Monday, January 25, 2010

Stretch your wings

Today handsome and I are enjoying our favorite Christmas gift: a fun day trip up to San francisco :) we are so excited! Such a sweet and unexpected gift from my lovely mother in law. Xoxo

We've never traveled by plane together in the almost 5 years together so this is a happy day. This year I want to travel more. I've always loved traveling. Not so much the plane flying part but it gets me to magical places so I will endure. I think this is the year i'm brave enough to travel on impulse. I've always wished I could be the type of person who just wakes up in the morning and says today I'm going to ________ and makes it happen. That would be a great day. Live a little. Sigh* hold me to it. Any suggestions ? Favorite places you've been ? I'm thinking this can totally happen sometime this year. It'll be a surprise ;)

So off to SF! Yay!

Handsome lived in berkeley for a bit and has so many good memories that I'm excited to make my own today. I really want to make a quick trip to sf anthro, make a small purchase at timeless treasures and take some fun photos. Today is a really good day to stretch your wings!



nikki peterson said...

um missey that is wierd cause i am heading to timeless treasures today.... i need some numbers for the baby's room....

Unknown said...

Umm, if you hop on a plane to ABQ, I'd love to show you around! Tix aren't too bad from where you are, I don't think, anyway! ;) Have a blast!

Elisa said...

so jelous ;) love SF, I have my 1st date with my, now, husband
have fun!!!!!

Amy said...

I love San Fran....everything but the Giants is great there :)
Best Chocolate Milkshake EVER: Taylor's Refresher restaurant in the Ferry Building.
Best Sandwich I have EVER had: Ike's in Castro.....seriously never had a better sandwich.
Best Chinese Food: Nan-King in China Town

Have a great time...such a fun city....reminds me of a mini NYC!