Thursday, July 10, 2008

it's all goooooood

First off, a big thank you to you for sending some "focus" vibes/mojo.
Oh I got 1 page (both front and back) squared away and honestly...I really am happy with what I've got so far. I just hope I don't scare people off with the whole spray paint/computer/embroidery stuff. But that's it! I want you to try something new. No. You don't have to sign up and pledge to become the best graffiti/embroidery/computer artist. I mean you can if you want. But really, what I'll be sharing with you is pretty much easy peasy man. And you can have fun watching me make up stuff I don't know :)


Okay. So one page down. A couple more to go. I feel very confident that will come. I'm just having a hard time figuring out if I can teach this in 3 days OR do I need 5? Hmmm.. 5 is my lucky number...toss up. Oh well. Onto some sharing shall we?

This will make my ATC girls very happy: 8 ATC cards I've made for you. I have 7 that I owe 3 girls. The rest...where are your ATC's? LOL. So these can be right side up or upside down...I shot one upside down but hey, you cant' tell...or can you? ha!
I'll give you an ATC if you can figure out which one is shot upside down. I know. I need to stop teasing.

ATC for you *

ATC for you **

ATC for you ***

ATC for you ****

Know what I've resolved to do? Is make better use of my camera(mona). I've been wanting to get a wide angle lens for her but can't really justify buying one since I hardly ever use her. I take my camera EVERYWHERE. And yet she stays in the car. I'm bad. That is really sad. I remember being in love with the whole manual shooting etc. I still shoot manually now but it proves to be time consuming when before it was second nature. All that to say, I have uploaded tons of random pictures to my flickr account. And if you have a camera, you should think of getting an account too. It's good. You will enjoy it. I promise :)

my reflection stopped and smiled


Lea said...

I think it's the "buy fresh flowers" one. Am I right?

Kara said...

Ohhh. You inspire me.

Mandi Johnson said...

oh gee whiz Debee! Welp... I like the right ones on row one and two, and I like both on row four the best! It was so hard to pick!!

So is this thing you're putting together for SIS?

Bekka said...

I think the 2nd one on the 1st row is upside down. I love a good guessing game! lol

And yay for your camera! I've been trying to take mine with me more often...that might be easier with the point and shoot. You'll be ready to justify a new lens in no time! :D

staceyfike said...

hey sweets!!
i'm guessing the top right one.


metrochic said...

ATCsATCsATCs! omg. i'm so essited. and i just can't hide it.

also, i owe you more than the one i gave you so they are coming asap, k? mwah!

dani said...

I luuuuuuuv those atcs.
and I saw that reflection pic on flickr and I luuuuuuuv it too.

AlexM said...

Hi Debee,
thanks for your comments on my Frida's layout. In fact, I'm a regular reader of you blog because I love your work. You're so talented! But I never dared letting you a comment...So today I do. Just to show you some love.
Moreover, I didn't know you were mexican...I live in Spain, Barcelona!
Another thing I wanted to ask was if you wanted to swap an ATC with me, since you are so addicted, maybe it's not to late to ask for one???
Just email me, or post a comment on my blog (released this week!)
Thank you so much!

Amber Ulmer said...

oh dB... gorgeous ATC's... ur skills are mighty fine girl... loved seeing ur photos on flickr more! loves you! xo

Vee said...

i love them all and that photo, is super fly!

Rhi said...

you make me want to make atc's!
which i actually do need to do.
i'm happy you are taking more photos.
and your photos are so you x