Wednesday, March 31, 2010

aww chucks, a blog award ;)

The ever so lovely Carrie awarded me with this pretty little thing. If you don't remember my friend Carrie, she's an AMAZING artist and she gifted me the pretty feather head piece I'm wearing in the photo right there ---->

Now I'm supposed to play by some rules but I thought I would be clever and share a couple of inspirational pieces for me that I have not shared before :) I like making up rules. hahaa. hope that's okay Carrie :)

* I used to subscribe faithfully to this rad magazine: Computer Arts. But you know, the economy and all so I had to cancel my subscription. It's pretty pricey since it's a UK mag and sometimes can be hard to find. But I LOVED every bit of it. They showcase awesome artists, really cool tutorials and even the best downloads. Ever mag comes with a CD full of free stuff :) love that.

** I'd love to crochet something cute like this pair of booties
ADORABLE! I just wish I lived in Utah so I could take her crocheting classes. How fun

***This pretty pretty download that is super sweet and FREE. (that's a sweet deal) I think i might use them on a couple of art pages coming soon *wink* wink*

**** I'm totally wanting to make some of these fabric covered flower pots this weekend. How lovely are these?

***** and i quickly e-mailed mr.handsome with a few images from this pretty shop you know, just in case he needs ideas for my birthday, easter, memorial day, cesar chavez day or any holiday for that matter, to gift me with a sweet shirt from said shop. you just never know. it could happen *hint* Hint* mr. handsome. wake up! hahaaa

So there you have it... some pretty cool links for you to enjoy. Even though I might not get to wear, buy or make any of these things, they still inspire me on the daily. People are so very creative and the combination with the internet to jump over from link to link is the best. We're so blessed to live in this day and age :)

And because I cannot leave you without something cute to look at, I'm leaving you with this:

A few weeks ago I was checking out for some spring flats when I noticed liberty of london sandals, bedding, etc. I immediately e-mailed mr.handsome to please hurry up at work to get over here and take me to Target. I asked only how much we had in our bank account and about what time he'd be home. He of course would not take his lunch break nor be enticed by the DELICIOUS popcorn and soda they sell at Target ( our ritual ). Hello?! Shopping+ me+ popcorn+ you= brilliant plan.

Alas, i waited by the door, no. the parking lot for him to come home. Called him repeatedly every 5 minutes asking where he was in traffic. How about now? Almost here? And of course he loved that.

But then we sped off into the sunset together happily ever after.
to Target. :)

Where the handsome man knows he will receive popcorn + soda and a pack of baseball cards AND a very happy wife :)
Hello bliss* (everyone does this "bargaining" in order to get their spouse to shop with them right?)

for the love of liberty

i came home with this. And finished it off with another sweet tweety bird plus a crochet motif. ( The one that took me 5 hours to make at Angie's house. I know. shame. but cute. right? ) and some handmade pom poms.

spring peek

and because I'm loving the spring fever... I made some more package kits to put into the shop soon :) This pretty little thing will be up in my etsy soon! April 5th to be exact :) Yays!!! I added some handmade tags, more pretty flowers and butterflies.

All so perfect to give and receive :)

Now, should I spray paint on the kraft boxes? I've been itching to do this for a while.
What do you think? yes?


Monday, March 29, 2010

it's so close...

bicycles = kisses

ever since the handsome man and I wed last year, every friday we would wish each other a happy anniversary. (we got married on a friday :)

it's been a little over 11 months now. And boy has it flown by!
It's been good. Overall, we managed to survive the wedding planning, moving a couple of times, being in escrow and buying a home, managing our finances together as one, enjoying happy and simple moments by still having date nights just like the one we had yesterday.

