Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Luvs Banner - Video Response

hello world.
Ask and yee shall receive: Brooke is AKA kilismom on SIStv. She rocks. She asked. Therefore she made me do it. LOL! I've got to get out more, but I figured that since I'm appearing in video soon anyway...why not try it out now!? Sorry this is so long. This is my first attempt. I hope this helps you Brooke! (And anyone else who is interested in making the banner) Enjoy!

PS: I really don't think I sound like Minnie Mouse IRL! I'm seriously embarrassed.

AND Stacey and Bekka Congrats!!!! You both guessed the top right one correct!!! I will be sending you an ATC. If you want me to make one just like one you see below please let me know. If not, I'll make a new one just for you.


Bekka said...

Yay! Anything you send is fine! Be sure to email me your addy @ bekkabess[at] so I can send one back to you!

Great video tutorial! And you so do not sound like Minnie Mouse! LOL!

Keka said...

Aww i love ittt!!! U do not sound like Minnie Mouse! Yay now I know what u sound like lol. xoxo. :)

Keka said...

P.S. U asked me on my blog if you're gonna have to come over and help me w/ my lack of mojo...the answers Yes! he he. :)

Anonymous said...

Loved the video tutorial! You are just so darn cute!!!! And there's no need to be embarassed you sound great- nothing like Minnie Mouse : )

staceyfike said...

you are so gar-jus!!!
and adorable :)

and i'll take anything you want to send me :)

love you!

metrochic said...

minnie mouse. hee. :D

i lava chou.

thanks for videoing. you rule. do more!!!

Rhi said...

you don't sound like minnie on here OR in real life!
yay. i miss debee.

Louise said...

Sheeesh I just looved hearing you talk :) [lol]

All That Chit Chat said...

That was a stellar production. The banner is adorable!

Anonymous said...

love seeing & hearing you!!
and your tut is fab!

Anonymous said...

you are so this tutorial. :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. there is something for you over on my blog...come and see. :)

Veronica Starr said...

COOL!!! always love your style!!! :)

Unknown said...

You are precious and adorable and very UN-Minnie Mouse!
Great tutorial!

My suggestion for your next video is an ala Sheila E. drum solo!


Cathy Pascual said...

great tutorial - the camera LOVES you!

Anonymous said...

You so pretty hee hee .. lol .. girl you do not sound like Minnie Mouse .. I would have told you already LMAO


Michelle said...

You are just the cutest ever!!!

kilismom said...

you are adorable!!!
i should ask for more rock!!!