Friday, July 6, 2007

It's been a while...

and I don't know where to start...other than with some scraps from my journal. I've finally finished an entire scrapbook journal! So excited about that. Definitely a creative boost. My goal recently had been to be more prolific. And so far, so good :)

Hmmm...I'll start with one that's up in the Basic Grey Gallery:

I so love Hillsong United *Kiss Kiss* This page was inspired by them: "My Future Decided". I rock to that pretty much every morning. So I thought I'd share it here and on Basic Grey. Yeah for sharing creatively!
I love checking out online galleries and it's especially fun to see something you've inspired along with everyone else's.

This is inspired scrapping also from Hillsong United: "From the Inside Out"
One of my all time favorite songs. Listen to it in Spanish-ooohh so much Passion!

I've totally been having a fun time with my PI Kit. A very wise investment :) hehee.

Some fun faith scrapping: I LOVE my Small Group. Love it. I jotted down some favorite verses these past few weeks and I thought I'd make a page about God's true promises to us. I took a very wise quote from our Women of Faith study and decided to use it as journaling:

I'd been going crazy with sticking everything on each layout. I calmed it down for these:

Okay, so this is Gabby. AKA, little miss karaoke. She can just sing to herself and be perfectly happy. She doesn't even need an iPOD :) She's talented for sure.

then there's Norma's layout:

I'm so glad she let me take a picture of her. I'm tired of scrapping myself!!! It's such a nice change to scrap people you love.
Speaking of which, check him out:

Yeah that's right. Foochie Woochie :) With love of course. My baby brother.
I managed to scrap all three layouts in one day! Whoo hoo! And best of all....none of the layouts had me in it!!! YEAH!!!

I did this one last night:
I'm missing Cindy. Sorry Cindy. Hugo, Norma, Gabby and I decided to hang out for a day and that was a perfect time to get some much needed shots of family. Good times guys-LOVE YA! So now I'm all caught up via my little blog journal. ta da. to sleep now. stay blessed.

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