For probably months now I have been wanting to go to our favorite park in Coronado. It's the same park handsome and I were married. We used to visit Coronado frequently when we were dating, we would take our chaperones ( his cute sisters) and buy a feta pizza at one of our favorite coronado pizza joints, head over to the beach and enjoy the ocean breeze while we ate. I can still feel the sun over us. So warm and cozy. xoxo

kissy kissy at the park

Well yesterday was a gorgeous day here in SD. I think everyone was thinking the same thing and headed out for the beaches and parks. We took our bikes along for a date. Just us. And mona, and the crazy kids at the park, and their parents. :P
But hey, we had a great time riding around, oohing and ahhing over the pottery barn mansions all over Coronado... wondering if those people were happy in their huge homes. And I'm sure some are. I just think it's waaay to much to clean ;P *wink * wink* I like our little home :)

So pizza, a gyro combo, a joyful bike ride, the warm spring ocean breeze and the wind in your hair..... so so perfect.

I'm so thankful for these moments. Life seems to be flying by. We are celebrating out 1st wedding anniversary soon ( april 24th) and I cannot wait for more of these simple moments I will treasure for ever.


Friday, March 26, 2010

genie i heart you

soft spring light

there must be a blog prompt list somewhere to give me ideas on what to write about. I sometimes have nothing to really post about, but not today! yays

let's say i met a genie, and this sweet blue genie would grant me 3 spur of the moment wishes.... but i cannot spend them on anyone else. And the wishes expire after a day. but hey, one day of bliss is better than nothing right? oh yeah, you cannot make life changing decisions. ( like become a millionaire or marry one ;) *wink *wink mr.handsome jk!)

so i choose:
this outfit from anthro to prance around :P

and this beautiful london of liberty bike from Target all pimped with this cute basket
I'd cruise around the beautiful beach :)

sooo cute!

and me and the mister would have this pretty doggie ( just for a day though mister!!!! pretty please?!)

ADORABLE! oh i could just squeeze this little guy muah! I've always wanted a doogie with these exact cute qualities :O)

so the genie's next stop is you!
what 3 things would you wish for?

happy friday luvs!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

happy lucky me

 thrift flower vase

these past couple of weeks I've completely been so blessed at the whole thrifting thing. Something that is pretty hit and miss here in San Diego. I think it takes a whole lot of work to really find the treasures you are looking for. As it is, there is SO much stuff packed away at many Goodwill's and thrift stores everywhere. But this little beauty above is just the most precious thing. I walked into a church run thrift store, ( one I often frequent mostly for the sweet hugs and chats with the church ladies ) to take a gander. Looked high and low and nothing. Sigh. * oh well... keep walking. Move to the next thrift store. But wait!

I found the cutie pie vase pictured above and swooped it up into my hands and craddled it. One because I'm Mrs Butterfingers and i drop everything. AND break most things :) it's a gift. hahaa And the other reason it just looks like the cutest thing. A bit weathered. A bit worn. But sometimes, I guess I'm just crazy but you know the movie Toy Story? Well of course :) I totally felt SO bad after watching that movie and seeing the little toys feel bad for not being played with. I know, I'm a sucker for make believe. Awwww :( sobs.My little ponies, my rainbow bright doll... my barbies... so sad. And this cute vase, the same feeling.

fresh flowers

Oh sweet little vase, you can come home with me... all for just one dollar. My pleasure. :)

Mr. Handsome's comment when he first saw my little vase: "My grandma used to have things like that."

my reply: "GRANDMOTHER?!!? So you think I'm a grandmother?!?! okay. fine. it's definitely going on your night stand then mister! "

i of course have the exquisite taste of a grandmother apparently.

thanks mister.

long live the grandmothers.

and i will keep this cutie on MY night stand. It's waaaay to cute for mr.handsome to enjoy anyway ;P
*wink * wink*


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

today i feel

white ranuncula

sigh, i am sitting here in a gloomy morning enjoying a delicious "healthy" breakfast: frozen strawberries powdered with sugar + cubed mangoes (thank you Norma!!!) and orange juice blended into perfection. topped off with pecan nuts and another dash of sugar. I am working my way to the more "natural sweet flavors" ;) without the sugar. but not today. mmmmm so so good.

I walked for about 15 minutes on the treadmill at 5 grade at about 3.5 miles an hour. Slow but steady.

