Sunday, May 31, 2009

miss me?



hello again friends!
it's time to get back into the swing of things. Handsome and I are so very thankful for your sweet comments regarding our wedding- we send our love to each of you who left well wishes!
The recap: We are still living out of boxes. We have been waiting in escrow for our home and one thing just takes forever and well...we are tired but know everything happens for a reason. Hopefully good news to come soon. *wink*wink* Married life has been a blessing. I always feel like it's all a dream. 5 weeks married and people tell us we still have a happy glow :)

That being said, I barely unpacked a couple of my art supplies in time to create some art. I am guest designing for "Scrap for A Cure" for the month of June. Check it out: Scrap for a Cure. Sweet stuff :)

Here are my pages... but before I show you I must explain a little bit. Since packing up my things I came across a few pictures a friend of mine took of me(back in college) I wanted to toss them. I had to use pictures of me for an art project and came across extras during the move. Of course, I was embarrassed by them and hid them under a pile of books so no one passing by could make fun me ;P (tough family, jk!)
Then I thought, dang...I should probably use the pictures and make some updated art with them. I figured since my printer and camera were tucked away for a good while, why not?

So this page I was taking my first photography class & darkroom techniques course...i had saved this print of my index pictures. My little sister whom I love to call chicki posed for some random shots. I would beg her to let me take her picture, and like a cutie pie that she is, she was gracious and said yes. Except looking at the pictures of her now make me sad...she's growing up SO fast. And I just had to scrap the pictures for her and remind her how pretty and sweet she is on the inside as well. At least I think so *smiles.

This next one is a favorite. I always reminded my shy self to NOT BE AFRAID. Afterall, seeing all the crazy stuff in college can scare anyone. I had to remind myself to never fear my potential. Fear is only limiting. I challenged myself to seek out who I wanted to be and only think of that. Rather than try to conform to every other artist.
Rise & Shine
Rise & Shine

A page to remind me that we are always in transition. That spinner wheel is total cuteness!
finding (me)

you like art? i like you :) and I love art. just a page sending all my love to art... love love love it!
Art rocks 2001
Art rocks 2001

just thinking out loud.
this page is more like a "note to self page"
you are silly if you care what other people think
what they say about you
how they judge you.
and they don't even know you.
silly indeed.
silly girl
silly girl

okay loves...I have missed you all... let me know what's up with you!
hugs and pretty flowers to you,


Melissa Mann said...

Gorgeous layouts!!!!!

Have a happy week!

Unknown said...

Um, yes...I have missed you! So glad you're doing good, and hope that you get to show us your house soon! :) Have a blissful, sweet week!

Elisa said...

ohhhh you are back!!! I´ve missed you a lot!!
beautiful LOs

Marie - Med mina händer... said...

Welcome back! Missed you and your art - but hey you are forgiven now. Love your layouts!

Anonymous said...

welcome back!! you sure look radiant! and thanks for sharing you beautiful work. *huggies*

Lexi said...

Yea! My checking your blog every other day has paid off :) So glad to see your back, and glowing as ever. Thanks for sharing those SAWEEET LO's..always such inspiration! You rock it always! Welcome back!!

Jody said...

Debee!! Welcome back; I totally missed you! Happy 5 weeks of married life. You will look back on these days and love the memories- even if they're not perfect and 'tidy' and without boxes. You're writing the story of your life together with your handsome hubby and that is wonderful. Soak it all up!
I also have to say that your heart must be big and full and beautiful because the way it spills over to your pages is all of that! Love these and the thoughts you share about each one. Thank you. Keep being you. You're a pretty special lady.
Happy June...xoxo.

dani said...

I did miss you!
So happy to see a post from you and read that all is well. I'm finally getting the last of my boxes unpacked after my move so I understand living out of them.

Gorgeous pages, of course!

Mandi Johnson said...

I love everything you've made, as usual. Debee, I wish I had classmates (or teachers, for that matter) like you at our art school. Seriously, you're just all about the art and being you- instead of being pretentious and all that jazz.

Anyway, I think you are a dear, and a wonderful artist! I'm glad things are going well with you and the hubs!

Erin said...

Gorgeous gorgeous pages! I so love what you did with the kit.

Welcome back and belated congratulations on you marriage!

jacelyn darelam said...

Hi Debee... your creations are always lovely... I am glad I have found your site!

best of wishes on your wedding... and enjoy every moment!



Christine said...

gorgeous creations, as usual :)

Michelle said...

YAY!!! So happy to see you back!!!! I've missed the updates on your blog! :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layouts! AMAZING stuff!!


Anonymous said...

congratulations on your wedding! [little late, but still honest ;)]
I totally love your works and pictures. I don't know why should anybody laugh at them..

Anonymous said...

oh and forgot to write: you're sooo pretty!

Anne Thompson said...

Wow, gorgeous LO's! I soooo love the splatters : ) Anne

pinkcherrymama said...

you never cease to amaze me with your art! lovely layouts :)
i hope you and mr. handsome keep that glow forever!

Vee said...

as always love your work :) so happy you are enjoying you life with mr. :)

Vee said...
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