Thursday, January 15, 2009

hold it.

can someone just press pause???
I cannot believe it's been this long since my last post. oops.
recap yes?

- still no wedding dress... wedding is in april ack! sigh*
- invitations are still in the works
- CHA is coming up and I'm gonna be there... you going?
- new blog has a name yet needs some art lovin' (more to come soon!)
- someone asked if I was portuguese. hmm.. I'm often mistaken for polynesian. never a mexican, which is what I am :) I have a feeling there is something in our family line. I don't take after my mother or father. but I do have my dad's eyes, my mom's feet (eww) i think my mom has some explaining to do...the milkman ? ha! My family calls me Fed Ex after the little dude in cheaper by the dozen. I'm okay with it. sometimes it sucks not looking like someone in the family, but most of the time it's pretty cool.
- wedding planning still in the works...keeping it small is NO easy task.
- started a crocheting class at a nearby recreation center. I'm in a class with an 8 and 10 yr old. AND they asked me how OLD i was!!! the nerve. little turds ha~ jk.
- and not blogging has allowed me time to recollect and think... something i really missed :) I was sitting in my new crocheting class thinking how odd it was that it was SO quiet. Then I caught myself wondering when was the last time I did that? too long I think. I'll post pictures of my attempts at making flowers :) you'll laugh. I know it.

any wedding advice now that I am less than 3 months away?!

srsly. I could use a little help.

A little art for your viewing pleasure: I HEART Kenner Road!

me and the mister all civil and legit :) happy day for sure


this little dude is a thomas the train junkie. that and mickey's love.

silly boy

I heart amy butlers little jar of embellishments! cool cool yes?


it's the new year and i still love spray's for life i think. ha!

do what you love

carrie's beautiful head piece makes it's debut on paper :) I left most of the journaling on the back of my pages... i am still learning to like my handwriting. scribble it out right?

head full of feathers

thanks for checking up on me sweets

hoping to relax a little more and stress less.

hugs and love to you,


Unknown said...

OMG. 3 months. Yay for you!!! I am just so happy for all the fun stuff you're going through!!! Love the LOs.

Bekka said...

I've missed you!

I can't believe you're getting married in April! It is possible to keep things small without going crazy. My advice is not to panic about anything. Easier said than done, I know. My big panic moment (which was really nowhere near a big deal in hindsight) was when I couldn't get the program to print the night before the wedding. Little silly things seems huge when they're happening. But then again, the stress gives you something to laugh about later -- like the wedding cake that nearly fell over. :D

And how cool that you are learning to crochet! My goal is to finally learn to knit this year.

And gorgeous KR work! As always. :)

Vanessa said...

hello lovely! the big day is coming up so fast! and i am so excited for you. i am not married but i do have some advice...i was recently a maid of honor and i subscribed to a bunch of wedding blogs for inspiration and tips and it was REALLY helpful...i still read a lot of them cos they are inspirational in more ways than one!

metrochic said...

i texted you about CHA! i'm coming!!! i want to see you! xoxo.

Anonymous said...

i'm going to CHA too! Hope we'll get to meet up! :) hugs!

Mari said...

Those Kenner Road layouts are stunning!!!!

I am going to CHA aswell, all the way from Norway:) Hope to say HI!!!

I'll bet you won't have a problem with finding the perfect dress! And just have your friend Carrie make you a gorgeous headband to go with it:)


Sasha Farina said...

words failed me Girl... you are choked full of talent!!

Vee said...

that is awesome that you are going to cha, not me this time around :( I love all your scrappies and glad that you are learning new things, crocheting is so gorgeous and calming. THREE MONTHS, wow time is flying but you are going to be such a pretty bride, can't wait to see!
happy weekend!

Jaszmurka said...

You can do it :)

Awesome work... as always :D

Carrie Lee said...

Popping in to say hi!
So excited for you..... Every moment goes by so quickly, just enjoy every moment and remember... you are starting a new journey... and it is all yours. No one else can live YOUR day, your life. Soak in every treasured memory, it will go by like a blink of the eye.
XOXO... look terrific... you could wear a potato sack and look cute(start a new bridal trend?HA)!So...don't worry!

Mandi Johnson said...

first of all, I really love everything scrappy that you have made! I really look up to you as an artist and a person.

And second of all, I can sooo relate with your "keeping is small is no easy task" statement! Phil and I got married in June of 2007. And my only advice about wedding planning is this: do everything you absolutely positively can do NOW. Because when the time comes closer, you want to sit back and enjoy the whole thing. There are lots of things that have to wait to be done until the last minute, and that's fine, but you want to be able to enjoy doing them. I wish I would've been able to enjoy that time more than I did. Instead I checked out and had the "I don't even care anymore" attitude. Which isn't cool for your wedding! haha

So, that's my only advice for wedding planning. I'm sure your wedding will be lovely. :)

Anonymous said...

wow! Love them all but that first one is stunning!!

Anonymous said...

love! love! love! always love ur LOs!

Anonymous said...

yes, i agree with everyone else. your LOs are beautiful!

so... did i understand that right? you're legally married?

lovely to hear from you again... and can't wait to see the new blog you talked about in your previous post!


Anonymous said...

my only advice is to breathe
everything else will fall into place
and if it doesn't
it wasn't meant to be ;)

lovely art

Ali said...

hi debee. i love those layouts- they are beautiful, and i love the one with the 'do what u love for a living one' - yep i am - working for a scrapbooking manufacturer in aus!! yet to scrap my page...will soon!!

just breathe it my advice....i am yet to be married or look after marriage you'll have to let me know if that works! ;)

oh and im headin to CHA too - will be at booth number 4943 working away- i'd love for you to pop by!! would be AWESOME to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Love your layouts - great style, thanks for the inspiration.

Congrats on the impending wedding!

This year is our 10th anniversary, so it's been awhile since my own wedding, but working in hotel events I have 2 bits of advice that I give EVERY Bride I meet:

1. Plan Plan Plan - that means have a little note book with you every minute and as soon as you think about some minor detail or idea write it down! Then every night take a half hour to yourself and go through the notes and put them in your bridal planner or action them. I give my Brides a cute self-inking Red Heart stamp, so that once they have organised one thing, they can stamp that page and move on. It is never too early to organise, book or finalise even the tiniest detail.

2. The second bit of advice is that everyone is going to want to put their two bit's in, and in most cases it's because they love and respect you and they want the best for both of you! Listen to them all - you don't have to do what they advise, just like you don't have to take any of this advice, but Listen - you never know when the most amazing idea is going to come out of the mouth of someone you least expect it to!!!

Most of all ENJOY! The best of luck to you both in your new life together!


Jennifer said...

People always ask if I'm Italian...I'm Filipino/Mexican! Weird..

PheBeScraP said...

wow.....this is incredible...i am truly amazed...all the differemt textures, colors, elements....
All I can say is Wow!!!!