These past couple of weeks have found me restless with CTS. I seriously have to do everything in me to not entertain the idea of the shots my doctor was trying to give me a few months back. And a doctor at our church was suggesting I go for the surgery as he shared that studies have shown the muscles atrophy over time if no surgery is performed. I have been wearing my braces. Dealing with sorry looks and stares plus more questions from random people. Popping my ibuprofen almost every other day.

i guess I wish this wasn't part of my "normal" everyday. Things could be worse i tell myself this often. But I am renewed with hope after reading somewhere this little blurb: "Take care of your body. Eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables. Get enough sleep so that you wake rested. Take care of your body so that you can put your energy toward coping with your pain."

The pain is not going to go away by itself. So this means making better decisions eating wise. I know I can down a bag of chips any time, any day :) I can eat drive through food like I was still in college. shame, shame I know :( It's just so much easier to eat "fast" food. But i need to make the effort and eat more fruits and vegetables so i can feel better.

This little bit really impacted me the most: "Take care of your body so that you can put your energy toward coping with your pain". Today I have to make it a good day. Eat healthier. I guess I didn't really realize how much what we eat impacts how we feel. The walk helped, the smoothie was filling combined with a good nights rest and my stretching exercises i will do throughout the day I hope will make this day, TODAY a really good day.

Make it a point to remember... to purposefully take care of yourself. I'm putting this into practice!!! i have to. I've got a lot of life to live. :)
sending love & thanks so much for listening,

Monday, March 22, 2010

aaaaaannnnnd we're back! :)


it's been so good to have a wee break. To do pretty much nothing. My dear sweet friends, i literally did nothing.
Took the least amount of photos in one trip. i hope mr.ladybug makes up for it. he and i enjoyed hanging out in the back yard right before we left to go to Arizona.

what i did do:
- missed you. *hello again*
- miss real grass like nature. green anything really. and oh yes....deep breath, the ocean. i'm a san diego girl forever :)
- napped about 6 + hours to & from arizona. But who's counting really. :P
- consumed a week's worth of calories in just 3 days
- made a lick of progress in my art making & crocheting projects
- thrifted my happy booty through a long arizona commute.
- every time mr.handsome and i saw a cactus... we did our best cactus impression and raised our hands like a cactus. we have no pictures to prove what big dorks we are. and yet we were easily amused with ourselves.
- took a few pictures BEFORE the trip started. hey, i at least took some pictures ;)
- lived in the moment. that's my "excuse" for not taking enough pictures.

i did manage to take a picture of the beautiful sweet girls in arizona... dina is missing here! she had already left :( (lucky duck)

the girls
(erin *my new friend :), me, heather (get off me heather!) and angie ( man she can dance! )

dear heather and the girls,
no amount of photoshop could fix us.
i didn't even try.
- me

it was almost 11pm'ish. we ate pizza, dina's candy, super yummy cupcakes lovingly made by Erin and some delish salsa and guacamole made by the awesomepantslady's heather & angie. i my dear friends... brought nothing. but ate everything. what a pig. i doubt they'll ever have me back. and i made just TWO circle motifs. 2. lame. i guess i just needed a break. ANd oh yes, there were amazing stories and fun laughs to be had all around. good good times.

sometimes you just need to hang with some good friends and have some fun :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A swift escape

listening to Escapade by Janet Jackson for some escape inspiration.

The handsome man and I are making our escape. From this beautiful 70 degree summer weather to head over to Arizona.
It's days like these I want to just ride my bike around.
Get a cherry coke slurpee at my fav 7-11
chase after the candy man around the block
pull on my Bermuda shorts and sandals
and take it easy :)

and yet we are headed out of town.
To dry heat. Taking a much needed break from my computer ( all etsy orders went out to the post yesterday! Happy mail to you! And thank you so much ! Xoxo)
we are headed to see my bestie and her delish homemade Peruvian dinner tonight
some baseball for mr handsome and some girl time for me with my fav art buddies heather, Angie, Dina and new friends Erin and Tara.
And then finish things off with a lunch date with my little sis and new brother in law. yays!
Don't worry we will be back soon!
as Buzz Lightyear would say, "To infinity! And beyond!"
But I love it better in Spanish, "Al infinito! Y mas alla!"

