Friday, July 30, 2010

Inspire Lovely Class Winner!

inspire lovely class kit

I'm getting so nervous now that we are only 2 days from Sunday! Class starts and the teacher is SO nervous... in a good way :)
Or maybe it's the starbucks caffeine talking?! lol

All kits looked so pretty at the post :) Happy mail is on its way if you ordered a kit.
Even Mr.Handsome got in on the fun and helped me kit over 20 kits! He looked SO adorable :)
All e-mail invites for the on-line class have been emailed to all my lovely students. ( Please check your email! )

There is still time to purchase a pass for the class. ( the paypal button in the previous post is still active)
All the fun starts Sunday evening so we will get the party started then. awwwwwwww yyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh !!! I just got butterflies in my tummy typing that! hahaa

And so we have one very cute winner:

Congratulations Kathy! Please email me at and I will e-mail you the class info. :)

I LOVED reading all the responses to your favorite color. Seems like I loved the ones that used very cute descriptions to explain your favorite color. Some are so romantic :) Thank you for sharing your faves.

I'm off to run last minute errands with so many ideas and things to do swirling around my head a girl could go crazy! But first... starbucks. hahaa! Cross your fingers for me okay? I hope this class is as fun as I think it's going to be :)

I will share my silly out takes here. *wink*

happy friday almost sunday xoxo


Monday, July 26, 2010

{ Inspire Lovely }

Inspire Lovely class

Hi love :)

Thank you for your patience with me and this pretty class I've been talking so much about. I am beyond excited to finally share with you the details of my first on-line art class, {Inspire Lovely}. This is a free style course that I've designed with you in mind. If you've wanted to add some grunge to your style this is the time to learn :) I can only promise that: you will have fun painting, splattering, and layering your heart out. I've designed the class in a way that allows you to better understand where I draw inspiration from and how I use my everyday to inspire lovely art on paper.

{Inspire Lovely} is a week of love & whimsy all in an on-line art class starting August 1-7.

Class includes the following:
* 7 days of rockin' "art school" style classes (I loved art school, i know you'll love it too!)
* 7 Inspiration Board photos to inspire your creativity
* 7 Art sketches with detailed instructions + photos
* 7 photography prompts
* 7 journaling prompts
* Printable PDF embellishments designed exclusively for "Inspire Lovely"
* Video techniques (including spray paint, layering with style, using "white space", splatter and watercolour effects)
* Access to private art class blog (will be up for 2 weeks after the class ends so you can work at your own pace)
* Access to one-on-one access to instructor via private e-mail.
* Sharing techniques and my personal inspiration lists and places.
* A PDF of the class will be sent out once the class ends. Will include photos and detailed instructions you can reference at your leisure.
* A sweet giveaway! I love giving things away :) One Belladrummer etsy shop certificate worth $15. xoxo

The class is SOLD OUT :) Thank you!

A glimpse of the cover page.
{INSPIRE Lovely} class cover

Kits come with printed embellishments designed exclusively for {Inspire Lovely}. Each kit includes lovely papers, handmade embellishments and thrifted fabric swatches.

EDITED: All kits are now SOLD OUT! Thank you :)

Notice that I wrote "art class"? :) Don't fear! This has to do with my silly pet peeve #239: The term "Scrapbooking". I didn't want to use the term because I really don't like it. I don't consider myself a scrapbooker because I like expressing myself as an artist. It's much more open and creative I think :) Less manufacturer or product driven. Which when I'm creating something I never worry about what brand I'm using etc. I don't think you need a special name brand or product to be inspired and creative. :)

Mr. Handsome had this to add to my class description: "This ain't yo grandma's scrapbooking class." He's funny AND cute. hahaa. ( no offense to super cool grandma's who scrapbook ). I love grandmas. xoxo.

And just for fun, I'm giving one lucky person a free ticket for {Inspire Lovely}!
Just let me know what your favorite color is at the moment.
Mine changes a lot but I've always loved black :P I know... but hey it's a pretty rad color.

I will pick a winner this friday!


