Monday, May 14, 2007

Scrappin' Happy

mmm... it's so nice to Scrapbook. You know, nothing store bought.... just a gift from your heart with your sweat and tears into it :) Okay, a slight exaggeration. But it's fun. Yep fun. I just turned in my layouts for the PTS Design Team. 2 of my layouts are supposed to be "gifts" but that'll have to wait for 6 months since they'll be showcasing at the store. (Picture This Scrapbook in Eastlake) Sniff Sniff... goodbye little layouts... sorry Kiara. You'll have to wait for your pages. But won't you look so cute at the store.

Oh Yeah. Something for some unknown reason was bugging me about the layouts. Nothing bad mind you. Just something. Kind of like a push... So I went online at and submitted my layouts to see if they'd accept them. And YIKES. They DID! So now Kiara is everywhere. Cute as a button kiddo.

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