I will be back with pictures to share Monday !

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lovely Giveaway WINNER & flowers for you

Luhy said...
Oww it's a beautiful & lovely giveaway ^^.

My favorite is Pretty in Pink : the tags & the rubbon are really beautiful. ( ' Beatiful ' again but ALL is BEAUTIFUL !) ;D

MARCH 12, 2010 9:54 AM

Lucky number 9 is:

Congrats Luhy! You have until 9 AM tomorrow morning to e-mail me your name and address and claim this pretty package. If there is no response I will just have to pick another winner ;P

And a big thank you to everyone who shared in the lovely giveaway post. I loved hearing your fav flowers, the whys, the scents, the memories they bring. Makes it so much more special. *thank you kindly*

my wedding bouquet

Elisa had such a good idea with sharing her wedding bouquet picture that I thought I'd share mine with you too. Now this is not professionally photographed or anything. That's my hand. And that wall is the outside of our extended stay we were at while waiting for escrow to come to a finish right after our wedding. AND the bouquet was completely D.I.Y. ala my local farmer's market. Hey, $5 for a cute bunch of ranunculus? Yes please.

After several days with my wedding bouquet, some of the flowers began to fade so I decided I wanted to capture them before they all went. ( even though the ranunculus were a stand in for my fav flower of all time. the peony :) And I'm glad I did because I did not get a picture with my bouquet :( Alas, do over right? hahaa!

um. no

right now I'm helping a family friend design her wedding invitations... and just seeing the stress on her face makes me feel so sorry for her. i know that pain. oh weddings are supposed to be joyful right? I just wish everyone would remember that and make it easier on the bride :)

was your wedding "joyful" and do you have a picture of your pretty wedding bouquet? Did you use your "favorite" flower in your bouquet? i love that there are so many flowers to choose from. So so pretty :)

Happy Wednesday friends,
and go out and buy yourself some flowers!
*wink* wink* ;P


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

last chance: Lovely Giveaway

Today is the last day to share your favorite flower via a comment to be entered into the "Lovely Giveaway". Tomorrow I will be posting the winner :) So don't miss your chance at winning some cool stuff from me to you.

so sweet

And today I wanted to share this pretty orchid with you. She sits quietly atop our kitchen table. Did you know there are orchids that actually have a scent? I was at home depot a couple of years ago and I fell in love with this spindle like orchid that really smelled like chocolate! I kid you not. I just don't remember what it was called. The nursery lady had to explain the whole thing to me. I was just passing along and all of a sudden a sweet chocolaty fragrance captured my full attention! hahaa. Did you know my other favorite chocolate smelling plant/herb is the chocolate mint herb? Smells exactly like Andes Chocolates. So so so good and yummy!

wow. i must be craving chocolate :P

i love almond joys, the cookie in the twix, butterfingers,baby ruths,symphony bars,anything with almonds and nuts in it and andes chocolates.

i want some chocolate now. hahaa

see ya tomorrow!

Monday, March 15, 2010

yellow happy


last week mr. handsome bought me flowers at our local vons/safeway market. Now, i say "he bought me flowers" but what i really mean is I picked them out and he was more than happy to oblige.

I will be honest with you. I am picky about my flowers. I LOVE lots and lots of different flowers... but I strongly dislike a few of them. ( like carnations.)

Oh my, but aren't these daffodils gorgeous!!! They certainly brightened up the room AND my mood just having them in my studio. Love love! And i didn't remember they have a very faint fragrance, oh, i really fell for them then :) I bought them all in little buds and they happily came out to play within 2 days. So pretty, it kind of brought me back to Alice & wonderland and the flowers that talked. They have so much personality. hmm... what would they say i wonder?


these were my favorite last week... but next week.. hmm.. I think there will be another fav *wink* *wink*

I'm loving the responses I'm reading in the post below. You and i have a lot in common when it comes to flowers (especially those of you who said the same thing about carnations. Oh, ANYTHING except carnations! hahaa.) A few i had to look up and see for the first time because I had no idea what they were! such a pleasant surprise! I think you have great taste in flowers. So today i just wanted to brighten your day a little with some flowers that make me happy. Just pretend these are resting atop a favorite table or your own work space :) cheerio

crazy lady

And now onto some Kenner Road love. oh goodness boy do i LOVE sassafraslass !
Those little banners... the different pendants, the beautiful designs.... swoon!

