( my favorite time to celebrate ) i never really got the nesting thing... with closing the shop just FIVE days before giving birth to little r. instead of nesting i BAKED! hahaa! and ate. oh goodness. so bad right?

mini vintage christmas

well, with my priorities in check *wink*wink* i made cupcakes to thank my friends at both mr.handsome's office & at the post office. i know....the post office...weird right? but they are my pals now. most people hate going to the post office. i used to be one of them. long lines. rude people. waiting. blah. then i went often enough and learned names with faces and chatted and laughed my way to new friends. :) they've become almost my co-workers hahaa :)

mini cupcake treat

so happy cupcakes for them. and okay me too :)
except for the photo shoot i dolled them up with little dear friends & mini trees. sprinkled with a dash of peppermint chocolate and voila... sweet treats for everyone yay!

and even though i was fighting a bit of a head cold christmas day... i couldn't help myself. i had to decorate our living room with my jolly box of christmas love. happy. happy colors. happy sprinkles. happy shimmery stars and i was happy indeed.

sigh.... and even though i just barely took my christmas stuff down a week ago, i am still happy for making the effort to enjoy the season and share some caloric lovin' with family & friends.  

and you know what's even better than all these pretty pictures?

my little r.

joy.  i love joy

( i love that even at 1 month he is this cheery & happy and filled me with so much joy. except you get too close and he licks your face off. well, honestly, i love that too ;)

i'm hoping you remember to have joy in 2012...  :)

and when you need a bit of joy, just remember little r and his cute little face & smile.


Monday, January 9, 2012

still alive :)

oh the joy. being a mama is hard work ;) and this little one has me wrapped around his little fingers.  If I could describe this past month as a mom I would definitely say "overwhelmed" would best describe it. Overwhelmed with joy. lack of sleep. love. tears. hope. fear. grateful. adapting. etc. it's all running around me a mile a minute. but we are still alive. still thankful for being mom & dad & little one.

little r is one month now, how does the time both fly by and yet seem to go soooo sloooow?! hahaa :) So here we are, completing the cycle. exactly where we started in 2011 with our baby announcement and now look, a baby :P every now and then i catch myself in a reflection and for some reason i still expect to see my baby bump and then when i see its not there it feels SO weird. crazy how i pushed out a baby just a month ago. even though i had a  HUGE fear of labor. even though i never ever wanted to go through labor. and even though it seemed impossible. its true. i'm a mama. i'm little r's mama. and we're a very blessed family. We ended 2011 on such a high note. i'm hoping 2012 gets better. Already making plans to take little r to his first baseball game, road trip, beach outing, picnic, etc. good times ahead. 

now if i could only get some actual Inspire Lovely work done...but SOMEONE seems to never want to  give mama a break. hint * hint* well with that little face,  my heart melts... and then a big party of  kisses & squishy hugs ensues.  this is how we roll... :)

taking it day by day
living in the moment,