Thursday, September 3, 2009

[:: unplugged]

{ life }
it's been passing by way to fast.
it's really important for rest.
a break.
time out.

i need to get myself up and on task.
In the mean time, know i luvs u and send you super art powers.
i will be coming back... and let you into a new site, a few previews... and some giveaways.
The countdown to my birthday is coming up fast on the 15th this month.
the big 30.
I'm ready.
I think that's what's causing the break.
in a good way. :)
just changing things up.

I'm currently listening to MATISYAHU (For You)
(LOVE these lyrics!)

When you dance in the drizzle fizzle out
Fist out, blissed out, shout it loud
Through the clouds, oh and rock out
I can't stop now coz I move like the breeze
With ease and grace we stay laced
As we move through the space dancing on a blade
Of grass at twilight a firefly fly free through the night
I shine bright from the ground to the sky

<3 very much

back to my corner of the world to dance and rock out and shine out loud


Unknown said...

Miss you! Glad to know you're good! :)

Vee said...

enjoy your break girl and see ya when you return! 30's are awesome, promise! xo

Christine said...

breaks are good! :)

kL said...

kiss kiss

Melissa Mann said...

always good to take time for yourself. but, i'm glad you're back ;-)

Denise said...

enjoy your break and shine bright!

Bekka said...

I can't wait to see what you have in store! And I feel ya on the 3-0 thing. Mine is coming up next year. I'm looking forward to what my thirties have to offer, but man, did I enjoy my 20s! :)

Also, you share a birthday with my little sister.

jamie said...

so glad to see you here. having recently discovered your work, it has been missed.
enjoy your break.
and rock 30! it's all good.

ardith said...

glad you are back- ENJOY 30- you are still just a baby- with so much to enjoy yet!