Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Goods Revealed :)


I seriously have tons of paper and embellishments left over...I'm not finished with this kit. There is the chair stamp that I am LOVING and will soon make an appearance on something :) The moment I opened up my box I was mojo came back with the quickness! LOL.

5 layouts in one day. That's killer for me. I take like 5 hours on a page. Yeah, 5. I know. I'm SO slow but whatevs. Perfection people. It takes time ;P I kid. I usually just have to wait for something to come, a vision of some sort. Then from there it's a piece of cake. ooh yum. cake. oh wait. it's like 8 AM here. Too early for cake but i see a trip to starbucks soon. yay!

You know what else is so obvious that's been consuming me?

My engagement with Mr. Handsome.

*09 Me & You

Getting Older and "Wiser" ha! (Angie sent me this quote and immediately it triggered this page in my head. Goodness I heart her :) QUOTE: The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Own Dreams. -Eleanor Roosevelt

The Future

My love for Mr. Handsome

Our Love Story

All things perfect and lovely and a sweet place to put them


Perfect Wedding dress shopping:


I drew the dress onto the book paper. Cut that sucker out and wanted to make it feel special and pretty. So I framed it :) Then added a tiny button behind it to give it depth. Sigh... if anyone sees a dress like this please let me know. So far, dress shopping is not so good. I want a short dress and none of the stores carry them. I don't feel like ordering a dress just to try it on and pay for it. But alas, I haven't given up hope! And is it bad that I am thinking about my accessories over the dress? hehee. I'll do anything to wear Anthro on my wedding. It's so not a a crime though :P

Alrighty, hopefully everyone is having a great day so far. Get inspired and make something. You'll be happier. Pinky promise.
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Today is gonna be a great day
make it happen


Anonymous said...

I just fainted my friend. Girl you are the bomb, you know that though, I mean you are a Virgo so umm yah..nuff said. Love the LO's seriously.

Thanks for stopping through, always good to hear from you girl. You know what I owe you an email huh .. LOL ;o)


Denise said...

Holy Carp! I just love looking at your art Deb! thanks so much for sharingit with us.

jenjock1 said...

i 'thikn' j.crew has short wedding dresses. not entirely sure, bit worth a look.
gorgeous pages!

Mandi Johnson said...

Debee, you're just really good. Like way better than crafty. So someday I want to commission you to do some art for my house. :) No lie!

metrochic said...

there are no words to properly describe how i feel when i look at your most amazing work.

wedding anthro. wowzah. just the thought makes me all smiley.

Ali said...

OMG your work is so amazing debee! like i can't beleive it - its so different and amazing, and there is detail everwhere...wowzers... and just OMG is all i can say!! thats for the inspiration and mojo boost- now i just need time to scrap...... xx

Rhi said...

i love them all.
but my favorite is the top one. i love the strips and little photo. love it love it.

and please wear anthro.

Catherine said...

I just can't wait for my kit to come now, your pages are lovely, thanks for sharing them!

Genevieve said...

Oh gorgeous. This is art, is really is. Is that new BG paper I see on there? :)

Also, just saw your layout on the Dares page, super amazing too! You are such a talent.

Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

Cheese & Rice!...Awesome post! Love your stuff here! Your art is so free and passionate! So happy I stumbled onto your blog tonight. Very inspiring!!! Good luck finding the perfect dress!

Anonymous said...

Love all those pages but especially the first orange one. Love the little sewn on paper strips and that background color! Awesome!

bethchien said...

Just gorgeous, girl! You are wickedly talented!

Sasha Farina said...

beyond gorgeousness is an understatement!

AlexM said...

There are all spectacular. Esp. love the lovely one! Beautiful!!!

Dina said...



Rose said...

Beautiful :) I love how free you are with your journalling, it's so inspiring