Do you remember me talking about my dentist issues? Ah, well, it needed to be said in layout form. To make it a little more official. I AM a crazy lady. And hopefully i face my fears with the dentist soon or well... i will forever be a crazy lady.
Poor dentist man :)

So this has to be one of my favorites right now. I LOVE the orange "white space". The different bold colors in the papers. And the spray splatters of course... and were you wondering if you could come over to scrap? Because you can!!! I am going to be teaching at this years Reflections Event ! Say you'll come! I would love to meet all of you! Make some art, relax and have some fun. AND they have such a wonderful talented group of teachers lined up as well :) So yeah, kind of excited :)

I will be spray painting in the class ( outside of course ;P)
I will be bringing my very own sewing machine to sew crazy sewing lines all over the place
AND hopefully some paper love from some of my favorite companies :)
fingers crossed!

more info here!

I am beyond thrilled and even more so if you can come!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Lovely Giveaway

belladrummer etsy giveaway

Happy Giveaway day! woot woot its Friday!

Lovely giveaway

with belladrummer ETSY love xoxo

I added this little one-of-a-kind Air Mail inspired Note card kit to the shop ;)
*wink* *wink*

I designed the cute little stickers that say "Hello xoxo" & "Lovely xoxo" as well as the vintage inspired journal labels.
Drop it in the mail and voila! Easy peasy mail love :)

Lovely giveaway

I am giving away over $25 worth of Belladrummer love!

Including this sweet note card kit ($7 value) pictured above
+ mini butterfly garland ($10) pictured above
along with a Debee-US Paper kit (retail $6.99) pictured below

and one sweet Package kit ( to make 2 Lovely Pillow boxes, $8.00 value ) your choice of color

{ Lovely Blue }

Lovely Blue package kit

{ Pretty in Pink }

Pretty in Pink

{ Elizabeth Love }
(inspired by the beautiful novel, "Pride & Prejudice & paper by KL :)

Elizabeth love

{ Spring Delight }

Spring Delight

How's that for a giveaway? (international entries welcome!)

So lets do this...
You my sweet friend have until next Wednesday to leave a comment on this post and tell me what spring flower is your fav. Or any flower for that matter. I love flowers so much. And spring is just around the corner!!! yay!

For more spring inspired items please visit the shop here: belladrummer etsy
I hope you like it :)

Happy Friday and almost Spring!

i spy with my little eye...

A little birdie

something bright and bold.

And there is a little peak at the picture I was telling you about yesterday :) my fav.

a little birdie garland

love the thick black & white twine. ( twine beautifully handmade from To The Nest on ETSY ) Thank you Kate!!! ;)

updating the shop tomorrow with several spring inspired Package Kits:

Lovely Blue package kit

I would use these for my wedding favors if I could do things all over again. *SWOON*

Lovely Blue

Spring Delight

Spring Delight Package kit

Elizabeth love

Elizabeth Love Package kit

Items were repurposed from Folders I bought a long time ago from Anthro. Except I have too many. And honestly, I think they make better tags :) I also repurposed some envelope security papers and made them into stickers. ( Mr. Handsome gives me piles of them from our mail. I have waaaay too many :) The pattern was begging for some sticker love. And then add a scallop edge. oh yes. love! *smiles*

The shop will go live 9 AM Pacific Central time. Because I was late. Like the little white bunny in Alice & Wonderland. ( which Handsome and I went to go watch in 3-D and we LOVED! ) But I hope this eye candy makes up for my tardiness :)
Lots lots more tomorrow!

