Tuesday, July 8, 2008

color me happy

color me happy

I pulled up a chair for you :)
Do you remember these? Man, I can't remember where I was or how old but I SO loved these little chairs. Even now. They are vibrant and colorful. Altogether too inviting. Such a tease.
It takes 2 to hold me up. (not that I would know :)
But I want to remind you how lovely these are.
Just because. Just for fun. I guess it's because it brought back so many memories. I had T-shirts with those bunnies on them.
I liked just sitting and eating my watermelon. No worries to worry about. Just being a kid.
now I want to watch Hook.
You wanna come over?
I got your chair ready :)



dani said...

awwww, little chairs.
and I love the movie Hook.



Mandi Johnson said...

haha I can remember getting too big for those chairs and they would like do this twist thing cause I was too heavy. :)

MeganK said...

Ahhh! I lovveee Hook!

Cathy Pascual said...

sofi has two of these in yellow :)))))

Keka said...

aww I almost had to wipe a tear from my eye. Gettin' me all nostalgic and stuff. Love those chairs and I do get happy lookin' at them. I think u just inspired a layout!

Kara said...

I so remember those chairs! Awesome. I'll be over in a few. :)

metrochic said...

can we watch hook AND eat churros? hee. let's chat soon, yes? love.

Anonymous said...

i'll be there in 9.35 hours

Vee said...

i love those, so cute! my children do too:)