Wednesday, January 27, 2010

... yawn


hello loves.

* was a little hard waking up. the blankets kept throwing themselves back on me... i happily obliged.
* had lunch with my mami and papa. i heart them :) xoxo*
* was gifted a bag of 4 enormous oranges... and they are so sweet! i love when fruit is sweet. that's the way it should be. i think i'd eat more fruits if they were sweeter. yes i would.
* panicked! i thought i had an appointment today that's actually tomorrow (whew!) to design save the dates but with my throbbing headache... no way. so glad it's tomorrow! why do i do this to myself?!
* had a headache that made my right eyebrow throb... maybe thinking too much isn't so good. ha!
* called my little sis in never never land ( arizona ) and she made me laugh. ( i miss her badly )
* and played with these gifties from my etsy shop

mailing love + 1

mailing love + 2

mailing love + 3

which is a productive step into a cleaner more efficient studio space. see, my studio is under construction. which makes me both very happy (that it will sooner than later look beautiful) and then very frustrated. because like today, i had to find my sewing machine from under piles of plastic cover and sew standing up ( there's just too much junk to move everything around to make room for a chair to sit on. sigh* so it is what it is.

this weekend i:
* painted my studio space ( i actually means mr. handsome.)
* cleaned all my huge condo windows both inside and out ( 7x2=14 . I should be buff by now after that workout. not sure why my arms still look stringy.)
* went to ikea to buy new flooring ( white laminate flooring ) that i will gladly let mr.handsome install. I will watch and bring him refreshments. :)
* washed a butt load of laundry. ( 5 loads. hello. we're only 2 people!)
* cleaned my ribbon drawer. i have 9 shopping bags full of ribbon. somebody. please tell me why. because i have no idea why. i keep saying im not a hoarder. srsly. i'm not. but . ... ... .... i guess i am. (ack!) so i went through it alllllllllllllllll and it took me forevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveer and i kept some and am giving some away. I am using it to decorate my pretty etsy bags for my orders. i think that's perfect. i certainly don't need them all. and i'm not a hoarder. (mr.handsome if you are out there.... i hope you read this.)

even though this weekend we moved most of the stuff in my studio out into the living room. and now my studio exploded into the kitchen. and the laundry area. and well... thank you mister handsome for not secretly throwing all my junk away.
oh dear.

so back to cleaning and wishing and dreaming for me.
( i'm ready for a nap )

what are you up to?

(tomorrow some cha love)


Unknown said...

Oh my- we moved a month ago, and I'm still unpacking and have done NOTHING crafty because our office is full of STUFF! I feel for ya!

Jennifer Evans said...

I totally know what you mean! I am packing my studio for a move and last night I wanted to use my sewing machine and I had to stand! I hate moving my art stuff... cause I so wanted to use a punch and I had already packed it! ;)

Andrea Ancich said...

you make me smile!!!

Curlywiggles said...

Your packages are sooo pretty! Can't wait to see your mew studio.