Monday, January 18, 2010


we said our good-byes to my little sis and our new cool brother in law. They came back from their cruise and stopped off for one last visit. sob*ugh*tear jerker. Thank you for sending some good thoughts my way. I really needed them. I think I'm ready to go visit her :) jk. Heather!!!!! We're def. coming to visit love! Definitely. And I will also see you in CHA. Although I'm only driving up for a day ( tuesdayish?) Anyone else wanna meet the fabulous Heather and I at CHA? COme on, get away from your snowy weather and come visit cali for a day :) you'll like it.

So today I was running a little behind trying to take photo's and update my lil' etsy shop for your little hearts pleasure xoxo.
I LOVE having all this pink and red and white around. I hope you find each package special. I really had a good time playing around and just making stuff. xoxo

and now for a little sweet shop update:

Love letters:
sweet notes- red

Valentine's Tags:
valentines tags

itty bitty candy goodness:
just like candy

sweet tags (adorable!)
( i love this little cutie. It's made to be 2 pieces. You can pull the heart off the tag ( it's adhered to the tag with temporary glue dot) and use the heart as an embellishment on your scrapbook pages or gifts. And the tag can be used to give to your sweet valentine. cute huh?

I miss valentines day. remember back in elementary school? All the candy and cute cards in your backpack. mmm... red hot cinnamon hearts! yum! and the cute candy wrapped in pink foil? too pretty to eat :) or not. i ate all mine. xoxo ha!

... get valentines back into your life.
the world needs sweeter people.
and candy



Ali said...

i would love to meet you debee!! your work is fabulous - love that little valentines gift!! :0

come visit me, ill be at the Kaisercraft stand, 4143!! :) xx

Elisa said...

I´d love to meet you, but the Atlantic Ocean is between :P LOL
One day I´ll go to CHA, for sure...
your cuties are...gorgeous, I love the delicacy of your works :)

webmosterhelene said...

Oh, I was told about your blog and totally awesome layouts and stuff by a Swedish friend. I just have to say that I just love EVERYTHING you do!!! Thanks for sharing!

Mari said...

Hi Debee!
Alright, you twisted my arm, IƦll come:) LOL
Hope to meet you this time, since I missed you last year:(
We are staying with Kerry and Dina, and we've brought chocolate:)


Vee said...

these are gorgeous!!

jamie said...

i needed this peek into all things paper and pretty. thank you so much. i know you did not do it for me...but i can pretend (hee hee!)
you are an inspiration for valentines.