Monday, August 11, 2008

crazy kinda life

Why do i seem to be rushing everywhere?
I feel like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland
Chasing after time and never catching up...sigh.
This relaxing takes time and so does work and relationships and all that good stuff. And I'm not even married or have children! Ha! sheesh. I need to get my act together. It must be because I am approaching a specific date along with a specific countdown and it only makes me crazier! (on a personal level)

Today, I have to wrap up a bit of art that is very dear to me to mail off to the post. Who knows when I'll get it back but it just makes my heart hurt a little. I've been living with it for over a month now and it's just refreshing to love something still a month later. Crossing my fingers we are not apart for too long :)

And lately, I've been thinking about new goals. Or actually, goals I already kinda made. Yes, I hesitate to make goals. Especially when it means taking up a new hobby. I "kind of" want to learn to make cute stuff clothing wise. But that would require me to learn to sew straight lines. Like very straight. Ummm judging by the looks of my current lines, I'm thinking I have a lot of work to do. :) And I like crazy lines. Kind of reflects the state of my life right now, LOL. ugh. So "someday" maybe when I've sewed longer than 8 months I can learn to sew and use a real pattern. But for now, I just use the patterns as scrap paper. Hey, it's thrifty and cool.

Which leads me to the New Prompt over at THE ART IS FOUND

Something Pretty*

A little silly random fact about this page: the picture is held together with a little yellow velcro dot. sigh. i love it. yeah, i'm lame. i bought a pack of little velcro dots at a thrift store for a quarter and so i had to use it on something...ta-dah! If i get tired of the picture, (although i don't see that happening-it's anthro afterall :) i can just change the picture out! I kind of wanted to share that. Even though it's so silly. and lame. and silly. but yeah, i heart yellow velcro dots.

So go over there and take this challenge :)
have an awesome monday friends


Kate said...

beautiful layout!! please make clothes. and sell them. and I will buy them!!

Kent said...

Wow - awesome layouts! Love how it is grungy but with bright cheerful colors!

Charleen said...

I'm a first time visitor. I love your blog. I'll definetly be back!

Vee said...

swoon, i love your art!!! :)
hope you are not away from your lovely art too long!!

metrochic said...

i am often quite afraid that i shall pass out from analyzing every tiny corner of your work. you are amazing, beautiful girl.

Jen said...

i think the little yellow velcro dot idea is absolutely ingenius and totally functional for scrappy/art purposes!!!
not silly at all ;)
i love this challenge.
i will be thinking.
in the meantime...i love the way your mind works and expresses art...ahhh.
and, i too, am perfectly happy sewing on paper in random ways.
although, i have made a few pretties ;D

dani said...

yellow velcro dot?? how in the world do you come up with such amazingness?

Love the new prompt, will have to play soon...

Louise said...

Ummmmm,.... yep your totaly Inspired Girl!!!!

Lou :)x

PS ...never lame girl!

...and Thank you!

CocoKai said...

I have been toying with the very same idea myself of making cute clothes for kids..but I'm too scared to jump in and do it in case I mess up.
I've been looking at some easy to Sew books over at Amazon. I think I may purchase a couple and see if it's as easy as they say it is.
Love the LO.. Love how you used the pattern and material together.
Fantastic Work.

/// said...

Just wanted to give you a little thanks for your input on my guest post at Decor8---

and yes, I think I'll accept this challenge. You have a fascinating blog, my dear! :)