Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Last Week

H + I letter planters I picked up from Michaels for about $3 each. 
Perfect for my little baby succulents & an easy project to keep my mind busy while I recover.

Hi lovelies,
Gosh i don't even know how to start this.
Hmm... looking back at the blog I've noticed its been all about shop updates and more shop stuff. Not so much personal stuff. I used to share more and I'm not even sure how that happened that I no longer do. I mean I like you. I really do :) I think its because I don't keep a blog schedule hahaa that would be too organized for this lady. Anyhoo, let sharing time begin yes?

Finished project! Now the waiting game. 
Roots need to grow before I can stand up the letters, probably in another month they'll be ready.

As I was packing up orders this week I wrote a few thank you notes on some delayed orders from last week; something like " Thank you for your patience while I recover from a trip to the ER, love Debee". Packed a few extra goodies in each orders as an extra Thank You. Looking back now I'm pretty sure I didn't help ease your worry about your parcel being late but it was the real reason and I'm all about being honest. So yeah. The ER. Me. My Man. Girl stuff. and a big UGH.  NO sarcasm.

My first hanging planter project! I picked this pretty planter up from Target and it was on clearance for $5. 
Matches our decor perfectly and I filled it with succulents that grow well indoors.

So here it goes.  Once upon a time.... just kidding....
I was driving home from picking up Rafael from Grandmacare ;) last friday and just as I hit the final stretch home an awful pain hit me in my lower right abdomen. Like not a tummy ache or girl cycle time it was more painful than a contraction even. And luckily i have over 24 hours of labour pain under my belt I kept my cool and did my breathing exercises. It didn't go away. I felt nauseous from the pain. I was a mess trying to drive us home and to top it all off I couldn't find my phone to call Mr Handsome for help. I stopped and checked on my little guy Rafael and he was happily sound asleep in his car seat. I was so thankful, i didn't want him to worry. I prayed and got home safely. I had such a hard time dealing with the pain and it felt like it was only getting worse and now it was on my left side. I could barely walk and couldn't keep food or drink down. Off to the ER.

That hairy succulent top left is my favorite! Its SO soft like a lambs ear. I love the way it looks like a flower too :)

We waited for 4.5 hours. it was the longest part of my life. I can't even begin to tell you how traumatic it was to sit there waiting that long not knowing what was happening and no pain meds. But it was Friday and the ER was packed and it was a full house of sick people and i was one of them. Ultra sounds + CT scan and blood tests later confirmed I had 2 burst cysts. Yay me! One was about 3 inches and the other half that size. Well i learned something: cysts burst and that's totally normal. Hello morphine :)

Lots of destressing around here: practicing my hand lettering & and another Target clearance planter purchase $4. 
Perfect for my string of pearls! I've had this plant since I started my succulent garden about 4 years ago. :)

You know when you're in the ultra sound room and the technician gets really quiet. And tells you that your doctor will explain the results with you? Mmmm yeah. So my tests showed another mass and it was on my right ovary. They couldn't tell if it was a tumor so I went for a follow up with a specialist and they said they still can't confirm it is a tumor so they want to be safe and just take the whole right ovary out. No biggie. I don't need it doc, I said :) So I'm all set for a small procedure to remove my right ovary. Might throw a "Good riddance" party for it, not sure lol!  I've never had surgery before so I will admit I am a little anxious and worried. But I also know I'm going to be okay. I'm only in a bit of discomfort ever now and again when I stand or sit for too long. I'm excited to feel better and "normal" again. The doctor is great. The procedure is laparoscopic and has minimal recovery time. My boss is pretty lenient ;P As long as I don't end up in the ER again! Oh Lord, that place was a nightmare. hahahaaa! Oh wow, I can laugh about it now. yay.

A sweet handwritten Thank You note from the sweetest customer, beautiful Bella. 
You made my day lovely! Thank you for your thoughtfulness! XO 

So thank you. No really. Thank you for your patience and for understanding. I hope I have not lived up to my name " Debbie Downer" HAHAHAA! I'm pretty sure you came here today not expecting this and I really do not want you to worry but I did want to share my heart and let you see this part of my life. Its not always pretty products ;) or succulents lol!

I did have one favor to ask, and only if you are willing. I have asked this from family and friends and I would only ask because I would absolutely do the same for you if you asked me. If you are the praying kind, could you stand with me in prayer? I'm not shy about being anxious. I'm not afraid of feeling afraid. I think that's just being human and totally normal. But if I could have your help praying that away I know that would make a huge difference in staying positive and hopeful for a quick recovery. Thanks in advance for being so awesome. And if you've been through this path before and have any recommendations for me I would love to hear them!

Big big hugs,