Monday, July 7, 2008

All i wanna do is have some fun

And I did. Me and the Handsome took off to Huntington Beach to enjoy some much needed friend/family time. Meet my new friend. IRL. (I can FINALLY say that!) :) Her name is Heather. And I absolutely love her as much as I thought I would. No. Wait. I love her MORE. Even with hugs LOL. Isn't she beautiful?! Handsome and I enjoyed a wonderful lazy Saturday with her and her super cool family:
- I met a future ROCKSTAR ;)
- Kick butt girl Pirate
- Spring Training baseballzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... oh sorry, I'm awake...buddies
- Teaching Spanish for beginners (como se dice...ha!) jk
- Starbucks Strawberry Lemonade friendship initiation ceremony (cheers!)
- Talked to the Fab Angie and came to the conclusion we will learn Heather some messican :) we can do it! haha

We planned:
- Spring Training (baseball) ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sheesh it happens all the time :) '09 in Arizona road trip
- Angie + Heather + Dina (Yes. I am making a future friend.) + any other SIStv Arizona Girls trip
- Must call the best docent in Arizona AKA Dina for a little museum mojo lookieloo (i heart museums and docent tours!)
- Starbucks get togethers with my new friends
- creating stuff and not telling Mr. Handsome how much I spent when I finally shop for scrap stuff in MESA. (it's like the superbowl)
- and some more Wii just for the heck of it. (Currently trying to figure out the drums on the rockband and applying for heathers band :)
- to keep in touch. Afterall, we're only a state away.

DCbloglines is still in progress.
The site it still under construction :) bare with me. Don't worry. You WILL be added. Just remind me. I'm going through past comments and checking blogs but some don't have any. So I assume you don't have one? If you do...hook a girl up.

today is a good day to make a friend
hello friend :)


Anonymous said...

i am green with jealously.

Rhi said...

oh i miss both your faces.
and i'm in desperate need of a strawberry lemonade.
roll on january <3

Mandi Johnson said...

Ah! What fun! Seriously fun. And seriously I am a teensy weensie bit majorly jealous. ;)

Anonymous said...

hehe. i have just moved to the other side of the world and i could do with a new friend :) my blog is
enjoy those times, sounds like so much fun

Anonymous said...

ooh what fun! and like Rhi said I want myself some strawberry lemonade!!!!


Amber Ulmer said...

oh! I miss you two girls... badly! just wanted to tell you that... xo

Keka said...

One thing: U already know how awesome I think your work is but one question remains. How do u manage to be so pretty? Sheesh.

metrochic said...

you are beauty. seriously. i can't tell you that enough. i don't know what that dorky face i'm making is but whatever. i LOVE that we now have pics together. AND i love that we are friends. YAY! can't wait to see you soon.

Sheyb said...

Woo Hoo!! Come on down to AZ! :) Just moved her myself. LOL. LOVE Metrochic. She's so cool... along with all the other AZ SIStv gals. ;)

Dina said...

LOL!! I'll be waiting for your call...ahem. Yay for future friends!!!!