Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm all in a knot

and i like it

i have been teaching myself how to embroider. No. I'll be honest. I've been TRYING to learn to embroider via this website(Rhi this is for you sweetness) and i have successfully become addicted to it.

The flowers came from this Anthro apron (it was on SALE!). Surely you are allowed to cut up Anthro aprons if they are on sale?! Right? :) I have an idea of what I want to do with these beauties but the mind is still brewing. Ideas ideas ideas. Anyone?

So Handsome and I applied for our library card (i am a moocher so i made him apply for one-ha!) And we came out with How-To-Embroider books. Pretty spiffy except I'm not a reader. I learn from watching. Especially technical stuff like embroidery. So check out the above site. I've spent lots of hours on there with my laptop open and just chillin' on my bed. Good times.

My main inspiration to want to learn how to embroider came from this beautiful purse I purchased in Cambodia. I LOVED the markets there. Very visually stimulating with bright colors and textures. Well, it was love at first sight. I knew this baby was coming home with me. :)

Alrighty...the business Move FORWARD book techniques
Not sure really how to approach this. Still trying to figure out how to put it down on paper so that it makes sense. Know what i mean? I keep starting and just going off on tangents. I feel like this needs to be a video tutorial. And from what I have now I feel like I'm teaching a class. LOTS of info and step by step techniques. Sigh. So I'll take time to think about this further. I AM working to edit it down so that it makes sense (my editor: Lil' Sis & producer: Lil' Brother & camera man: Mr.Hot Handsome). There are so many techniques in this book especially since half is digi and half is paper art. I will un-complicate this. I will show you. It just might have to be a class. So shoot me an email if you are interested. If there is enough interest. I will let JJ know and teach it along with SIStv.

I'm out.


Anonymous said...

First of all, those are gorgeous!!! If you are needing ideas of what to do with them, I will gladly take them off your hands. :):)
p.s. I am so down for you to teach that class. sign me up!!

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good Debee!!! Love what you have been up to...I too have been hunkered down with the sewing of flowers but in a different medium!!!


Rhi said...


and i think we just found you your class, sweetness :)

Katja said...

love those flower centres!!!!! great idea. That class sounds intriguing......mmmmmmmm :o)

Kara said...

Um. I'd be ALL over that class. Sounds genuis.

Gorgeoussssss embroidery. You are tempting me to pick it up again.

Vee said...

love your flowers!!!

Unknown said...

okay...so those flowers with the great embroidered centers...um, well, they flippin rock!!!!!
How cool that you are so dedicated to learn a craft. I want to quilt and someday I will do that.
You've inspired me!

Anonymous said...

those are fabulous.
awesome job!
sign me up for that class.

Bekka said...

I would love to take that class, if you can wait until I'm back from Poland. :D

And I mooch off of hub's library card. It's perfectly normal. :) Your embroidery looks great!

Anonymous said...

lovely, love.
and yes.
you need to teach that.

MeganK said...

Ahhh amazing flowers! Love that purse too!

Erin said...

great flowers...so yummy
i am so down for a class...
sign me up...
you are so amazingly talented lady!

Anonymous said...

love the flowers..i'd so take the class!

Kate O'Brien said...

just found your blog. spent the past hour with my coffee, your words, and your art. amazing stuff. you inspire me so very much.

MUST add you to my links on my blog. i think you are my new "art crush". LOL!

have a fabulous 4th of july!

dani said...

soooo, I did not have any idea embroidery could look like that... all thick and loopy and well, fun looking!

now I think I need to try it out!


dani said...

and I would sooo take your class.
yep. in a heartbeat!


Anonymous said...

Those flowers are really stunning.

I do love reading your blog and seeing your talent...

miss you and your prettiness