Tuesday, August 19, 2008

fried crispy

i wish i could say that was the state of my lunch but nope.
my brain is fried
doing what this postcard says (well, trying to ;)

do what you love

I received this postcard in the mail about a month ago and I've kept it snug on my typewriter since then. Makes for a good reminder when your brain is fried LOL. I thought hey, I should share this with you sweet friends...so here is YOUR reminder...do it.

Creatively speaking, i never know who "gets" my artsy thoughts in my last post. I'm a little mixed about working as a graphic artist and then making art at home for fun. Please know I am not complaining. Nope. I see SO much graphic design that I try not to let it spill over into what I make on paper. That is one expression...I'm just trying to tap back into another one I left 6 years ago. Although my teachers always told me my work was graphic (not like in a nude way) LOL. In fact, i try not to do anything with my computer anymore at home (hence the typewriter) but don't tell my mac. He doesn't like that ;) I felt relieved in a way that I wasn't the only one dealing with the whole "art" in their lives. So sharing the little bit of advice my professor gave me was me trying to focus back to that. I hope, if you too are dealing with "refocusing", that it would've helped you. After all, we all need a little encouragement right? Yep. So thank you if you left some of that. I completely felt a little less insane. LOL.


so here are a couple of layouts I had fun making a few weeks back for Sweet Spuds (Gina is Awesome! Thank you!) I was in a bit of a funk and felt creatively smooshed so please try to understand ;p

Here's one for art....i heart art.


One for the dreamers...yes. i love playing with puffy clouds. And if you are a dreamer...you rock!


One for the perfectionists...come on, you SO are! LOL jk. I sometimes wish I wasn't. Handsome has trouble with me because I'll be at a store or whatever and I'll tell him I don't like certain products because the fonts, colors, graphics etc.. then he starts snoring....I'm working on his listening skillz. HA! (Just kidding babe)


And one for the people with perfect feet
I really don't like you. and i hate your feet... okay. jk. but i can't stand wearing sandals when Mr.handsome is wearing his. He has the most PERFECT feet!!!! I hate them. Every time he catches me staring at them he starts showing them off. !?!!?!?!? srsly. ugh. My feet look like they got run over. The only thing I got from my mother ;) LOL jk. well. not really.


SO there ya go... something for everyone!

And I am purchasing an early birthday present me moi. A new sketchbook. I'm SO excited. I broke out with a box I packed away 6 years ago full of chalks, charcoal, pencils, india inks etc....I'm going crazy....love it

I'll look for some of my old work and post soon.
love ya

26 days till my birthday :)


Mandi Johnson said...

I love what you do. And you're a purist. Love that too. :)

Bekka said...

Did I ever tell you that I love your work? :) Because I absolutely do!

And I understand the feet thing...mine always look so rough!

Oh, I'm starting to post Poland pics on my blog! Thought you'd like to know.

Keka said...

I hate my feet too! Grrr. People w/ perfect feet make me sick. So tell Mr. Handsome I can't stand him. Even though I think he's really cool b/c he makes you happy. ;)

& you forgot one more layout! Mine :( I'm here, waiting patiently. :)

P.S. I promise some layouts will be posted soon...I got my mojo back!

Tricia Wilson said...

Love all of those LO! I can't believe you were feeling "creatively smooshed" when you made them. They are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You know I go through some weird things with art as well. I go back and forth from submitting mixed media pieces and understanding my whole point of expression or meaning to what I'm telling in my work. Then I dabble in the crafty loveliness of scrapbooking and torn with other things. Do others get me? probably not. Do others understand what I'm trying to convey, doubt it. My mind can be slightly twisted. But, I realized, it's for me. it's what it does to me. So, what does it do for you? Your post had me thinking about my own inner tug of wars.

Very nice LO's I'm glad you shared. I may not get you, but I enjoy what you've written and what you've done :)

HarajukuChic @SIS

Anonymous said...

Happy {Early} Birthday Virgo! Mine is in 30 days!! I totally understand where you're coming from. My major was package design, my minor illustration.... I've only done about 4 package designs in the last 20 years (yes, 20 years!!) I did graphic design before computers, when you could cut and paste and glue and color with markers & prismacolors... it was fun to get paid to color all day rather than sit in front of a computer for endless hours. Continue doing your lovely art, it will keep you sane! ;)

dani said...

oh my good goodness! these pages are just.... total complete amazingness times 25. I think you were a perfect fit to guest design for sweet spuds!

love all that stuff about the feet. heh. my feet are like, the only thing on me I really like!

perfect postcard.

you know, all I seem to be thinking about lately, well, ok, other than therapy junk, is art and my life. Which actually has a lot to do with the therapy junk so maybe I should stop trying to separate it and go with the process. iyiyi.



Louise said...

Inspiration [inspiRayshon] n creative impulse, stimulus to artistic or intellectual activity; one who or that gives this ~ inspirational adj.

Thats you Girl!


Jen said...

~hi~ ;)
i puffy *heart* everything that you make.
the sewn flames on your "perfect" LO are KILLER! love it!
i am on a countdown too...only 10 more days for me! woot!

rainbow lisa said...

hey sweetie,
check my blog ;)

Kimberly Scott said...

so ironic...i do A LOT with my computer right now:)

but i love your stuff...just remember YOU are the only one who does it that good:)

bethchien said...


Anonymous said...

I love all these new creations....gorgeous as always.
Good for you for breaking open that box. :)

Vee said...

these are all fantabulous!!! love 'em so much, wow! :) yay, you have a bd coming up?!! sweet! ;)

michelle raMirez said...

I will never get tired of seeing you create things.
you are fantastic in my book.

Ali said...

that postcard is perfect for what i am feeling right now....can i copy it for my blog?? i need to write down some things i am feeling too- torn between doing work i enjoy and doing work that I love....and trying to express myself better outside work..

u are so right and OMG....so channeling my strangled/deranged/confused thoughts at the moment and putting them into clear sentences!

thank you, thank you, thank you debee!!