Thursday, July 17, 2008

the lights go out...

 driving to escape

hello friends
I am thankful for your comments
your push and encouragement
I am now headed into vacation mode. I'm a little sad that my plans on seeing my very dear best friend in Chicago AND attending CHA are no more. I've decided to rest at home for vacation. And right now, I'm just dealing with that. I so wished I lived closer to my best friend. I want to call her and pick her up and in 15 minutes be kickin' back at Starbucks. (Our fav. place to girl talk) I miss her. And right now, I really need her.

So it's time to rest. Reflect.
I will create to my hearts content with no peek a boo hole to overshadow my thoughts. my wishes. my dreams. this is my time to refresh. This means no computer & no blogging.

I just want...
- to hear the hum of the sewing machine
- to rest my body
- to feel the warmth of the sunshine as it passes through my studio skylight
- to chase Lucky around as a form of exercise
- to enjoy creating in my little corner of the world
- to drink too many 25% cherry 50% coke 25% cherry slurpees (YES there is a formula :)
- to embroider like there's no tomorrow
- to nest
- faithfully pray
- to create with the spirit of giving whole heartedly
- to document what I am thankful for
- to remember why I do this and unload it onto paper
- to be inspired daily
- to be simple and me

Books have been ordered: Fabric has been purchased: The camera has full battery: Doctor's appointments have been made: New music has been purchased. I am ready.

If I owe you an ATC. I will be sending those out. Keka I owe you a LO and I will be creating something beautiful for you (so sorry for the wait).

i will emerge
but for now
i rest and quite my soul
and let Him surround me
purposed and delighted,



Anonymous said...

enjoy your time off.....
i am sure you will create some magical things. we will miss you. :):)

Gigi said...

savor :)



elizabeth rosemond said...

that sounds absolutely delightful. enjoy EVERY minute :)

Lene said...

Have a great vacation!

Rhi said...

no internet means no emails.
so i will phone :) hee.
unless that is not allowed.
i don't want to break the inspiration/rest rules!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your break. I hope it is refreshing for you. You inspire us daily. I understand the best friend thing - an essential for life and living a long way away is sooo hard. Have an extra coffee just for her!

Mandi Johnson said...

I was sposed to go to Chicago too. To visit my best friend, but not to go to CHA. We girl talk a lot at Starbucks too! Maybe it's just a girl thing? haha
Well, enjoy your time off! Sounds like you've got a lot of warm and fuzzy things to do.

AlexM said...

Enjoy your vacation, and come back to show us tons of beautiful stuff you created...

dani said...

ooooh, I hope you have an amazing time. It all sounds perfect.

In fact I may just copy your vacation plans here and save them for a few open days myself!

Kara said...


Tricia Wilson said...

Your "vacation" sounds delightful! I am sorry that you won't get to see your friend though. One of my closest friends lives across the country, so I know how you feel. Enjoy yourself.

Jen said...

rest...ahhh...good stuff.

i love your blog.
i love your art.
i love your scrap goodness.
i love your photos.
i think you are so beautiful.
and your soul appears to be
even more lovely!

enjoy your time. :)

Louise said...

Rest, relax, & enjoy, and Ill await your update :)x

Michelle said...

Hey Debee!! I still owe you an ATC.. it will come.. soon!! I've been in a funk and not creating at all lately.. but hopefully this weekend I'll get some mojo to create.

Anonymous said...

Hey sweets wassup girl .. love the photo and yes RELAX girl .. you will appreciate it more.

love you

Lu said...

that picture is insanely killer! awesome.