Tuesday, December 23, 2008

shiny star

Head filled with feathers

so much to be said
so much to be thankful for
To live and love with all my heart
This year brought with it major ups and downs
But all in all, I'm here to say my heart is bursting with love
For you, for my family and friends

I started off my week on Monday at the Starbucks drive-thru...I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled out my Starbucks gift card to pay, I was told the person in the car before me had already paid my tab. Sweet. I was shocked... I remember last year, every Friday hitting up Starbucks to do the very same thing for the person in the car behind me. It all comes back. It's such a nice thing, I wanted to say thank you. So if that was you, sweet hugs... I needed a little love. ;P

This week I've seen family and friends come together thinking of others. Meeting their needs. Filling those they love with attention and sweet gifts. I think friendship has been my favorite gift this year. I'm pretty sure I never thought I'd meet you. Nor share a special love for art with you...but we did. This year has been fulfilling in such a memorable way. I hope to focus more on nurturing the beautiful friendships I've made this year in the coming new year. :)


Speaking of gifts, thank you for your sweet Christmas cards! Oh the joy they bring. I sadly didn't have time to finish mine but I did finish my little project inspired by the wonderful Sarah Bowen. (pictured above) But love and blessings to you :) I wanted to say thank you to Carrie for the beautiful head piece she made me, (the pictures do not do it justice!) Isn't this just poetic and beautiful. It made me want to dance and sway around in a pretty dress. I am making it a point to wear this beauty more AND hope to have better photos (I took this one late at night with almost zero light). But I just had to show you the lovely piece. Carrie you are sweet! luvs

My prayer and hope for you in this beautiful Christmas eve, stay close to your family. Love and love a little more. Sweet memories are worth the trouble. Don't let life pass you by without making the time to say thank you to those that have impacted you. (This is my last week of work and I am learning to SAY thank you and let go of the words I've been wanting to speak from my heart...even if I tear up a little) It's so worth it :) May you be filled with an overwhelming JOY and PEACE that can only come from ABOVE. Shine like a shiny glittery star...it's the prettiest thing to behold.

You are blessed sweets
Feliz Navidad

God's little drummer girl


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas sweet drummergirl! I pray you have a lovely day!

Carrie Lee said...

Oh, you look just lovely! You are a brilliant shining star! So glad you got the package before the busy holidays. Wish I could have sent some of our snow also! We have loads and loads more than we need ... but it is soooo extremely beautiful here. Sending you warm wishes and a big thankyou for the kind words about my grandma. Knowing people care makes hard things so much more tolerable. Have a wonderful new year Debee... you deserve it.

Rhi said...

merry CHRISTmas lovely :)
it has been an honor getting to know you this year <3

Anonymous said...

I just recently found your blog... and wanted to wish you a very merry christmas! Love your little house project! Too sweet!

Bekka said...

Merry Christmas, sweet Debee! I'm so happy to have had the absolute honor of meeting you this year. You are such a joy! I wish you abundant blessings in the year ahead.

metrochic said...

i love you, sweetest girl. i can't wait to see where 2009 brings us both. xoxo.

Denise said...

Merry Christmas Debee. Beautiful post....thanks!