Tuesday, January 26, 2010


dress love

Heading off to CHA! Woot woot! I cannot wait to see my friends from the Kenner Road design team ( thank you KL!). I'm really happy I also get to see Heather (metrochic) she rocks :) I will be back with some SF pictures and hopefully some snapshots of CHA. Please send me some prayers for a safe trip xoxo. I always am nervous driving in rain AND cali drivers lol!

before i leave i have another resolution: wear more pretty dresses. I bought this cute dress from Anthro. This also deserves a picture of proof. This is a snapshot of what I wore for my little sisters wedding. I felt really happy in a dress. not bad. :)

So yeah...xoxo i think this will happen more.

hope you take a pic of your dress love too! I'd love to see !



Anonymous said...

aww...you look so gorgeous.
have fun and be safe.
did you have fun yesterday?
i've never been to TimeLess Treasures, but i've been to the website. looks like i could drop some serious change there.
i got my pkg on Sat. SWOON. the goodies are even more adorable in person. just like you. you have to take a trip to TX and visit me.
give Heather a hug for me.
love ya.

Denise said...

wow-say hi to Heather for me! be safe and have fun and YES to dresses, I need some in my life to. you look very pretty.

RĂ´ Philippsen said...

Wow Debee, you are soooooo beautiful in your gorgeous dress!
xoxo, from Brazil

Curlywiggles said...

This dress is so pretty, you look so beautiful in this picture. i am jealous you got to go to CHA, there are so many wonderful releases coming out.