Wednesday, August 27, 2008

creative therapy anyone?

well, first off, this is for TAIF.
A drummer's heart
Second.... happy creative news...
creative therapy :)
I need it
and I am SO in love with it.
So I'm sharing a little about my creative process with you. My return to painting, drawing and inking.... I now have a catalyst to get back into the groove. (Thanks Karen!) You should check out the amazing group of artists-holy heck they rock! This is why I love my blog. I write from my little artsy fartsy heart and someone (Karen) listens and asks.... hey, you should try Creative Therapy. I'm like... yes. Yes i should. You know what? I will! And what? You want me to be on the team?! But I haven't gotten back to my style? And I don't really know what I'm doing :) And yet, I joined the group. It was fate I tell you. Meant to be. I love it.

So now more of my thoughts onto paper.

More faith

More art...

The result... total frustration + pleasant calm= new art journal phase.
Yes. I am having trouble turning the graphic art side off. You can't just blurt out... "GRAPHIC DESIGN ... OFF!" And presto chango. Umm. No. Well guess what. Since I'm not a very patient person (shocking right?) I thought that's kind of how it'd work. LAME. After 6 years teaching myself graphic design (no I have NEVER taken a "graphic design" class) I guess this requires a new method of teaching oneself how to think & create again.

PS: What I meant by never taken a graphic design class...well, I graduated from my smarty pants nerds rock school here --> UCSD with a degree in Visual Arts...what IS it?!
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.....umm..... I have no idea. Yes. All throughout college that's what I told people who asked... what will you do with that?! I simply replied.. hey, it got me out of becoming a teacher like my sisters (nothing against teachers please understand...PPS: my sisters are everyone's fav teachers cuz they rock!) Everyone who KNOWS me knows I can't and could've never lasted as an elementary teacher...and frankly, I can live with that.) My question is why the heck isn't my years worth of work in the toughest class known to man AKA: Electrical engineering for Computer Science NOT ON THERE!? I have yet to understand how that is even remotely required for my major. No idea. although I do know that I got both an A and a B ;) HOTNESS. I know. Anyway, see what I mean about being a nerd? Don't make me toast you with my breadboard and transistors ;) I'm not kidding.

I found some work I did back in college and it's all a political mess. Yes. We learned to use the camera, computer and film to create art to help advocate our political & cultural views. I HATE politics. You can just image my horror. But I'm not sure if I should share the work here since I'm sure you might not agree with my view point. Not that it matters because I like you for you and not your political ideas. I mainly played devils advocate in most cases. Since I disagreed with the majority of my classmates political ideas. I am a rebel. Amen.

So yeah.
ANYWAY....sheesh (long story)

Alas. Who cares if I don't know how to unclash my work and hobby? Right? It's not like the art I make looks anything like the corporate stuff I make at work. Totally pales in comparison to the grudge spray splatter stuff I make after hours. :) I like that better. One thing I will say is that it is sad that some people just open up a design mag and copy a design just as is and think they're original. That...well, that's sad. I see it all the time. SO lame. I will continue to work it out. I'm letting loose For now I'm following along with Creative Therapy and I am happy.

have a lookie loo
always always learning

19 days til my birthday :)


Anonymous said...

congrats!! I can't wait to see what you come up with....:)

Kara said...

Creative therapy is rocking.

So are you.

Mandi Johnson said...

Yeah I totally know what you mean about hating politics. I've got strong opinions, and I know that a lot of people don't like to hear it. And I'm like, can't we all just get along? But at my art school, if people find out that you have different views from the very extremely liberal artsy people... then you are just a series of foul mouthed adjectives preceding whatever word they dub you. Anyway... I know what you mean about political art. We "discuss" it a lot.... and it's always quite interesting. Oh and p.s. I can tell you were trained as an artist rather than a designer, because you are very very creative. That's a good thing. A very good thing indeed. :)

My Patterned Mind said...

Love your LO! Its got spunk!

Vee said...

I so love your layout, swoon gorgeous as always!! Love that scrapping can be so therapuetic as well! Have a wonderful weekend! ;)

Titelaine said...


dani said...

I love this layout and every single thing you had to say here!

And that is so cool about Creative Therapy.

I have a feeling politics are going to come up more and more as the election gets closer... it's definitely getting interesting! I don't care so much about people having the same ideas as me, I just care about everyone having ideas!

but I really really loved this post. :)

Anonymous said...

See I am so feeling you .. and you and Iboth know how it can be so releaving .. love it girl ..