Friday, February 5, 2010

color it is

yesterday... i was happy with black and white.
then today.
i found a white hair in my black head of hair.
i don't like white so much anymore.

so i plucked that little sucker out and gave it to mr.handsome.
i told him he gave it to me :)
hahaa. poor guy.
kinda gross, but that's love xoxo

so today it's all about color and a little sneak peak into my almost finished studio.

color crush

this little cutie was only $1 at the farmer's market. a dollar has never looked so good. love the red and yellow together. so pretty

fabric crush

then there's some pretty thrifted fabrics I've been hoarding.

closet studio

and here is my little closet in the studio. I love the way the color pops!
Sometimes just looking at the color around the studio is enough of an inspiration. I think I purposefully leave stuff out just to look at :) ooooh pretty.


and because sometimes i do like to pretend i read... here are some pretty books :)
i just look at them though. hahaa. ( mr. handsome let me buy some more little people for $2 at the farmer's market yesterday. do you see them in the lower right hand corner by the camera? look. they're waving :)

So today has been pretty busy, had to take the mister to the airport today and have a massive amount of work to do.
not complaining, it should keep me busy while I'm all lonely here. sigh*
you wanna come over?

I've got my studio and all i need is a pal :)
oh. and starbucks. I'll buy if you fly.... what are you gonna have? hmm? *smiles*

ps: I will upload the garlands along with some more crafty handmade goodness this weekend.
getting weekend crazy ,


nataly*oh said...

i love your recently posts! it's full of colours, positive energy & inspirations.
thanks for them! (:

Unknown said...

Oh man! My hubby works second shift now, so I'm ALWAYS lonely! I love your studio, and wish that there wasn't so much space between your sunny Cali and my windy NM!

The Creative Place said...

Oooh love, love, LOVE all that color. So refreshing! :)

Melissa Mann said...

love all the pics! i'd love to visit you and your studio - it looks beautiful! have a good weekend!

pakosta said...

pre warning: do NOT pluck out the gray hair, they WILL grow back sticking straight up and very stiff! been there, done that and it's NOT cooL! just a warning unless you want gray hairs standing up all over your head LOL! it so happened to me and now I have to watch for them and pluck them or they grow straight UP! thankfully I only plucked a few then started getting my hair highlighted!!!!
LOVE your studio closet awesome!

Vee said...

love your space, it looks awesome, so CLEAN!! :) I am withyou, have several grey hairs and i do not like it! :(

Bekka said...

I found my first gray hair on my 17th birthday. Yes, Happy Birthday to me. Haha! At least it's just one, right? Could be worse (I'm beginning to see the "worse" part). :)