Remember, a giveaway starts tomorrow as well. AND the $1 item (+shipping) goes live along with the shop 9AM Cali time.

Have your starbucks in hand. It makes shopping funner. ;P
And get ready to shop loves!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

thank you kindly

thank you *

Music in the background: Janet Jackson on Pandora
Breakfast: strawberry yogurt & pecans
Attire: rockin' my PJ's (the perk of working from home :)
Current activity: Packaging etsy love

<3 Mail To:

here are some mailing labels I designed just for fun for my little shop.
I know. but I love details. And why not send a package in style? ;P

oooohh! Whitney Houston "I wanna dance with somebody" just came on my playlist. sweet.
love that song. Flashback to pigtails and pink pants with velcro pink pro-wings. WOW. that's lame. hahaaa!
and i can't dance. but i at least have mr.handsome. except. he's not such a good dancer either. hahaa!
meant to be.

okay so moving on from crazy flashback....
today while checking my emails i realized my little belladrummer etsy shop was being featured on decor8. A nice morning indeed. :) I love her picks. I find myself "hearting" so many ETSY shops she features. So thank you Holly for the sweet gesture! And welcome to decor8 readers *smiles*

And such perfect timing since I will be updating the shop this friday!
And guess what? I am adding:
- a garland
- sweet tags
- new package kits
- stickers
- new twine ( you will LOVE the color! my fav)
- Note love : mailing kits
- vintage inspired seam binding in the prettiest spring colours *swoon*
- some new mini art ! (I'm so nervous about this but honestly i think more excited :)

I will be sharing pictures of several of these items in the next few days. I also hope to do a giveaway post on friday.
* Because fridays are my favorite day of the week.
* i heart giveaways. (so i will be putting together several items from the shop update aside just for this :)
* and of course, I'm bringing back my $1 dollar feature. Because a girl loves to shop & save. So only ONE item will be available in the shop for one whole dollar ( plus shipping ). its a surprise of course. but hey, it is gonna be a good one!!! promise*

I have another happy moment to share with you:
Remember I shared my little corner in my studio here?

It was then on Flickr explore! woot woot!

I love interestingness.

I have another studio update coming up soon. Mr. Handsome has been hard at work putting in the base & ceiling moldings. I'm really loving the finished look :) And he put up one of my favorite pictures of all time . It's HUGE. 4ft x 4ft and it really gives the studio a different feel. But I'm happy it's up after almost a full year. i hope you are having a great day today!

Happy Wednesday!
off to the post
some starbucks love
taking more studio shots to share with you tomorrow
and of course anticipating FRIDAY!!!!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

come on spring!!!

i'm ready for spring

My gerbera daisies are on their way out. But this makes me happy... because then we get to make another trip to the Farmer's Market this week to get some more :) It's clear to me that this just makes me happier. Bringing pretty things into my studio/desk and catching glimpses of beauty between creative breaks. It gives me a boost of energy each time. And yes, I will admit. They make me smile :) Just me and the gerbera daisy gang. Hanging out in this wee little studio. Making art. Smiling and enjoying another almost spring day in San Diego.

cruisin' around san diego

Now. My question to you is... Why haven't you come over?

happy almost spring!

ps: i changed the comments permissions so ANYONE can post a comment. I do love hearing your voice and connecting with you :) But of course, all comments will published after I approve them. Just to keep all those sickos out. (bleh gag gross.) hahaa. ah. internet. you are full of them.

Monday, March 8, 2010

hold her love

*hold her love**

Today my heart is heavy for the king family.
I needed to get this out. To feel it out and pour it onto paper. And this is my little note to Chelsea King and victims like her.

It breaks my heart thinking of how young she was. How much she had to look forward too.
I just don't understand how a life could be taken just for sex. For a moment. For a feeling. It's so sinful. It makes me sick. And that we all fit the profile. You don't have to dress seductive, you don't have to go to a dark alley you just have to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I cannot imagine the hurt the family is going through. It just hurts me knowing they will serve a harsher and longer sentence than the actual rapist and murderer. The King Family will now serve a life sentence without their beautiful sweet girl. Knowing she was taken away from them and she died suffering. Died living her last moments in a horrific nightmare.

