Friday, January 15, 2010


maybe it's just today...but i feel a little antsy. Just a little. Like I need to get something done. something very important but not on my to- do list. hmm.. I can't quite put my finger on it. Anyway... so 2010 really came in like a blur for me. I designed, printed, cut, decorated and baked TONS of wedding stuff for my cute little sister's wedding. She got married the 9th of January. And I guess I was so consumed with that I still feel hyper and ready to do more for it. ha! Let me tell you... I LOVE her. and I proved it. I will say it almost killed me. Almost :P

The day before her wedding she had me baking 400 Mexican wedding cookies. I never want to see them. Eat them. Or hear of anyone EVER speak of such things ever again! ahhhhh! I just about disowned the little sis. but alas, I'm full of drama. ha! :)

here she is in all her cuteness. sigh*


I miss her SO much! She's the first one to move away. Far away. In never land. like Arizona. lol. (sorry heather) dang. No more cheesy movie watching buddy. No more starbucks drinking dates. No more jumping on her bed and annoying her. :( I cried. I cried when I was chopping the walnuts for the cookie's. The room suddenly got blurry. I held back. I'm too macho for crying. But the day of her wedding i cried myself awake. I woke up to the clock marking the 9th and I felt doomed. I had to let go. She's my only little sis. She's the only one I could act dumb with. And i didn't mind her laughing at me. She's got a happy laugh. I think of that often. sigh*

I made this page to mark an exciting new chapter in her life. Marriage is the best thing I've ever committed to. I hope the same for her. She married a great guy. They have a HUGE puppy great dane. So I'm an auntie now too :) sweet!

Here's me and my very patient man.

Lift me up

We were at the wedding just waiting around. So a little impromptu photo shoot ensued. I have to remind him he loves getting his picture taken. always. ha~


Here we are again. Mr. Handsome has long arms. Thank God. He's able to carry Mona in one hand and take the picture. my man has skillz. woot woot.

and my fav:

XO baby you're mine

Usually he's kissing me. But i wanted to do some smooching too. lol. except I felt terribly uncomfortable kissing mr. handsome in front of my dad . ewwww gross! Dad left though. he's not much for smooching :)

all layouts were created using Kenner Road January kits xoxo. On another creative note: I've got a cute shop update this Monday! I've been playing around in my studio and making super cute Valentine's day tags, embellishments etc. I cannot wait! Please check back for a live link this MOnday. I will try and post a few sneaks this weekend. But Monday for sure!

So happy January everyone! This month is going by like a blur. I have to remind myself to make time for me. And you need to remind yourself to make time for you :) On my end, my new blog is getting some finishing touches and so is my art studio. I hope on your end you are enjoying now. Today. even if it goes by like a blur.



Natalie Elphinstone said...

awesome layouts. Super inspirational. Sorry to hear about your sister moving away, but I guess it's for all the right reasons (ahh, love.....)

Unknown said...

Those lo's are ROCKIN!! I swooned over them last night after the reveal. ;-) Haha! Hope you show sneaks of your new studio. I love to see where people create! Sorry about your sis moving. . .Skype is a wonderful thing. =)

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! Your fave is my favorite too :) I love the colors and the photo is delightful


Nina said...

Wow...gorgeous scrapping as always. My fave is no. 1. You're simply the BEST!

Sasha Farina said...

i love sisterly bond like that. love. LOVE. and i adore your layouts! always :)

metrochic said...

DUDE! but now you have more reason to come visit! and HELLO? spring training?! whee!

i'm coming to CA for CHA next week. will i see you, loverly?! hopes yes.

RĂ´ Philippsen said...

Oh, Debee I love all the three layouts, in especial the one with portuguese title "amor"! You are an inspiration for me.
Xoxo from Brazil!