Tuesday, June 15, 2010

framed :)

R framed

hello hello :)
You don't know how happy I was reading your comments about our new frame wall. :)
I think it made me even happier knowing it inspired some new frame project in your home too. Thank you kindly xoxo
Now as promised, better pictures of said framed wall and some close up shots along with detailed particulars to help you along with your project.

close up  left

Embroidered Red bird in frame .25 cents thrifted find.

Frame Risers each $16.00 from Pottery Barn

Set of 7 Vintage inspired Keys $19.00 from Pottery Barn

Small Black frame on sale ( from about 5 years ago) $2.00 from Pier 1 Imports

Framed Vintage Fabric (Red & Yellow) thrifted find for $1.00

Framed Butterfly a purchase from my trip to Ho Chi Minh Vietnam $2.00

Framed Hand Drawing ( A charcoal & pencil self portrait of my hand I drew back in collage. I'm still surprised I kept it this long )

White & black mini frames on sale at Target ( back a 5+ years ago )

Metal "R" $16.00 from Melrose Vintage Originally the letter was off white, but never fear, a little spray paint love made it so much brighter :)

Ribba Shadow Box Frames price range $9.99 to $16.00 from IKEA

I'd like to just say that even if you don't find "exact" frames now in stores, just wait a bit. Shop thrift stores for inexpensive frames. Back in the day I hadn't yet started shopping at thrift stores. I know very well now, I should've. I would've saved money and I love saving money :)

sweet notes

Just a little close up at a shadow box frame I put together in less than 5 minutes. Don't think too hard about what to fill your frames with. You know what you like. Chances are you have "stuff" you love laying around your home already. Give them a new fancy place to shine in a frame :) I love doilies, vintage paper & buttons and a roll of vintage measuring tape. I simply put all the papers, picture and even the doily together with simply scotch tape. Then dropped in the buttons and measuring tape for fun.

camera right

And just for fun, a little book & origami love. I thought my little seagull would look nice sitting amongst pictures.

I also had some questions regarding my little corner love in my studio. I have most of the item information in this post here

Now get your cute little hammer out and nail your heart out!

I wish you the best and most happiest framed wall ever


Vee said...

i have those keys from PB! love them and your wall! xo! :)

Bekka said...

We're getting ready to paint and set up our bedroom. This is do-able! Thanks for the inspo!

bethchien said...

love it so much!

Ana Degenaar said...

I love those, they really look amazing!

Mandi Johnson said...

Debee, I love it! I really love that the R is so big, and not just an accent. Wonderful.

Jill said...

My mind is reeling -- so many awesome ideas! Thanks!

Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

love that R - yeah for a little paint! I have a tendency to do the same thing in our little apartment in Berlin... so it's rather bright!

Anonymous said...

and it withstood the earthquake! ... love ya ;)

Denise said...

gorgeous! love the frame with all the buttons.

Unknown said...

Beautiful wall! I particularly love the buttons in the picture frame:)

Stephanie said...

You have a great eye! Everything is put together so well. This looks amazing!

Happy new follower,