Saturday, June 5, 2010

playing again...

playing it up in a clean studio.
the drawers are piled high... yet clean and organized.
I might get some pictures of it just for proof that I can keep a clean studio both on the outside and inside :)

but breathe deep. mmmmmmm...


so much is being donated. So much is still being played with. And this month is no exception. I am playing the role of guest pink ninja this month. What a fun title :) I've always wanted to play a ninja.

SO to show off my ninja skillz... i made these pretties

{ dream big little one }

dream big little one
Journaling reads:
dream big little one -xoxo
we celebrate you chicki xoxo ***

She's my favorite little one. Actually she's my only little sister so I have it made. She's fun. She just graduated university a few weeks ago and we are beyond proud of her accomplishments. Except that she lives in Tucson and that's just not right. *wink*

I basically had a doily I had cut a butterfly from inside the center. Typed journaling on a separate paper and snuck it in behind the doily. There is a sheer grey tule behind the entire design and i love it. Gives it a bit of texture and dimension. I also love the hipstamatic app for my iphone because of those cute frames. So adorable. really.

I got crazy with this one. Decided it needed some umph and cut a strand of the tissue garland (also pictured) and made it play with the paper. I think they like each other. And of course... some crazy sewing lines for a nice mix.

I'm pretty happy with it since it really doesn't scream " I'm a graduation page!" hahaa!

{ my best buddy }

my best buddy

look no further for the world's sweetest dog friend. Honestly, i keep trying to steal him from my dad. I like to call him mine. :)

I first added some white & gold spray paint lovin' to the page. Followed by sewing the canvas/fabric flowers onto the page in circle motion. Then add the embellie love around the 2 pictures. ( you can see my iphone shadow & hand on the lower left hand side of the left picture :) I kept the journaling simple. I added text on a manila tag ( from my belladrummer shop) and tucked it in behind some ribbon on the bottom of the page. voila. lucky deserves more art pages i think. he actually likes getting his picture taken more than mr.handsome. so that could work hahaa!

{ love you more }

love you more

mr.handsome... i love you more than baseball :)
i love you more than the padres
i even love you more than ruby's garlic fries
you light up and make me happy
even your silly i don't really want to take a picture smile...
yeah i love that too. -xo

we recently went to a baseball game. i . am not. a fan. of baseball.
i. do not like. to sit. for 3 + hours. bored.
i pretty much only go because mr.handsome loves it so much.
AND for the garlic fries. :P

I softened the background design with white spray paint. Some stencil love and some paper pieces around a teeny tiny picture of mr. handsome giving me "the look".
i took the picture anyway.ha!

{ good things }

good things


try to find a balance
let go
move on
be free from it all.
good things ahead **

i had these butterfly templates which I also used for my classes at reflections. Just cut out some butterflies from the paper kit. Made a pretty yoyo out of the fabric also in the kit. And made some little puffy flowers out of the purple fabric in the same kit. Just so pretty. i usually never use flowers on my pages so this was a welcome change. Picture also taken with my iphone. Simple. Love. simple. these days thats all i want. I'm pretty happy with the "fuzzy" unclear background. I think now looking at it it sort of looks hazy. exactly my feeling in the photo. so weird how that happens :)

so happy to be creating again.



Sarah Mullanix said...

These LO's are gorgeous!! I'm especially fond of the 'Good Things' LO...thanks for joining us at Pink Ninjas this month!! :)

Unknown said...

Amazing work, as always! TFS and congrats on your guest spot!

Bekka said...

I'm a sucker for hipstamatic photos! They're so much fun, and I love seeing what you've done with them!

Also, brilliant ninja skills. :)

leah said...

Gorgeous and fabulous and totally made me smile. LOVE.

Anonymous said...

these layouts were awesome miss debee!!!...loved them!!!!,,,thanks for being our guest designer!!!,,,we feel so happy and honored!!!

Karen said...

Wow!! Looks like you've been having oodles of fun here. You've created some fantastic all the cutouts & layers! :>

Love, Carrie said...

These layouts are beautiful! I am so excited you are playing along with the Pink Ninja Addicts this month!!!

jamie said...

lovely, lovely work.
so happy to see it today.

allyson joy said...

these are amazing, thank you so much for being our guest designer this month!! youre talent blows me away!!!

margot said...

your blog is beautiful!!!

Jennifer Evans said...

Man... I've missed you! But, it looks like you've been busy! The layouts are just beautiful!

wanda said...

Hi Debee, what's the background paper for "good things"? Is that a Hero Arts stamp? I love it, whatever it is!
Cheers, J. Wanda

Mahlin said...

YAY.. I love the pink ninja kits and you are one of my great inspirations so this mix is.. breathtaking!

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh, I love your pages. They are gorgeous and inspiring and so very unique - like no one else's. I love them!

val said...

I really love what you did with the ninja kit! your a very talented artist! congrat on the being a ninja!!!!

Angela said...

Very awesome layouts! You are so creative, thanks for sharing!