Monday, June 15, 2009

happy news!

handsome and I have FINALLY moved into our condo! woot woot! A happy dance is in order... break it down!
After the whole escrow drama which started April Fool's day (we shoulda known ;) and after 2 months of waiting...we are finally in our place. With our weeds, our funky looking carpet and our crazy amount of boxes :) Pictures of course to come... now this blog will be about redesign in our home. Overload.

So while everything was packed away the lovely KL sent me a beautiful package containing the KR June kit of course! LOVE deep deep love for KR kits! I squeeeeeeezed time between packing, graduations and moving to play with this months kit. see?

I never leave home without my spray can :P

Can you believe it's been 7 weeks since Handsome and I said "I Do"? CRAZY! Right now we are just happy we survived the whole wedding planning, the wedding, and the home buying experiences... all of which came with their own set of drama for EVERYONE's mama. amen But none the less, happy is pretty much our state of being. Blessed and happy. :) We are SO thankful we had a very small and humble wedding with NO credit card debt or post wedding debt for that matter. AND that our family and friends were there to cheer us on and have a good time. Srsly. It was the best. :) This is us walking down the aisle as official husband and wife.

Sleepy Head
Sleepy Head
Baby G is a very funny kid. Silly sleepy head hates going down for a nap. SO right before he does he gets extra playful and jumps on my lap to play with my laptop and photobooth. It's so cute! He pushes the button to snap the pics :)

free* Play
Free* pLay
This layout is a bitter sweet one for me. A couple months back I was going to physical therapy. I was told to stop doing straining activity like drumming and I didn't. Because that's how I roll. Play till your arms fall off right? yes. that's how rock works. anyway, since then i started going to occupational therapy and they told me I had on top of the carpal tunnel in BOTH arms, tendonitis in BOTH arms too. Oh nuggets. Not good. I got worse and of course that was a wake up call. Chill out. Rest. Relax. And so I'm happy I get a break but I guess I am afraid I will never get back to it. I always wished I would be the drum rocking grandma....I'm holding onto hope. There is always hope.

and to end off on a happy note:

Oh my goodness handsome and I are BIG fans of Mario Batali! I love watching him cook on Iron CHef and more than that I LOVE his food at Mozza, in LA. The Pizzeria blows away any pizza I've ever had. Simple. Not greasy, yummy overload and happy tummy feeling good. So if you are ever in LA you MUST go. Call and make a reservation weeks in advance. Handsome and I just went recently for our honeymoon. We went to LA just for that. :) The Madonna pic is of a picture I took of a poster outside of Mozza. We were hanging out waiting for the restaurant to open and I thought it's make a cool background :) cool cool.

Alrighty, fun times to be had today:
Starbucks run
unpack boxes
lunch with dad
unpack boxes
take a nap :P

Wishing you all a happy week. Enjoy not having to unpack!
see ya


Unknown said...

So happy for the two of you! Can't wait to see photos!

Melissa Mann said...

gorgeous layouts!! Have a great Monday!

Vee said...

congrats ma!! that is awesome, the house buying can be a total pain in the butt so worth it! I love love your layouts, love mario too! love how you made the backround like his fav color, orange :)

Denise said...

oh have a delightful time decorating, moving things, making things for special spots, changing your mind and feathering your beautiful nest.

Amber Zimmerman said...

You and Mr. Handsome are too adorable! Enjoyed seeing your married pics in your gallery and just lurve how you work the spray paint girl! I also think it is hilarious that you say "oh nuggets". You are the only other person besides myself I know who says that. I think I may have picked it up from one of my kid's tv shows? haha =)

Stephanie Baxter said...

Good news about your condo! I just wanted to ask you a question about your layouts...what kind of spray paint do you use?

THE BABEHS said...

finallyyyy updated wuhooo i loveeeee debeeeeeee's

p/s: congratz on ur always ur no 1 blog...follower..

dani said...

pretty pretty pretty.

and yay for moving!

Love, Carrie said...

Always amazing! Can't wait to take a class from you! Congrats on your move :)

Christine said...

Congrats on your new home :) Lovin' your latest pages - would love to learn from you :)

Cait said...

Congratulations on being back, being married, being moved in, and beauuuutiful scrap pages! I love it!

Elisa said...

all of them are gorgeous!!! you are my idol :)

Lauren said...

those layouts are perfection