Monday, November 12, 2007

On Vacation...

and I'm finally able to blog :) I LOVE vacation time. It seems like I've been holding my breath for this moment. Now I'm finally able to rest and relax. Although it seems like I'm always on blog break! HA! But I do feel like blogging, so I will update and not just with words, but with pictures too! Woohoo! ;) my fav. kind of blogging.

I received my package from BasicGrey and I got the Figgy Pudding paper collection so I made this little banner. It's actually supposed to be the "origami style ornament" paper to this collection, but my origami skills are seriously lacking. No joke. Apparently I have no talent at it (or following instructions-jk) so I cut the paper up and used the gold/silver string that came in the package.

The banner made my heart happy so I made 2. One for Mario (Feliz Navidad) and one for me (Blessings) How [ delightful ] :) I sure hope he likes it for Christmas. During the process of making this little gift, it gave me a chance to pray over his life and his family. It was perfect, I need more time to STOP. And reflect.

I was also thinking about my creative process. As of late, it's been tough. Having a job that requires creativity non-stop. Day in and day out. My creative juices tend to check out. Then I panic. I freeze. I question. I loose focus. It happens every year, at least once. So I went back to my artistic get-your-hands-dirty-with-wet-paint-I'm-lovin'-the-creative-moment style I used to employ in art class. I realized I'm not fond of following instructions when I'm trying to be creative :) It's a good thing. For sure. And that's okay. It's O K A Y. I am letting that control freak in me g o---> f a r a w a y. g'bye >)
Note to self: start drawing & painting again-or you'll seriously regret it.

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Anonymous said...

i thought you might just blog on this vacation of yours. ENJOY it my friend. The little things you're making are beautiful. I love and miss you.