Tuesday, November 17, 2009

making time

Sometimes it's hard to get back here. But today I'm making time to share some art and ideas I've been loving.
::UPDATED!! see bottom of post :P

My home this season

Pictures in my home. Hanging art up just to glance and sigh every now and again. It's a shame to keep my LO's stacked on the ground in a pile. Smooshing each other to death. So I've been filling our home with pages I love. All of course made using the awesome Kenner Road kits :) We recently purchased this little wonder: We bought this coffee table from hereIt's so fun, the table has a huge drawer split into 4 large 13x13 squares under the glass. So I decided to showcase some of the following pages into each of the 4 squares. they fit perfectly! Kind of like a mini gallery in there. I love it so much. The pages stay flat and pretty for a little while longer before heading into the inevitable pile. Even still... it's perfect to see art even in the most random places. xo

I think the only time I make art now is right after I receive my KR kit. Pure JOY. Sometimes I just let myself think, scheme and process what I will create next. This time around I actually started ahead of schedule. I layed all the items in the kit out... stared. processed. spray painted. dried. stared. processed. cut cut cut. added. subtracted. stared. processed. and repeat. 3 days. then this: { Happy } No journaling. Just art. a flow of ideas all mixed up in glue and stitching. My little camera is making me very happy right now. Happy to create. To capture. To feel this happy.


my art process: ( I have a gold bird that is just perfect. I scanned it in and printed it out b&w on one of the patterned papers in the kit. Then watercoloured it and added pencil colours for depth. Perfect. I love this pattern paper but I made it more subtle by spraying it with white/antique spray. I think it brings out the details in the raindrops and picture.

So who's a Mickey Mouse kid?
I am!

magic memories
We celebrated Mr. Handsome's birthday by having a blast at Disneyland :) I had told my mister that I had ALWAYS dreamed of getting a Mickey Mouse hat since I was little. But it wasn't possible, I come from a pretty big family and just getting to Disneyland was a treat. And so Mister Handsome made my wildest dreams come true. Right before closing he purchased a hat with my name on it! Hello. I'm 30. I really can't pull the look off anymore. But I cannot tell you how excited I was! I even got on all the rides. ( I am such a chicken about rides. I'd rather stand in like for a churro :) lol ) So late as it was, mr. handsome took a picture of me. smiley. happy. silly little old me. I'm a Mickey Mouse kid now people. thank you. thank you very much. (smiles)

The only ride I didn't go on was the tea cups. I refused. I wouldn't be able to keep my $3.99 churro in. and there was NO way I was loosing my churro. I LOVE churros. amen.


So I watched mr.handsome and his sisters rock the teacups. In this picture there was a couple sneaking in a kiss and in another teacup there was a mom and dad taking photos of their sweet little girl. I thought the picture was precious. Everyone seemed happy. It was very sweet.

So me and the mister had to go check out Minnie Mouse. We were chillin' in her house and I found a cute vanity mirror where she powders her cute little nose. I had mr. handsome steal a kiss :) That man just gets me. gotta love that. xo


And last week a sweet co-worker celebrated a birthday so Mr. Handsome and I made chocolate covered oreo cookies and made these little cuties.

Cuties Gifts

mr. handsome got a special box wink* wink*

Cuties gifts 2

And some for my ladies in my small group.


Blessings gifts

See that pretty garland in the background? That's my latest garland. I think it's so perfect for this season. I will be putting it up in my etsy shop hopefully as early as tomorrow. So if you are looking for a festive and sweet garland to decorate your home, check it out :) I will be including a free gift with the purchase & free shipping xoxo.

What's coming up,
:: Photo of my baby crochet afghan ( yay I finished it!)
debee baby crochet

:: Photo of my new cowl ( just made it yesterday and i'm wearing it right now :) soooo cozy. xo
my yellow fuzzies

:: Photo and live link to my new garland in my etsy shop
Sweet hearts garland 2

Sweet hearts garland 3

Sweet hearts garland 4

So it's back to work for me, and date night tonight with mr.handsome. Sending and wishing you a happy day. Hope you enjoyed the eye candy :) Happy tuesday !



Elisa said...

i´m always expecting your updates :) love you art, it´s so perfect, for me. I think you are very right hanging up your beautiful LOs.
Love the cuties you have done for Mr. Handsome. i wish i had your "arte"
thanks for sharing

Melissa Mann said...

BEAUTIFUL layouts!!! You always inspire me!!

Amy said...

i looove that pic of your home! so beautiful!

Denise said...

so pretty! love your art-those blessings cards are so gorgeous. can't wait to see your cowl :)

jamie said...

yes enjoyed the eye candy...always!

the tag is a punch i am assuming? you are making thAT a necessary supply purchase you know!!!

Ashleigh said...

Love the layouts and your process. I'm sure if I did something similar it would like a bunch of crazy lOl but you have flair!
Also like your new "mini-gallery" table--very neat!

Marina said...

Wonderful layouts! Just love your art! And what a great idea to have a table that can be used to display such amazing things!

RĂ´ Philippsen said...

Debee, I love your art... sooooo much!! And your process is very intersting, thanks for sharing!

Sweet Escape said...

Woooaa!!..your art is amazing!!..i'm in love with your layouts!! they are super rad!! I love, love, love that you are hanging them up in your home,,what an awesome idea!!,,thanks for the inspiration!!

Carrie Lee said...

Long time hun! How are you??? Getting cold up here... brrr. Sounds like your life is going along just wonderfully... good for you. Hope to see more of you this winter.... I have been so busy and will continue on being a creative busy bee... see you on the blog circuit sweetie! xo Carrie

Anonymous said...

hello love
i hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving.
i love the eye candy. i always do.
i always miss out on the etsy shop goodies. :(

Amber Ulmer said...

sweet girl, amazing work! brillant layouts! and that afghan! LOVELOVE the color combo! Never would've thought of that! I love the white!
I am making a granny square afghan for josie right now... just ONE huge granny square... i love seeing yours! it's inspired me, the color combo! and love the garland!! xo