My focus is of hope. That she is far away from pain & fear. That she is held in a loving memory safely tucked away in a heart full of love for her.

Dear God, please hold her.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

CTS , my version ;P

so happy it's friday today! :)

I've recently received a few emails with questions regarding carpal tunnel syndrome. I have blogged about this before and although I don't consider myself an expert I hope my 2.5+ years of personal experience with CTS can at least give you an inside perspective. And because I do not wish to bore your sweet minds, I have made my own version in picture form :) (which i hope you find not only informative, but entertaining .hahaa.)

first off.
Know the symptoms of CTS ( Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ) So you think you might have CTS? I didn't.

I had severe pain up and down my left arm all the way back to my shoulder blade. I saw a physician and yep. He quickly diagnosed me with CTS. Gave me a brace and had me on my way in no time. So go see a doctor to make sure it's only CTS and nothing more severe. No more putting it off or wondering what if! It can get worse if you don't start treating it now.

Now that you know for sure it's CTS, you're bummed right? Aw nuggets! It is a bit of a downer. I felt broken, weak and helpless :( You'll have questions like how to I get better? Is this forever? etc. Ask your doctor. Mine said with therapy I could definitely get better. I'm holding onto hope this isn't forever :) Keep your chin up!

Then see a Physical Therapist. They will help educate you in several ways to help fight CTS ! ( this is mostly a lifestyle change and honestly does require encouragement & support )

- Start wearing ugly arm braces. hahaa. (could they not make these cute? just a little? hahaa) ( mine are from here) Notice I have 2, one on each arm. I waited 8 long months to start therapy. I ended up with CTS AND tendinitis in both my arms. Please learn from my mistake. My excuse? I didn't have the money to pay ( my insurance was lame ). No excuses.

Fight CTS while wearing a good pair of braces.
Look how ridiculous i look in TWO arm braces! I especially hate it when people ask questions EVERY time i wear my braces and they have the sorry look on their faces. That's another excuse why I didn't wear my braces. People. Comments. They make it worse. But don't worry about it. You get used to it :)

- Fight CTS by checking the ergonomics of your work space My CTS was work related. So this is very important.

- Fight CTS by exercising 30 min a day. ( umm. gotta get back to that oops! :P) Although I did take 15 min. walks every 2.5 hours around my work building. Take your iPOD and some good walking shoes and you are good to go. You feel so relaxed and your muscles will thank you for it too. It clears your mind and is such a good way to de-stress. I have to admit a healthy mind & attitude makes the difference here. Unplug from your daily for a little bit.

- Stretch often. Like every 30 min of each day often. i do keep this up daily. I don't like to wait until i feel pain. It's so much better to do this as a preventative measure. And you might want to try the theraband to help strengthen your muscles. Or a ball of putty to help strengthen your grip. Both worked for me.

then you'll be all cool and such with your braces. You might even bust a move. Vogue :)
But if you do still experience pain... it's okay. I was prescribed Ibuprofen and take one pill if I have done all my exercises and stretches and still feel pain. This is very few and far between. I don't like taking pills :)

My favorite by far was the deep tissue massages my therapist gave me on both my arms. Good gravy! I always felt so relaxed and renewed right after. I always looked forward to those :) Basically they put a hot compress on your arms for 15 min. then they do a massage all the way up your arm to your elbows. It hurts if there is scar tissue but it's worth it. Then they do a cold compress for 15 min. ( i have trained Mr. Handsome and he gives me my arm massages now. )

After about 9 months of weekly or biweekly therapy I graduated and now no longer see a therapist. Not because I'm cured, but because we felt I was living my life armed with the proper skills to help fight CTS. I just need to keep up the exercise, stretching and positive attitude everyday. Which at times is not easy, but I thankfully have a strong group of friends and family who pray and encourage me and are just as determined to help me live a life not ruled by CTS. And I think that has made the difference for me.

I can even be silly about it now :)