Monday, January 4, 2010

a new year and a new tutorial

Happy New Year my dear friends!

Envelope Liner Tutorial

I am digging myself out from underneath my comfy bed to share a envelope liner tutorial & mailing labels I just posted over at Kenner Road. (completely inspired by Martha Stewart Weddings).

Handsome and I have been sick with a cold a flu since New Year's Eve. He was sick before me and three days later... it finally hit me. Sniffles. Aches. Migraine. Cough. Oh dear.

Label Gifts

I have a couple of resolutions I want to keep this year and I will come back and share them with you when my stuffy head clears up. But for now, I'm sharing one resolution: to send more snail mail to lovely friends and family. I designed a quick mailing label pdf free for you to download! Wow, lookie there, she IS a graphic designer! lol! Okay, my little brain can't handle any more blogging. cough cough hack cough. I will be back after some major rest, strawberry halls poppin' and dayquil drinkin' (yuck) days are over.

sending my happiest healthiest thoughts & blessings to you


Anonymous said...

first, I hope you are feeling better soon.
second, ditto on more snail mail-good for you!!! I'm with you! thant's a lovely kit from KR.

Denise said...

hope you are better soon-
I love your first resolution! It is on my list as well-along with leaving random art in public. Take care Debee!

Rose said...

these are so beautiful! thanks for the inspiration. hope you feel better soon!

Vee said...

happy new year!!! off to check your tutorial!

Bekka said...

Feel better soon, okay?

Anonymous said...

happy new year!
i hope you are feeling soon.
thanks for the mailing labels. hopefully i can start sending some snail mail out myself. it's funny how a letter always puts a smile in our hearts, right?