Wednesday, May 7, 2008

oh so happy

Is it because I'm still sick you ask? Of course not! lol. eew. I still have achy bones/muscles and super ouchy tonsils. But what the hey, gotta live today right? So I'm happy because some of the girls already received their art cards!!!!!
How cool is that?
You know what would be awesome is to be able to see these little cuties sitting in their studio/scrap room.
Do you think that's a cool idea?
Maybe it's just me. :) I'd love to see where they are resting. Where are they making you happy?
When they were with me they never really had a place. I don't think piling them in a folder counts. Oh yes, I would take them out every now and then. But because I'm such a crazy person, and I am fully aware of my being able to break/ruin things on the fly. I kept them in a safe place. The folder.

It's now empty. I even bought a pretty folder to put them in.
They are beautiful. Except I can't show you because they don't have a link on the Anthro website.
No worries. I'll show you later ;)
Who goes into Anthro only to come out with $60+ of paper?


Beck on Melrose said...

When I leave Anthro, I usually leave with even more than that. Oh boy. Love to hear of other devotees. And I totally get your wanting to know where your pretty cards landed. I always feel that way about my precious works.

Rhi said...

its going on my soon to be created pretty wire.
oh yes.
feel better soon <3

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I hope your Friday has been a good one.

Thanks for the Mother's Day greeting.

I will post my lovely card that I received from you next week when I don't have so much company here and so much going on. I'm having so much fun with Burgandi and Harrison.

Hope you have a great weekend.

dani said...

Would you believe that I have never ever been inside an anthro store before?? Surfed the website of course, but never been to the store!

oooohhh, when I get my card, it's getting framed and hung in my new bedroom. (I'm moving in a couple weeks!!) And since the bedroom will be where I create for awhile it's perfect!!

so excited to get it!