Monday, July 28, 2008

happy monday

oh goodness
i hope you had a great weekend. I seem to be wishing for another day off. But I always do every Monday. So here we are and I have a couple of things to share...

First up: hello *ME

I made this layout on my vacation thinking it would be cool to transcend the idea of spray paint into water colours. So i did. It was awesome! LOVE playing with water and paint. I used a bit of glimmer mist but that really doesn't show up well in the photo. I got crazy with the dimension, covered some tim holtz grunge board and covered it with pattern paper. Then I covered that with some AC chipboard circles. I love the play on dimension and texture. I also sewed the left side of the picture down, then tucked the right side of the picture under the circle scallop. I have journaling behind the picture :) Can't share everything, it's just a silly me thing. But here it is...crazy sewing, water colour lovin' and playful dimension= happy *me.
The journaling reads: why is it so challenging to be me? is it because i lack the ability to be real? to delight in who i am? make myself better? smarter or funnier for myself or for other people? i shy away from speaking even on paper. i cover myself away and
It's kind of weird sitting down and typing the first thing that comes to mind. definitely need more of that. Even if it doesn't make much sense :) For me it's just about being myself. not afraid of being copied or stylized. not allowing other people to influence me. my art. my passion. Definitely not in a negative way. But only take the positive. I think this piece was inspired by my love and admiration for Georgia O'Keeffe. Her work is on display at my local museum but i went on a monday and they aren't open on mondays :( sigh...anyway. i could never replicate her work. why would i? she is amazing. but i allow her beauty to inspire and ignite my love for colors. so thank you georgia. you rock my little world. amen.

The word is out here: this makes me happy PS: I LOVE CER! sheesh she is AMAZING! AND being on the team makes me ridiculously happy. Sa-WEET!
::My take on the Prompt::
This means a lot more now than ever. You ever feel like you need to change. You sense it in you, your work, your passion and life? That's me right now. I feel like this is exactly what I need to START doing. STOP wishing and dreaming. START doing and believing. Oh yes. this is my mantra. repeat.

AND treats:::
mimiey said...
hi debee.... i've awarded u as one of our kreativ do check out our blog for the kreativ blogger logo and u can award any other 6 bloggers of ur choice.... spread the news....hugz..we love ur creations...TFS!

kristina k awarded me and a few other girls with the Brillante Weblog. Thank you Kristina!
My awards go to super creative and scrappy lovin' peeps: 1* KL 2* Vee 3* Lou 4* Dani 5* Rhi 6* Stacey 7* Stephanie
i picked seven :) i like to break the rules a little HA! These girls truly inspire me and encourage me almost daily here on my blog. I love them for that and much more. So thank you.

now onto our fab monday shall we? hip hip hooray!
off to create more stuff to share soon


staceyfike said...

awwee!! spanks!!
i got my ATC this weekend, you are so amazing!!
love you!

Vee said...

thanks girl!!! :) I love love your layouts too they always inspire me :)

Mandi Johnson said...

Oh I got your cards yesterday! They are so lovely to look at. And you are right- you go crazy with layers and dimension- and I lOVE it!!!! :)

Tricia Wilson said...

Wonderful LO! The layers and textures are great. Makes me wish I could actally touch it!

Jen said...

yay! for you.
i must say that TAIF is the perfect fit.
love those girls so much.
they have made me artsy! LOL!
and i love that you are on the team.
i get a special vibe from your work.
and i loved trying my jack for you.
crazy when a math/science girl goes artsy!! ;D

Dina said...

You. Rock. When can you come over & play?

Anonymous said...

these are amazing
your heart is amazing
you are amazing d!!

Tanya said...

I have the same trouble myself with trying to put myself out there on paper. Worried about well "Maybe they won't like me""?..Always frightened of the "They's" but I think it's more myself. I need to start liking myself..
I love your"truth".
Your work is amazing. Truly inspirational!!
Thank you for sharing!

Louise said...
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Louise said...

Im so so excited for you girl, WTG on joining the TAIF DT.

I just have to borrow a phrase that you young things use,......
HOLY CRAP [insert a stunned lou smileycon]

Hey Girl You know the feeling is totaly mutual!!!!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my you know what!


dani said...

aww, you are one of my favorite people ever.
and I love everything you make.
and every time I splatter paint or look up at the lovely art card you made hanging in my room I think of you!
and I keep dreaming of trying out the spray paint like you do, one day I'll be brave enough to do it!

Georgia O'Keeffe is one of my favorites too. I love reading about her, she fascinates me. Right up there with Frida Kahlo.

And congrats on TAIF!! You're a perfect fit for over there!


Drama Mama said...

love the watercolors!

MeganK said...

Love those pages!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey mama ... how you doing ...