Tuesday, March 3, 2009

put it down

mister kisses

the thoughts.
the stress
the fear
it's going to be okay.

Handsome and I are crazy.
He more than i of course ;p

We went house hunting this past weekend. We are counting down the days to our wedding. And earnestly searching for a place to call home. Realizing that time was of the essence we put an offer in. And so now the waiting continues. Hoping. Praying. Searching. More Waiting. And continuing to search for a place to call our HOME. It's been good to sit and crochet. Keeps my thoughts from consuming me. If you can, please pray for us as we continue to look. To seek and find peace during this time. Not so much for a building with a rooftop. Not because it has a certain amount of square footage. Or just because we want to own something. None of those things appeal right now. The place we search for is, we hope, a place where we can welcome everyone. Fellowship and enjoy a long chat. Simply love on them. A place where we encourage you to share your thoughts. Take away the stress. Walk in without fear. And know that there, in that place...where ever it might be, whatever it ends up looking like. That's the place where you know everything is going to be okay.

lay your head down
enjoy the peace
and rest.

waiting for this.
with all my heart
thanks for listening


Amber Zimmerman said...

We call that a "sigh home". . .a place where you can walk in and sigh because you are home and can relax. =) Will pray for you as you embark on a new and wonderful journey - that you can enjoy the moment and find your perfect home.

Deana said...

Those are beautiful thoughts... you'll find it... :-)

Vee said...

I hope you it all works out, I remember that feeling when I saw my house!! so exciting! :)

Anonymous said...

Debee, you'll just 'know' when you find it and you WILL find it ;)

Stephanie said...

We are currently renting our "home"...and it's been a great place to start out. I do long for the days that we can make major changes and work in the yard..in our OWN place.

Marriage is such a blessing. You are gonna LOVE it.

Michelle said...

Hope you find the home that your heart desires for... keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...


metrochic said...

oh, my sweet friends. you guys will find it, of that i'm sure. and when you do, i can't wait to visit. all our love to you and the boy. xoxo.

Carrie Lee said...

aaawwww.... we all need a little of that right now. The peace, the rest, filling the air of a home with fragrant, warm memories. You will find a place where it will all be okay.... hopefully we all will, sooner or later.

dani said...

you say such beautiful things.
I just know you're going to find the very best home.

Anonymous said...

it will come sweetie
it will come
bc you are love
you and mr coco
and you deserve the world
bc to each other you are the world
sending the best calm vibes i have
love you
miss you

Denise said...

I will definitley pray for you guys to find a home--the right one, where your heart and mind is at ease (and your wallet). I have learned a lot about what that really means in the past 2 years. So happy for you both!