Saturday, January 23, 2010


you make me happy

this year i commit to celebrating more.

both everything and nothing at all.

i celebrate fridays with starbucks. :) ( a very deadly treat that kills our budget lol )

i celebrate fridays because it was the day of the week handsome and i got married.

we celebrate us.

we celebrate together.

i ramble while we watch tv together. i just say what i'm thinking. and when i'm quiet he knows something crazy will come out of my mouth. one such time i said... I want to celebrate seasons. not just summer, fall, winter, spring or holidays but our seasons. Our everyday. our life. i don't want to miss out celebrating. it's not just an excuse to not remember special days. ( i'm terrible at remembering every special anniversary in our relationship. ) I just think everyday can be a time to celebrate. break out the cupcakes, the pretty linens and plates... send someone something special. My last post somewhat explains my somber year last year and a need to change. This is a new year. This year i will sprinkle it with bits of celebrating.

To start off I made some shadow box art ( shadow box from IKEA ) using a new Pretty Paper Kit now in my ETSY shop
(The kits are very limited. Only 2 available)
Pretty Paper Kit and it includes everything you see pictured here:

Pretty Paper

and for some eye candy pleasure i made the following pages only using what's in the kit:

picture this

it's love

wedding love

I always forget to take pictures of the packages i send out from my ETSY shop. this little package is on it's way to a new home... off to the post, and grocery shopping... and celebrating today painting my little studio and such.


and a special thanks to those lovelies who left a comment on my previous post... thank you for leaving beautiful and encouraging notes. I really needed that. I'm touched from your heartfelt response. xoxo

sending love,


Denise said...

Oh Debee! I am always so delighted to see your posts, your photos, your art. Today that's what I am celebrating :) You inspire me in many ways and I am so sorry that a comment from someone hurt you and made you question yourself. It's sounds like you are owning your truth and fighting back with joy and delight. Good for you. Fear is a terrible thing--it makes us make poor descisions and react in ways we wouldn't. Courage is fear that has said it's prayers!!
Happy Saturday-happy YOU.

Unknown said...

Yay for celebrations! I'm celebrating today as the last Saturday that my hubby has to work for a LONG time. For as long as we've been married(almost 4 years), he's worked on Saturday, and now, no more! Here's to the good, everyday things!

Diana Martin said...

Oh such sweetness!!! Simply beautiful! Celebrate beauty in the small things xo

Anonymous said...

This is great! I was just talking to my husband about this yesterday. I want to capture everyday, little moments and just appreciate how beautiful life is. Your pages are too cute!


Curlywiggles said...

Everything you make is so pretty, makes me wish i had a special someone so i had an excuse to buy these kits! Happy to see you blogging regularly again.