Saturday, July 24, 2010


can you knock me over the head with something?
pretty please :)
because I cannot believe this:

I was checking my mail on my iphone and noticed i had a lot of new contacts in flickr. I thought, hmmm.... that's a fluke :)
no biggie. As I checked my daily inspiration reads { i heart decor8} i came across this! I was like... hmm. art as life. i know that blog. wait. what. that looks like a picture of my butterflies. and my little clips.

scrolled down further.
wait. is that my little corner?!?!

oh my goodness it is!!!
it is it is it is!

and then i sat there.

wait. what?!
blog of the week?!

And i waited. Alright Ashton Kutcher come out where ever you are!
I've been punk'd right? (Like he would have to time to punk me. but anyways.)
I had to call mr.handsome to see what i was seeing. and after he confirmed my dream i then proceeded to thank him like i was accepting an award for best actress in a little indie movie called art as life. (I totally had the sandra bullock hair and body. It was awesome. :)

(thank you holly! I absolutely am a huge fan and really enjoy your daily inspiration. I always feel like I learn so much from your posts, it's always my pick me up. So this means a lot coming from you! :) And welcome decor8 readers *waving hello* cheerio)

WOW. I'm a pretty good dreamer. But this. this is nice. It's kind of real right?
Then i realized I hadn't blogged in a while and therefore might have to give back the wonderful honor because what the heck is a good blog without update lovin'. oh but i do have some really sweet eye candy for you. *smiles*

This is what I have been up to while watching Season 4&5 of LOST.
This is multi-tasking at it's craziest.

Mr.Handsome had to continually press pause because I was going back and forth sewing, cutting etc. but he can handle my crazy. *wink* So all is good in the world. Especially with some pretty colorful twine.

{ New tags to be wrapped with pretty twine }

brown sugar

classy b&w

sweet pink

{ Colorful pretty twine in all it's loveliness }

blue dreams

red love

Sigh. I love how cheery the twine looks. It's all sitting pretty in the shop.

I'm off to finish the class projects. All the information is going to be revealed on Monday. The class will also be available for purchase starting monday morning. ( The online class is going to be $20 and the kit will be $20 - I've only made 10 kits so make sure you pick one up quick if you'd like )

capturing and dreaming.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

eat eat

a lovely breakfast

that's what baby G ( my nephew ) calls it.
"you eat eat de-dee"

(sometimes he calls me debee and then sometimes I'm dedee. well, at least he stopped calling me by our dogs name, lucky ( the world's bestest dog ) *smiles * :)

go figure, I'm normally not the breakfast type. but lately I'm completely loving it.

{ today }
i thoroughly enjoyed cottage cheese, with a fresh ripe peach, with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon and walnuts.

i finished it with a happy tummy dance.
those are the best. :)

oh. and add to that some pretty blueish tea plates. and some crochet just for the heck of it.

i wonder if maybe this was just my excuse to play with my food :)


this week I've been doodling. designing and planning on ideas for the class. I figured its going to be a week long class. And I'm crossing my fingers that it will take place the first week of august. And even though breakfast won't be included, i'm hoping to add some visually tasty treats for us to play with. because playing is the best part.

and can i tell you, that i'm already dreading the video part?
my minnie mouse voice.
why does it always sound that way?!
and mr.handsome laughing at me.
oh. dear.
but i will do it. hopefully i will wow you with the spray paint and you won't even notice it. hahaaa!


Monday, July 12, 2010

you blow me away

my imagination runs away from me

i cannot believe the class response.
I'm wondering if you are sure? I mean really?
thank you for everyone who raised their hand :)
so very brave of you, and so very lovely indeed.

i hope to put together a fun and lovely class experience for us both.

details of course are being wildly pondered and daydreamed.

the papers, the handmade all swirling around in my head.
indeed it would look something like this picture.

i needed another inspiration board of sorts.

except this one just happened to be a spur of the moment kind.
i happily rolled out the ikea rug, played tea and cupcakes with some paper butterflies and confetti and threw in some crochet for some added whimsy. all in the middle of my little studio. hey, when inspirations strikes, it's pretty awesome :)

this my dear, is my imagination running away from me.

all dreaming in color today.

oh. it's love.

i'm off to make stuff. giddy with the idea that we are gonna have a pretty awesome time.
I'm coming back with class info very soon.




