Friday, April 10, 2009

sweet dare

pretty veil

if you married with a veil...
i dare you to go get your veil and put it on.
take a picture.
prance around the room
dance and swirl around in a pretty happy mood
and be pretty.

i just am crazy over my veil.
i got it here: pretty pretty
and I just cannot wait to wear it.
so much so that i wear it while I pack.
yep. I'm packing up my books, my art, my studio. my life. while wearing my veil.
hey. free country :)

ugh. sosososososososo nervous.
it's a good de-stresser though.
and just to prove it i took pictures.
laugh all you want my loves. it's worth it

nothing to do

in 2 weeks i will be walking down the aisle.
two weeks
hay ya yay.


Unknown said...

So pretty sweets. Wish I got to see the look on his face when he sees you! I didn't wear a veil, and seeing you almost makes me wish that I had. :)

Anna/Augusti_73 said...

You. Will be a beauuuutiful bride!

domestic goddess said...

you are so beautiful!off on my hols now but i will take the trip to the loft and go get my veil!
hugs and have a lovely Easter
Anna x

Vee said...

you look totally gorgeous!!!! :)

Vanessa said...

you look gorgeous! two weeks!? wow! so exciting!

Shaina Longstreet said...

i had a long long veil, but it got lost somehow between the ceremony and the reception...i never did find it. :(
thats kind of a sad story now that i think of it....

but you look absolutely gorgeous in yours!! <3

amy said...

you're so lovely. enjoy every moment!!

Anonymous said...

You look spectacular! I love this idea! Unfortunately I have no idea where my veil is! I was married six years ago :) Enjoy your upcoming nuptials !!

Dina said...

You look stunning.

So excited for you. :)

Andrea Ancich said...

you are the cutest thing ever!
congrats on your wedding in 2 weeks...
and you're going to be a beautiful bride....
love your veil....

chanel said...

after being married 14 years i don't think about my veil much, my 3 girls like to play with it. Maybe i will go put it on again ... have a fabulous wedding day - your cheeks will be hurting by the end of it from smiling so much - its a wonderful day!
luv chanel

Jen said...

you are too sweet! i <3 your excitement. you make a gorgeous bride ;)

michelle raMirez said...

you are going to make such a beautiful bride!!!
Enjoy this crazy busy, happy time.
You are oh so deserving!

Elisa said...

you look just beautiful!! congrats on your wedding :) i´m getting married in 3 months