Monday, July 14, 2008

The Weekend blur

these past couple of days have been crazy. Creatively crazy. Mind you that is a good thing. :)
:::::::::::::::::::And now, cue the slideshow:::::::::::::::::::

Some singing in the car + photo shoot
singing in the car
Admit it. YOU do that to :) And if you don't, ya need to start. Side note: I used to practice drumming during traffic up until I hit the horn and my drumstick smacked me on my lip. :( I bled all the way home. Good times though.

Some pondering and reflecting: high school related for this little ditty
debee.find your voice

happy (Sneak)

Good grief did I have a lot to say! Only after I actually let go (thanks Sasha!) and let myself JUST TYPE. No thinking. Just typing. Speaking of which. I got a typewriter! WOOT WOOT! So at work, I KNOW that nobody uses them. AND I knew where one was at. Well, I just happened to ask a couple of co-workers about it and they gave it to me. And she's a huge mother. Seriously. Like half my table size mother. I love her though. :) More typing soon!
PS: I'm very glad high school is over. It wasn't so bad, just that I'm glad I'm here. And I'm not looking back! (I didn't even go to my reunion HA!)

Some art supply shopping in Little Italy (piece of heaven)
parking art
Um. What do I have to say about this other than I LOVE it. I'd park here everyday if I could. This is in the back lot parking wall of the art store I love. heck yes to Italy.

flickr happiness. I did it. I signed up for a pro account after much thought and help from Mr. Handsome (he's such an enabler)
Chair art
More Artsy pics for all of us. And I'm happy because this will only help next time I go to make something. I've got pictures! SA-weet!

I make him kiss me every time I see a reflection. It's not weird. It's photo art. Right?
cafe italia

MMMM...yummy Italian food. Lasagna with Spaghetti and meatball with LOTS of meat sauce please.
italian love

Okay. There ya go. My weekend. How was yours? Go anywhere? Make anything?

PS: A huge thank you to you ladies who commented on the video. Um. Still embarrassed about it but hey, Brooke was worth it. And what a relief you don't think I'm related to Minnie Mouse. Woot!

Hehee. And now, onto a happy Monday for everyone!


Vee said...

yes i do sing in the car too and a little too loud sometimes! lol
love your sneek! :)

Bekka said...

Looks like you had an incredible weekend. I love singing in the car -- never thought to mix in some photography while I was at it! I did a lot of assembley line cooking for our fundriaser church dinner. I don't want to cook anything with chicken for quite awhile - lol!

Mandi Johnson said...

I NEED to learn how to spray paint like you do on your pages. Seriously. Your next video needs to be of you spray painting your pages because I need this in my life. :)

Anonymous said...

i already posted at flickr
but it bears repeating
i love the "now" you

Dina said...

that page is pure deliciousness. pure.

Anonymous said...

GIRL you know you are my sweetness .. LOVE YOU GIRL .. so glad we connected at Sis .. it was great finally hugging your neck .. cant wait for the next gathering girl .. maybe a cruise?? Whadda ya think ..

I LOVED YOUR LO and your Journaling you and thanks so much for being our Guest DT my friend.


dani said...

I love that layout, and I love how you did your journaling. It's perfect, and real and pretty much awesome.

and that photo, just lovely of course.

And I forgot to say this before BUT loved the video, because that banner was the coolest project ever.

sara said...

great job my wonderful friend. on everything. and just so you know--you did not sound like minnie mouse even for a second. if you want to know what her voice sounds like...just listen to mine. geesh.