Friday, July 9, 2010

a show of hands please :)

if you are happy it's friday!

diy - my mantra

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me me me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love you dear friday. thank you for coming. i need a friday hug and some starbucks.

or maybe just a venti starbucks today :)

i kid. i could use a hug too.

okay, so our dear friends Jennifer K. and Carrie said...

Hi Debee,
Would you ever consider an on-line art journal class + kit?!?!?!?! Thank you for all the inspiration!!!
Jen K.

you know what ladies? I think we're actually on the same wave length or something. As i sat around my pretty scraps, i began to think i had more than enough to make a few kits with. So i'd like to know if there are any lovelies interested in a class.

So lets see a show of hands for lovelies interested shall we?

I think I'd like at least 10 people in the class.

Hands up (leave a comment "online class" so i can see you :) if you are interested in just a on-line class.

Hands up if you are interested in an on-line class WITH a kit ( leave a comment "class & kit" so i can see you too :)

or just let me know what you'd like to learn/know/do in the class. Any ideas? I'm listening ;)
this will be my first online class i offer and i will do my best to make it awesome xoxo pinky promise xoxo

The above page is a page from the mini book i taught in my class at reflections. Just thought i'd share some inspo for some page love. Here I share 2 obvious things about me:
the first) *art luvr*
the second) *messy happy girl

both so true through and through.

so who wants to get messy?!


Monday, July 5, 2010

paper party

studio paper scraps

up in here :)

we have a lucky winner:

please e-mail me at with your address info and favorite clip set. I will have your pretty package on its way :)
so thankful for everyone whom played along! Mr.handsome helped pick out our lucky winner. He's a big help. I would've picked everyone :)

so this morning is turning out to be such a fun one.

totally in celebration mode in my little corner of the world.
I love that paper brings us together. so funny huh?

slept in.

played with paper.
double check

played with paper + Mona. (sewing machine)
triple check

even my mac got in on some fun.

mac party

hello, cute stuff!

hahaa... can't help it.

I hope to share more soon. For now, i'm just teasing. *wink*wink*

Today we hope to ride our beach cruisers around the block, enjoy some more BBQ and even maybe finish up some really cute crochet projects to share with you.

Today is going to be a really good day, i can feel it :)


Friday, July 2, 2010

sharing again

hello love,
can you please hit me over the head?

i meant to add this to my previous post about my little wooden clip obsession... remember me saying something about sharing them with you? I forgot to add a sweet little note...


I'd like to give a set away!


srsly, i get all excited and forget very important things :)

but fear not, this post is all about a lucky giveaway for those interested in a free set of inspired clips from my little shop.

All international entries welcome.
And this is of course a free gift to one lucky person which also includes free shipping *yay!*

So to be entered in this pretty giveaway, tell me what you would use these clips for.
Are you already a proud owner of an inspiration wire? I'm new to it so I'm so excited :)
And which set is your favorite. Just so I know which one to send you if you do end up being the lucky one *wink*wink*

I will announce a winner on monday :)
crossing my fingers for you!
Have a beautiful weekend xo

love love,

Thursday, July 1, 2010

art and life

it can get a little messy sometimes in the studio but not any more :)

i have been playing around fiddling with some wooden clips... love them so much. Add to that a bad case of scrap paper hoarding and then there is serious craziness around here. so i combined the two and they are in love :)

artful & inspired

now my walls don't look so shabby and sad. I think they glow now. Most definitely brightening my mood. *smiles*

sweet :)

I decided to add them to the shop for some love sharing. I'm sure they can brighten your spirits and creative space some.

peony love clips

Sigh* I think I'm going to clip these up on my fridge :)

pretty clip

I printed out mini polaroid prints of some of my favorite photos and added one print per set of clips. I think that should be a good start to a lovely inspiration wire. ;) Wink Wink ;)

little blue shoes clips

I also made some pretty embossed tags out of some left over manila cardstock I had around the studio. I love texture!

inspiration wire xo

i think these are my favorite

inspired clips packaging

it's the black and white with the wood peeking through. love love xo

or maybe the cute scissors pattern?

so cute!

thanks for letting me share my silly wooden clip love/obsession xo

happy almost weekend! yay
- d